I got an ask a while ago I got about introducing a genderswapped version of Rick Tyler/Hourman AKA the canon husband of Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick from the comic books to The Flash for Season 4 and I loved the idea so I’m running with it.

Genderswapping the character would be great because a) it would add some much needed female characters to the show, b) we would be able to get another LGBT relationship in the DCTV universe since Jesse would be paired with this genderswapped character and c) this would end QuickWest so that Wally/Linda can happen.

However I took it a step further and decided to racebend the character as well since a wlwoc and an interracial LGBT relationship would be good since Supergirl fucked that one up so badly with F/loriana L/ima, M/aggie S/awyer and S/anvers lol.

Since the “girl” version of Rick is “Ricki”, the name of the character is Ricki Tyler (insert lots of cheesy “Ricki and the Flash” jokes by Cisco lol) and her superhero name would be Hourwoman.

Ricki would be played by Cierra Ramirez who is of Mexican and Columbian descent and is a Latinx actress close in age to Violett Beane who plays Jesse and would look really good on screen with her.

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i just saw your fast track post and let me raise you with.... HOURMAN II aka jesse's canon husband, but make him a lady instead, hourwoman. cool power shenanigans (since people complain that there's "too many speedsters" anyway) and they can move onto legends eventually. also let linda/jesse/iris be friends, let jesse/hourwoman and wally/linda go on double dates, etc. and have a wlw wedding with jesse and hourwoman at some point.

That’s a really cool idea and I love the idea of genderbending a canonically male character to increase the number of females in this very male-heavy show. Pus making making the character of Jesse bisexual or pansexual would be great representation wise and also I think Violett Beane who plays Jesse is actually bisexual, at least according to her username on Snapchat. And of course pairing Jesse/Hourwoman would mean that Wally/Linda could finally be canon like it’s meant to be.

But let’s take it a step further and racebend the character of Hourwoman as well since part of the reason for me wanting Meena Dhawan/Fast Track on the show in the first place is because she is a South Asian/Desi female character and this show and DCTV in general could always use more WoC.

Also with Jesse/Hourwoman, having her being racebent and being a WoC would be ideal because having wlwoc and an interracial LGBT relationship would be such amazing representation, especially with all of the shit that happened with F/loriana L/ima, M/aggie S/awyer and S/anvers in Supergirl with their fake interracial LGBT relationship featuring a white woman paired with another white woman in brownface pretending to be a WoC lol

However, since it does seem like Season 4 will follow the plot of The Flash: Rebirth (a lightning storm created a lot of new speedster similar to the Speed Force lightning storm that took place at the end of 3x23) introducing Meena seems like a no brainer with a storyline like that but there’s no reason they can’t introduce both Meena Dhawan/Fast Track and a genderbent and racebent version of Hourman II (aka Hourwoman) to add two more female characters to a show that doesn’t have nearly enough female characters as it is and also two WoC to DCTV which needs more WoC in starring roles. 

I think in the comics, Hourman II is Richard/Rick Tyler and the “girl” version of the name Richard is “Rachel” so Hourwoman could be Rachel Tyler. They could even have a storyline where Jesse is confused with all of the labels people have on Earth 1 for their sexual preference since on Earth 2, it’s just “You like who you like and that’s that” and she could learn about Pride and whatnot and discover more about herself and her sexuality while having a relationship with Rachel/Hourwoman.