• Percy: I love you more than anything in the whole world. Annabeth, I love you more than Jason.
  • Annabeth: Oh my gods.
  • Percy: It's hard for me to say, but it's true.

Rick Grimes in Every Episode» Something They Need
Now, we made a lot of noise. We want to wrap this up quick so you can send people to redirect anything coming this way. Tara said your forests are relatively clear, so we won’t take any chances. No one needs to get hurt. This is just about what you have, what we need.

@animenightwing33Head cannon that Annabeth idolized Hermione growing up

I really like this headcanon, haha I know I’ve been saying that for like every single one but aye….

-Okay so I can totally see Harry Potter being like one of the first “big kid” books she reads in English and she is literally obsessed, like she’s re-read the series at least 5 times.

-If you ask an older camper they can contest to the fact that Annabeth had literally carried around those books with her wherever she went for a straight year.

-Right off the bat, her favorite character has been Hermione since the both of them have a lot in common. She likes that, while Hermione does have some superpowers, she also uses her brain and wits.

-As she grows up and finds herself in danger more and more often, she just reminds herself that Hermione has went through the same thing and she can too.

-If you asked Annabeth who her favorite character was, you would literally get a whole rant.

Extra: She would totally dress up as Hermione and make Percy dress up as Harry, and Grover as Ron, #just saying