Teen Titans #11 Review!! (Alerts of the spoiling ahead)

So first off, I want to apologize for the lateness of the review. I got back Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but while on vacation I was shoved into the pool by some kids with my phone in my pocket, and so it doesn’t currently work, plus I also had work upon returning and getting back into that little habit is tiring. So I am extremely sorry for the delay.

So. Teen Titans #11. I hate to say it, but I feel like this issue was a bit disappointing. The art, and the story I feel were really good, but the execution didn’t follow through on it. We see Tim escape Manchester Black, with Raven, and then we skip to days later. Raven is still out, and i assume they’re in a RR safehouse. I feel like the actual breakout only takes a few seconds, yet the entire issue is only about that. Raven was pretty useless, which bugs me because I love when Raven get’s to work. But I love this issue because we get to see Tim’s strategic side. Even if it failed.

The Good: As I said, the story and art were really good in this issue in my personal opinion. The art may not have been Rocafort-good, but Ricken’s style isn’t one to be put down, and I enjoyed it. Plus I felt like the humor in the issue was pretty good, when Gar freaks out the security guard and then disappears. I feel like seeing Chimera comfort Tim on the fact his plan went wrong was also good. Seeing as that spot usually would probably be filled by Cassie or Miguel.

The Bad: I feel like the issue was drawn out. They could easily have gotten Tim and Chimera to Despero’s cell in no time, and also gotten Superboy to fight Despero, even for a few pages. I also know that Raven went into Manchester Black’s head, but how did he know ever step of Tim’s plan, unless they plan on adding in Manchester’s psychic ability. It’s possible he’s behind everything going wrong with Superboy, but I’m not entirely sure. As I said again, Raven being out of commission kind of bugged me. you could have had Raven and Bunker clearing the path for Tim and Chimera, instead of making them somewhat useless. Then having Superboy appear only at the end, it bugged me.

Overall, I give the issue a 4 out of 10. The good felt heavily outweighed by the bad, and I felt a bit bored by the entirety of the issue. But I would read it once more if I wanted to read the entire run, but I feel like you could skip the issue unless you wanted the whole story. I’ll work on pictures, staring with Bunker.