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PJO Winter Headcanons
  • Percy probably starts decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving
  • During December the whole apartment smells like cookies
  • Sally bakes them for the kids at camp who don’t have any where to go over the holidays
  • Percy wears a different sweater everyday
  • His favorite pair of socks are these bright blue fuzzy socks that warm your feet up with ten seconds of putting them on
  • When his little sister is older they spend days cutting out paper snowflakes and put them EVERYWHERE
  • On the walls, in the windows, on the cabinets, EVERYWHERE
  • Annabeth makes popcorn balls all the time
  • And she loves watching old Christmas movies
  • Her favorite sweater is bright red with a little stripe of reindeer
  • She’s the best at building snow forts
  • She also takes building snowmen very seriously
  • Each one has to be perfect
  • She also really likes building gingerbread people and houses
  • Percy usually picks off most of the candy after a few days
  • Annabeth eats some too
  • In the end they usually end up unsure what to do with the actual gingerbread since neither of them really likes it
  • At Camp there’s usually a gingerbread house contest held by the Athena cabin
  • And the Aphrodite cabin usually holds an ugly sweater contest
  • They also place mistletoe all around camp
  • The Apollo cabin can usually be found playing different holiday songs

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okay so I´m having a bad day today argh -_- again like why any ways here are some funny cute and maybe cheerful gif´s that might cheer you up (or not)but this just something  I´m doing too maybe cheer my self up yeah

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okay so I am so bad at remembering names of just anime shows but this is like  so cute it´s from an anime with a dragon maid if I´m not mistaken you know what I´ll just look up the name o_o

okay so the name is kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon huh you now I should start writing down the names of the animes I watch because I have a lot of trouble when it comes to remembering the long anime or even manga titles 

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I saw this one on twitter and I just love how the animator did this

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how boys become men or just get jaws

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3rd person me exercising

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me: running away from my anxiety

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listening to w.i.t.c.h ´s opening song  like seriously you should watch the show it is so good , did you know that there are books?!! and I have read almost all of them

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Hay Lin is basically my favorite 

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I found this randomly ,I am so glad I went on tmblr

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this so funny X,D

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when a stranger talks to you but you vern´t paying attention to what they said

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somebody animated this YES!!!! also Thor: yes! I know him he´s from work :D

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get you shit together Morty!!

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yes well I am waiting patiently for RWBY chibi season 2 

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spins spin spin spin

Oversized sweaters, big scarves and riding boots are my favorite winter wear. Which is good cause apparently that’s good clothing for Switzerland, which is where I’m going in a few days. Day 23 of the January challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Ink: De'Atramentis Pine Green

Day 29: C.Y.S: Favourite Characters

The books that hold some of my favourite characters in them!!💕