Okay, now imagine Percy, Annabeth, little Estelle and Tyson all having a big peanut butter party whenever Tyson comes home.

“  ι'м тнє ѕση σƒ נυριтєя, ι'м α ¢нιℓ∂ σƒ яσмє, ¢σηѕυℓ тσ ∂ємιgσ∂ѕ, ρяαєтσя σƒ тнє ƒιяѕт ℓєgιση.  “

jason grace | son of jupiter

I should write some shit
  • ancient history shit, only the best bits
  • malfoy-potter esct couple posibly
  • a poly relationship maybe, all the relationships
  • specific attetion to all atractions (Sexual,  Romantic, Sensual, Platonic, and Asthetic)
  • chuck in some b99, the good place, magic stuff
  • other things: cat, paul
  • tittle idea “To all the people I to love, no not you paul”
  • soft peoples, nerd peoples, sport peoples
  • cookasians, asians, not-quite-asians-more-to-the-left-on-some-maps-but-still-in-asia-ah-yes-india, also you know everyone else not asian
  • be warned sadness, deep themes, complicated plots, chaos
  • feel free to add any addings


Ok while I still love Leo I’m also just really disappointed in his entire character arc because he was really great in TLO and well in MOA he was just a world class douchebag to Frank and it wasn’t even in a jokey kind of a way it was just down right cruel. And while I get that he’s Rick’s character and he chooses what he wants to do with him it just seemed so OOC compared to his early characterisation imo. It showed that in TLO he was quite lonely and insecure and I really can’t see him belittling Frank to the point that he would feel that way. His relationship with Calypso was also just so forced that it’s completely un-enjoyable and him getting a girlfriend seemed to fix all of his problems which just seems like a really lazy cop out at proper character development. Idk I’m just really salty about his missed character potential

The number of teenagers responsible for saving the world in all the fiction I consume is mildly concerning

A pen became a sword.

And magic became reality.

A sea was crossed.

And we learnt that no sea is too deep, no distance is too far.

The sky was held up.

And we learned that no weight is too heavy if you’re holding it for someone else.

The maze was navigated.

And we learnt that hard choices have to be made, but they’re easier when you’re not alone.

Immortality was turned down.

Because love lasts longer.

A page was turned.

And we ceased to be ordinary.

A story was told.

And a messed-up kid

Became our hero.