rickenbacker 660

I never thought the day would come, but it has. I found my guitar! Last Saturday I went into Guitar Center to look at some pedals. I’d been thinking about getting either a delay, reverb or chorus pedal for this particular song so I went in with the intention of just trying a variety of pedals out. After an hour, I found that I liked the Silver Spring Reverb by Mad Professor the best. 

I walked away to discuss the pros and cons of this pedal with my boyfriend when the “vintage” section caught my attention. We walked inside the separated room and the first thing I see is this Rickenbacker. I pretty much gasped. I’d been contemplating about getting the 620 in midnight blue at this independent guitar shop but the Rick had sold when I had gone back. So of course when I saw this, I couldn’t walk away. 

I wasn’t completely sold on it at first glance, but I wanted to at least try it out. It’s a 660 with a slightly thicker neck and “vintage” toaster pickups. We plugged it into a Bogner and took turns playing. We both loved it. After some more talking, we decided that I should drop the pedal and get the guitar instead. And that’s what I did. I financed the Rick and walked out with it in hand. I finally have a quality guitar.