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A Bee in His Bonnet

Written for the @dwsmutfest prompt: a bee in the bonnet.

This fic came about after a conversation with @beth51276 about what possible motivations Rose had for telling Mickey that she’d go to a hotel with him - right outside the TARDIS. 

There are two different kinds of smut. There’s making love, and then there’s FHDF - filthy hot dirty fucking. This is the latter. 

Nine/Rose, rated E, 3255 words, beta’d by @tenroseforeverandever, but all the mistakes are mine.

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They boarded the TARDIS after waving goodbye to the Raxicoricofallipitorians, and Rose was glad. She was exhausted - it had been a long, trying day in more than one way.

The Doctor started the dematerialization sequence, hopping around the console. She just watched him, fascinated as she always was with his movements. But they were different this time. There was less fluidity, more jabbing of buttons, jerking of levers.

He seemed distracted, angry, and Rose barely had a chance to wonder on that before she had to grab on to the railing to keep from being knocked over by the lurching of the ship. Once they were in the Vortex, the Doctor remained at the console, fiddling with a knob, glowering at it.

Jack yawned beside her, stretching his arms above his head. “Well! I’m dog-tired. This has been quite a day! Think I’ll go try to catch forty winks.”

Rose hugged him. “Goodnight, Jack,” she told him. “And thank you.”

“Night, Rosie.” He placed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “Glad you’re alive.”

She grinned. “Me, too.”

“Night, Doctor!” Jack waved as he walked by the console.

The Doctor’s only acknowledgement was a lazy toss of his hand in Jack’s general direction.

Rose watched him fiddling with the console for a minute as she heard the footsteps dwindling down the hallway. He didn’t look up at her and his jaw was clenched.

“Bee in your bonnet?” she asked, keeping her voice light.

“Go to bed, Rose.”

Her eyebrows flew up. “Ordering me about now, are you?”

He still didn’t look at her. “It’s been a long day. You need your rest.”

She bristled. “You don’t tell me what I need or don’t need.”

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A brief summary of Nine’s family

Nine: bananas, smiles, sassy, hand-holding, hand-holding with Rose more specifically, show-off for Rose, jealous of Mickey Rickey and Jack

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Rose: kind, compassionate, beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure, kicks major ass, cutest accent ever, likes to make Nine jealous but totally in love with him, fashion game on point, IN LOVE with Nine

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Jack: (    ͡°   ͜ʖ   ͡° ) @ everyone/thing

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Mickey Rickey:

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A Piece of Gold (1/?) NinexRose, Growing-Up Together AU

A/N: So the lovely kilodalton has been waiting for more than a year for a story from me. This is that story. It’s no the original one we discussed, but rather something that jaxin88 helped me brainstorm after getting immensely frustrated with myself that no matter how hard I held a staring contest with my computer, no matter how many freewrites I did to jog my memory, I couldn’t manage to get down this story for you. I feel so bad! 

 I hope you like it. I’m sorry it took so long - it’ll definitely be more than one part, so hopefully that’ll make up for the wait. 


The day he quits school is the day he meets Rose Tyler.

Plagiarisim, they’d said. No bloody way a seventeen year old could be that smart, they’d said. Well, they could shove their no bloody way where the sun didn’t shine, for all he cared.

John leapt on his bike and rode, not paying attention much to direction; not paying too much attention to anything else beyond that. It was riding, even on good days, that kept him sane, that kept him going, that pushed him just a little bit further beyond the specter of a burning house, just three blocks away, and all the people in it he hadn’t been able to save.

John lives with foster parents these days. The latest set are Eric and Pat, and they’re all right, as foster folks go. Don’t give him much trouble as long as he don’t give them reason. Fewd him proper when he shows up for dinner and don’t ask questions when he doesn’t. 

That’s just how he likes it.

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Of Tabloids and Trailers

This was written for a prompt by @thereisnothingwrongwithbeingmad, who requested Nine/Rose, co-stars AU


~3600 words, rated T for mild sexual content (and a truly terrible joke)

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John and Rose’s May/December Romance!

Forbidden Love!

How John and Rose Found Love on the Set!

John Noble threw the rag down with a loud curse, then leaned his head backward and pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d been in this business for fifteen years and mostly escaped tabloid attention. Then Rose Tyler, Britain’s sweetheart, was cast to star alongside him as the heroine to his villain and that streak had been shot all to hell.

They’d gotten close over the months of filming. Incredibly close. Closer than John had ever been to anyone else, when you got right down to it. John had lived a quiet life, out of the spotlight despite being a well-known actor, being cast over and over again as the villain who was vanquished at the end of every film he made. On set, he was known for being intense; a dark cloud on otherwise happy proceedings. “The Oncoming Storm,” they called him. He was serious, studious, a professional. He had no use for young girls and their shenanigans. He did his job and retreated to his trailer.

He’d been completely unprepared for Rose Tyler.

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Ok but I want to write more about that Rickey/Mickey episode. Like: that story was about so many things, but it was about Mickey as much as it was about Rose or the Cybermen. It showed Mickey that wherever he exists, he’s a good man - whether that’s fighting alongside the Doctor or fighting against the Cybermen on an alternate earth. It showed him a version of himself that was braver, stronger and happier. And although it showed him a darker, more aggressive version of himself, Rickey wasn’t all that unlike Mickey when you look at it. He liked to put on bravado but wasn’t all that underneath it (“London’s most wanted…for parking tickets”) and despite being brought up in different worlds the two of them were so alike.

And Mickey watched Rickey die. Mickey basically watched *himself* die right in front of him. Like, what impact does that have on you? Maybe you think more about the things you’ve missed, about your family and your friends. Maybe you wonder if staying on a parallel earth is a bad thing, if you have more in your life there than you do elsewhere. And maybe it makes you wonder about how short life is, and how traveling with the Doctor can be deadly.

And when Mickey came back - both in Doomsday and in Journey’s End - he was a different person, determined to blow the Daleks to “kingdom come” and much harsher and battle-hardened. Essentially, I think he’d seen a version of himself and decided to become more like him - living for both Mickey and Rickey.

And that depth of character development is IMPORTANT. Because it allowed us to relate to Doctor Who in a way we can’t really do anymore. How can you relate to someone who gets thrown into the time vortex and comes out completely fine? How can you relate to someone who doesn’t see their parents for their entire life and then acts completely unfazed when they reappear? And how can you possibly empathise with a companion when the Doctor spends more of his life with a severed cyberman head than he does with her?

Background, character development and emotions make characters seem real. It makes fiction more believable and it helps us feel like the stories are teaching us something. When you can’t empathise with a character, you can’t feel emotion in the same way. So yeah. Stop Moffat.