Can we talk about this moment?
How Daryl’s loyalty is just screaming from this scene. The devotion to his group. He is willing to give his blood in order to save what’s left of his family. Remember, he just thought everyone was dead after prison. Seeing Rick, Michonne… just imagine.
Daryl just went full Christ mode, willing to sacrifice himself to redeem the sins of people he loved. 

These wings on his vest are not only for sheer aesthetic effect, I tell you. 

Daryl Dixon is a saint. An angel. He will go down, sacrificing himself for what he loves.

(Edit: thanks people for such enormous reactions on my post. Note that the gif is from @hypernovadust ;) Love ya, guys. Fight the dead!)

Just a reminder that Dan Harmon himself, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty, is, in fact, Autistic and has spoken before about how its influenced his characters, the importance of accurately representing Autism in said characters, and being aware of which of his characters have been “claimed,” so to speak, by the Autistic community and how he consciously makes a concentrated effort to not misrepresent or disappoint us.

Just, you know, for those of you who feel angry or uncomfortable at the thought of your faves (hint: Rick and Morty, but especially Morty) being perceived as Autistic. Just some Food For Thought™. Just—just a Memo Note on your dash. He isn’t Bigfoot, folks, that link is in high quality and Right Up There ↑ . All the proof you need. And I’m just handin’ it out for free. Free of charge, no payment necessary, no shipping and handling fees. Watch it.


Today was my team’s LAST DAY of storyboarding on Rick and Morty season 3! Only one team remains (of four)! As always, it was a pleasure and an honor working on this show. I cannot wait ‘till you guys see the new season. It’s gonna blow you away! And I can’t wait to be back for season 4!

Rick: *leads a group of survivors all while protecting his son and his wife, who cheated on him with his friend and potentially got pregnant by him.*
*tries his best to find shelter for him and his people so that they can rest.*
*kills friend in self defense after he tries to kill him so he can have his wife and son*
*constantly goes back to save his people when they are in danger*
*continues to take care of his son, a baby girl that may or may not be his and a group of people even when after his wife dies*
*fights against rapists and cannibals and walkers to save he and his own*

TWD Fans: *crickets*

Rick: *pleads and submits to Negan so that he doesn’t have to harm his son.*

TWD Fans: “What a pussy.”
“Rick is a little bitch.”