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What do you think of Niki's Middle East policy?

I’m impressed by it.

If Niki Ashton is elected the leader of the NDP, we could have a major political party in Canada who is making Palestinian Human Rights a key part of a platform for peace in the Middle East. This to me would make for a more balanced approach to Israel and Palestine (compared to the status quo of the Liberal and Conservative governments).

From her website:

A Just Peace in the Middle East.:

I have consistently spoken out for peace and justice in the Middle East including for Palestinians.

Many, including the Canadian Labour Congress and Amnesty International, have shown their support for the hunger strikers who are opposing inhumane conditions. As someone who is completing a PhD in Peace and Conflict studies it is clear to me that one must speak out in the face of injustice, whether here at home or abroad. Canada must return to its traditional role, supporting a balanced position and a just peace in the Middle East.

Also from this article: 

INTERVIEW: Niki Ashton on why the NDP needs to reconnect with social movements

A core segment of the NDP base cares a great deal about ending the Israel-Palestinian conflict and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people through adoption of BDS measures. At the same, it’s not an issue to which the average Canadian is attuned. How would you approach and prioritize this issue?

Editors’ note: Ashton responded to this question in French, and we have translated the answer below. The editors of Ricochet’s French edition gave her language skills the letter grade of “A.” From news editor Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours: “Her french is pretty good. In comparison with the others, I’d say she’s in the middle between Caron and Julian, Caron being the best, but the two others are pretty good too.”

I would say Canada has to be a voice for peace and justice around the world. This includes being a voice for peace and for diplomacy in Palestine. We have to be clear that the occupation of Palestinian lands must end. And we have to put an end to the abuse of Palestinians’ human rights. As the NDP, we have to be a strong voice for justice for the Palestinian people.


Independent Jewish Voices Canada applauds Niki Ashton’s Support for Palestinian Rights

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