“There was a time I was doing re-shoots (Avengers) very early the next morning, I was shooting here very late at night and Andy’s like, ‘Can they let my leading lady go please? She’s gotta go be another character in the morning!’”

- Danai Gurira on filming Avengers re-shots and TWD at the same time, Comicbook.com

Andy taking care of Danai’s well-being 😍

Yours, Always: Pt. 19

Summary: ย When a kind stranger comes to the readerโ€™s aid out on the road, she finds herself drawn to him and desperate to learn more about this handsome man with kind eyes and a devilish smile. ย But, when she discovers that he is the monster that is threatening her community, she pushes him out of her mind until a hastily scribbled letter finds its way to her door. ย That simple note will take them both on a rollercoaster ride that neither one of them had bargained for.

Pairing: ย Negan x Reader

Warnings: ย Language, violence

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The rumble of the winnebago as it pulled through the front gates stirred you from your stupor where you sat on your porch steps, letting the evening breeze calm you and blow away the anxiety that filled every crevice of your being. ย It had been two weeks since Negan had crept in to see you and youโ€™d heard nothing from him in that time. ย You knew Rick had yet to make his move, but youโ€™d been forced to distance yourself from the inner circle, pushed out by Carlโ€™s snide remarks and constant glower of resentment. ย It wouldnโ€™t be long before somebody picked up on the tension that hovered in the air between the two of you, so youโ€™d retreated and now spent your days doing mindless inventory or checking over the perimeter. ย It was dull and monotonous, but for now it was keeping you safe.

You pushed yourself upright and watched as Rickโ€™s group filed out of the vehicle, wondering what exactly had required so many of them to venture outside of the walls together, but your focus was drawn to the present as Rosita exchanged a short sentence with the sheriff before spinning on her heel and leading them away. ย There was a purpose to their movements that told you that something was going on, something big, and a knot formed in your stomach as your mind immediately leapt to the worst.ย  Was it Negan?ย  Had something happened?ย  You hurried to follow them, nodding to Michonne when she shot you a tight smile of acknowledgement as you fell into step beside her. ย 

โ€˜Whatโ€™s going on?โ€™ you asked, keeping your voice low so as not to draw attention as you neared the house where Morgan stayed. ย โ€˜Looks pretty serious.โ€™

โ€˜Apparently we have a visitor,โ€™ was all she said in response, though you didnโ€™t miss Carlโ€™s smirk as he stepped back to let you move ahead of him through the narrow doorway, preferring to have you in his sight. ย 

As you descended the stairs into the dingy basement, you could just make out a shadowy figure hunched over on a small wooden chair that stood in the centre of the room. ย You couldnโ€™t make out much more about them in the gloom, until Rosita cleared her throat and they glanced up, realising that their moment had come.

The man eased himself up from the chair, the fading light creeping in through the barred window to his left falling over his face and highlighting the familiar features. ย The grizzly scar that marred his cheek, the dirty blonde scruff that bordered his mouth and the uncertain look in his eyes as he took in the group before him. ย Dwight.

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Updates for premier weekend

10/6  The Walking Dead

3:00 pm

In Person: Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Angela Kang
Additional panelists to be announced.

The screening will be the premiere episode of Season 9.

Main theater sold out; second viewing space available.

The Second Viewing Space Experience
$50 tickets in the main theater with the panelists have sold out. But $10 tickets to experience PaleyFest in a second theater, with a large-screen video feed of the event screening and the panelists, are available. We invite you to join your fellow fans to experience this communal viewing of your favorite show.

NYCC 2018

coming just 24 hours before the Season 9 opener on October 7 on AMC, the 8 PM ET NYCC gathering at MSG will feature Andrew Lincoln plus castmates Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride , Danai Gurira, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan,

And for the trifecta! ….to finish the night off…

Set to appear on #TalkingDead for the Season 9 Premiere: -Norman Reedus -Melissa McBride -Jeffrey Dean Morgan -Angela Kang -Greg Nicotero

*interracial couple exist*

Toxic fandom: I will dedicate years to invalidating this couple.

*two white people exist in the same universe*

Toxic Fandom: I will ship these two regardless of history, chemistry, probability, narrative, or logic. This is canon and the gospel of the Gods.

I am not surprised at all that Andrew Lincoln is leaving TWD. I’ve said it for years (as did others), but Rick’s entire character revolves around CARL. We always said Carl would be safe because if Carl died, then Rick’s character serves no purpose and has no purpose. So the moment they killed his ONLY reason to exist in the show, I knew Rick was next. Andy even said it:

I love Richonne and I know Rick loves Michonne and Judith, but they’re not Rick’s reason to exist—Carl was.


“This will be my last season playing the part of Rick Grimes. I love this show. It means everything to me. I love the people who make this show. I’m particularly fond of the people who watch this show.”

“It’s been such a part of my life. I’ve breathed it for ten years. I believe in the story so much, but this is a really terrific season for Rick’s story.”

Andrew Lincoln as ‘Rick Grimes’ on his nineth and last season on The Walking Dead, he will be forever missed and admired #ThankYouAndrewLincoln

“It is being reported that Lincoln will be exiting the AMC series in its ninth season, currently in production, which ComicBook.com can confirm from multiple independent sources. ComicBook.com can exclusively report that AMC is expected to announce officially Lincoln’s exit from the zombie drama ahead of his final episodes.
Furthermore, several other cast members are in their final contracted years, though their fate with the AMC series is up in the air. Among them is Danai Gurira, who has played Michonne since the show’s third season. Lauren Cohan is also expected to exit the AMC series as her current contract for Season Nine only brings her back for six total episodes.
How Lincoln exits the series in unknown but it is expected to be gone before Season Nine’s finale.” - comicbook.com