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In unexpected news… The Night Shift has been renewed for a 4th season. Read more here. YAY for more Drew and Rick :D

Last time we saw them, Drew and Rick had adopted Brianna, but the hospital was closing down. You can rewatch Drew’s storyline here.


“I think that it’s like anybody in the world. It always takes a certain amount of courage to just say, ‘this is what I am.’ People are very reluctant to define themselves. It takes a lot to say, ‘I’m this, I’m that.’. We know it’s okay theoretically to be gay, but sometimes you just don’t want to be known or seen. You want to keep your secrets. We do this in all kinds of aspects of our lives and, especially in the military culture, I found that any sort of expression itself is kind of frowned upon.” - Luke Macfarlane (Rick)


crashed early last night so never got to see this post. OMG what a thing to wake up to!! we FINALLY have pictures of them eeep!!! excuse me while I fangirl all over! *sobbing* they’re so cute and perfect! “his man” is back!!! (btw the “end” doesn’t sound good, man, fix it!)

ok I’m done *breathes* No I’m not… PERFECTION!!! I really hope Drew/Rick get back together! ♥♥♥

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