rickegrimes said: personally i can kind of see why christopher would not like the hobbit films :/

Me too… in a way. I enjoyed the Hobbit movies as movies. But if we’re talking about them as adaptations, then yeah. To this day, I’m very impressed with the LoTR adaptations. The Hobbit… not so much, as far as adapting goes.

anduines asked:

season four of walking dead?

Worst season of the entire series, most of the episodes are slow and boring, all the characters are annoying except Daryl, he is the best and the most badass, I hope they kill off Rick and Daryl can be the new leader, all the others suck, especially Rick, I’m tired of seeing him whining and he is the worst leader ever, and he banished Carol , who the hell does he think he is? he is such an hypocrite. Beth and Maggie are so useless, they are just in the show because they are pretty, meh about Michonne, and I hope Tyreese dies.

Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.

anduines asked:

favourite glenn quotes?

  • “yeeha whatever, you’re still a dumbass”
  • “she rode in like zorro on a horse!”
  • “it wasn’t that bad was it?”
  • “i care more about her than i care about me”
  • “being afraid is what’s kept us alive”
  • “this sucks” hahahaah
  • blog 9/10 (just followed!!)

anduines asked:

top five movies?

ok discounting lotr and disney movies (just to show the things i like beyond what i post on this blog lmao)

once again i cant decide which ones my favorite oops

  • the empire strikes back - i watched this when i was like 10 and then i had a nutty star wars phase for a couple months ahh memories
  • cloud atlas - underrated but ugh i love it aND the soundtrack was awesome
  • spirited away - actually the first studio ghibli movie i watched and AUGH its so good
  • les mis (2012) - ok the singing could have been better but wow the acting was really good

and i couldnt think of a fifth movie that meant a lot to me so:

  • mean girls - lets be honest whose life hasnt been changed by this movie

anduines asked:

mind if i ask whats going down with the twd fandom?? :o

You haven’t seen it??, my… you are lucky. Of course after Sunday’s episode there’s been a lot of discussion… more like hate, the “arguments” went so far that now people are saying I’m team Carol or I’m team Rick and shit, and this kinda looks like the Twillight fandom now. I’m trying to stay away from it but this thing is all over the place. Thanks Twd writers, you really fucked it up this time.

anduines asked:

Hey beautiful person!❤ Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to ten of your favorite followers!

Aww, thanks for tagging me! ❤

I don’t really have any interesting facts about myself but I’ll try my best…

  1. My dog’s name is Frodo
  2. I am slightly tipsy right now
  3. On my mother’s side I’m English, but on my dad’s I’m Portuguese, Chinese, Malay and Irish
  4. I used to want to be a farmer (but never kill any of the animals)
  5. I taught myself to play ‘Concerning Hobbits’ on the tin whistle

@rickegrimes said: where’s the spoilers?? D:

lucrrezia said: where are these spoilers

queen-maggie said: this is my fear, as well. i’m like 80% sure it’s maggie and i will help you cut a bitch if those are the reasons why.



 said: What spoilers!? Hang on… I am still emotionally unstable from Too Far Gone I’m not sure fi I want to know.

Let’s hope that the spoilers are wrong! but read here

The characters of the show that are still alive in the comics are; Rick, Carl, Michonne and Maggie, we know that Rick and Carl aren’t going to die anytime soon, I don’t see them killing off Michonne, it has to be Maggie :(

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