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«This seems like a good time for a drink
and a cold, calculated speech with sinister overtones.

A speech about politics…

About order…



But speeches are for campaigning.
Now is the time for Action.»

Can I Talk To You?

A/N: I’m fulfilling a special request for my smut muse @epiphanysweet76. I  hope you enjoy. And for all Richonner’s who take a gander, like always please…take off your shoes and relax ya feet…enjoy!!!!

Rick thought about Michonne. Often. Certain images popped in his mind. Faint images, highlighted in a white light.

Such as the way she had to shimmy in her jeans to get them on. The way her breasts looked in those tight t shirts she wore. Lips of a goddess adorned her face, stretching into a perfect smile to melt the eyes of men. He lost himself in picturing her lips on his skin. Soft and smooth. The gentleness of them. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. It was always the last image he had of her; Michonne’s bright smile as she kissed him goodbye.

Michonne called Rick and let him know she would be over at 8:00pm. She had to drive to Atlanta to drop Andre off with his dad. Both of them were in their thirties, and life moved day to day…just moment to moment for them. But he waited for Michonne.

Rick got off hours before her, pacing his apartment like a fiend. Michonne was his drug and he wanted his next fix. The doorbell rung, and Rick perked up like a puppy, awaiting his owner. He tried not to seem anxious, running his hands through his hair, and taking in slower breaths before he swung the door open.

“Hey, Sheriff.” She stood there in this white shirt that clung to her breasts, and a black skirt that hugged her even tighter. Michonne walked in, taking her black leather jacket off, tossing it onto the couch.

“Ma’am,” Rick tilted his head, looking her over. Michonne tried to keep a straight face.

“You home alone?” she asked coyly, playing with her necklace. A gold one, with the letter M dangling from the chain. Rick put his hands on his hips, his pace dangerously slow as he approached her.

“Yep. Carl’s at his mom’s this weekend.” He stood in front of Michonne and cupped her face. “I missed you. It’s been about three…four days since I’ve seen you,” he commented. She smiled sweetly.

“A long four days.” Michonne grabbed the hand on her face, tilting her head into his touch. “And, I missed you too,” she added.

Rick stepped closer, using his other hand to draw her near to him. “Been thinking about you all day. Thinking about this.” His hand slid down to her ass, gripping it. Michonne swayed against him. Her sanity fading away.

Because Michonne thought about Rick, too. She thought about his touch and how it melted her into a thousand droplets of water. About how his eyes, though blue as ice, could burn her skin like fire. Thoughts of him always covered her, like the warm air in July.

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He could feel her, even though she was several inches away from him. It began as a series of twitches, so slight and quiet that he could barely detect them. Within the hour they escalated until the body beside him was shivering uncontrollably.

Rick laid there for a moment, listening to Michonne tremble, her clothing damp from the rain and clinging to her in the cool night air inside the barn. He watched her for a few seconds more, sure that her face was contorted in discomfort. The mental image was too much for him.

She tensed up at the first touch of his arms around her, turning her head almost frantically to look at him. He had never touched her before, not like this. Even in his worried and sleep-muddled mind, he was astounded at how naturally her body fit against his own.

“Rick, you don’t have to…” she began to protest. Rick wrapped his arms tighter around her, rubbing at her cold skin.

“Shh…” he soothed her, pulling her into his body warmth.

Slowly, surely, her shivering began to cease. “Thank you,” she whispered, finally relaxing against him.

“Anytime,” Rick curled his body around hers, resisting the urge to brush a kiss over her cheek.

He held her in the dark, allowing his mind to wind down until both of them fell into a deep sleep.

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What Is The Meaning Of Life?

What’s the meaning of life?

To the average person it might be family, friends, pets a job, or maybe just live life to the fullest.

But to you, the meaning of life was Rick Sanchez.

Yes, all of your love poured into the blue spiked hair to the end of his stained white lab coat that would provide comfort when he was gone.

Rick loved you too, of course he never admitted it, but you could tell.

Every time he kissed you, smiled at you, hugged you, or even just shot a look in your direction.

But the relationship you had with Rick was not “average” and wasn’t always so sweet and caring as it is now. You both loved each other but you didn’t hold hands or want to grow old together, it was just, there.

Somehow you always guessed that was why you loved him.

Both of you didnt hold expectations above ones shoulders and treated eachother with respect, and you loved every second of it.

From the moment the two of you met in the Smith’s front yard as a new neighbor, greeting them with a kind smile and a wave as the woman you now have met and grown to know as Beth waved back and continued to shove her two children into the velvet colored sedan and drive off waving to the pointy haired old man.

“Hi.” your bubbly but shy demeanor erged you to greet the tall man but stand your ground in the small garden of flowers that had been recently planted to make the house seem more appealing to buyers.

The man gave a huff and walked into the garage, arms crossed. Leaving you confused as to what you should do.

Finally you had decided to play it off, thinking that the baby blue haired individual was just having an “off” day.
When Beth had invited you over for dinner the next day your anxiety seemed to sky rocket and your heart lept towards the womans home  and wanted to run into the tall blue haired man’s arms and hug him, tell him that he didnt need to ever be upset because you moved in and could make anyone happy.

Instead you agreed and and calmed yourself before heading upstairs to dress for the occasion.

You knew that this man was in fact attractive but you couldn’t just say that, he could be married and you wanted to see how it would play out.

As you contiued to talk to yourself thought the hours of getting ready to walk to the Smith’s home you grew more anxious.

What if they judged you? Or worse, you embarrassed yourself in front of the older man? You would definitely move to a new neighborhood.

The dinner had turned out fine on your part and the man you now know as “Rick” slipped his number under your plate and was constantly throwing suggestive looks your way the whole night, causing you to blush emminsly and earn smirks out of him.

When the two to you met up again after you somehow found the courage to call him, he was very relaxed and cocky ad you would stand uneasy and blushing, trying to impress Rick in any way you could.

Little did you know, he only had eyes for you.

Once you got used to his insanly complicated spaceship and rude personality, you slowly began to shape him into who he is now.

Of course its taken a few years but it was worth every goddamn minute of his annoyed expressions and forced smiles to please you when you tried to teach him proper manners.

Rick loved you, he promised himself he would try for you.
When your relationship went public to the family it wasn’t that big of a surprise to them, but to you.

The two of you had been making out on the couch in the middle of the day, not the brightest idea, but you were both visibly exhausted from the “adventure” that you had both gone on and currently were too tired to go to your house or his room.

So the couch it was.

Rick had let you straddle him as you sloppily kissed him, too tired to try and impress him with your moves, you just wanted To touch him, feel his hair or skin, look into his crystal blue eyes or something, you were both needy and didnt care.

Rick hummed into your mouth, kissing back against you, trying to find a rythm to pace with you before breaking apart and resting your forehead against his.

With his eyes still closed it gave you time to admire his looks and take in his expression.

Mouth slightly open as he panted and gasped for air, hair touseld from your fingers and his lab coat poorly missplaced on his shoulders.

He opened his eyes and went up, kissing your forehead but breaking away quickly when a small gasp came from the kitchen.

You looked up and rick turned slightly to see the family, unloading groceries and staring at the two to you.

“Uh…i-i can explain” you tried before Beth cut you off

“You don’t have to y/n, my dad always got around and I knew he was eyeing you at the dinner we brought you to those many years ago” she continued to pull groceries from the plastic bags and place them on the counter.

“really?” you voiced your surprise at how awkwardly comfortable she was with the entire situation.

“Eh, yeah, I mean, I’ll never have another "mom” “ she gave airqoutes "but if you make him happy” she paused “well, you make us all happy.” She smiled warmly and began to place groceries on shelves in the fridge and inside cabinets.

You looked down at Rick’s smirking expression before slapping his shoulder lightly “stop it.”

His smirk seemed to widen at your demand “stop it.” He mocked causing you to give a fake offended expression making him chuckle.
To the sweeter moments when you thought of the bright idea to drink a huge ice cold drink from one of the crazy adventures Rick had brought you on while Morty was at school.

The two of you were headed home, sitting in the two front seats of Rick’s spaceship, as he drove.

it started with a shiver and you shrugged it off as a cool breeze or just a drop in your body temperature before you evolved into a shivering mess.

Rick had warned you not to get the drink, but you were stubborn and your genius boyfriend, warning the obvious, wouldn’t break your determination to finish the drink off.

So there you sat, shivering in the passenger seat as Rick seemed oblivious to your situation.

Your teeth chattered and you pulled at your short sleeved shirt to try and find some warmth.

“Are you cold?” Rick’s gravely voice asked and you looked over to see he was staring at your shivering body, and you could only nod as an answer.

Rick nodded and turned off the air conditioning before grabbing a spare blanket that he kept in the backseat in case the two of you had to spend the night somewhere.

He carefully draped the thick blanket over your shoulder with his right hand, left on the wheel, he was looking ahead and was trying  sucom to your comfort at the same time.

You stayed in the caccon of a blanket until the two of you reached the Smith’s home and you got up to leave the garage, leaving the blanket in your abandoned seat before Rick came up behind you.

“Where are you going?” You turned at his voice, arms wrapped around yourself in an attempt to keep warm.

“I’m going home, I think I’m just gonna cuddle in some blankets and go to sleep.” you tiredly answered as you continued your trek towards your house.

The whole 200 feet to your house you heard footsteps following you, it was Rick. You knew it was Rick.

When you finally got inside the warm nest of your home, you trudged up the wooden stairs, tripping on your own feet a few times but Rick was always there to place a hand on your back, trying to steady your balance.

“You okay?” He would ask to which you would only nod and he would leave it alone until you tripped again.

Once you reached your room you opened the door and kicked off your shoes roughly, not caring where they landed and jumped onto the bed with whatever remaining strength you had left which caused rick to laugh at your actions.

You wrapped yourself within the many thick quilts and blankets that were drapped over your bed.

Rick waited until you were comfortable before throwing his shoes off somewhere and jumping in bed beside you, placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

You shivered once more to which he wrapped his thin arms around you in a despite to try and keep you warm as you snuggled into the blue colored shirt and wrapped the white lab coat around whatever part of you that you could reach.
When the two of you had sex it was usually just rough fucking and then resting for about an hour to let Rick relax as you could keep going but respected his wishes.

Rick had a strict policy about sex that you didnt want to try and break in fear of him becoming angry with you. Of course, this was before you had shaped him into who he is today.

One day after a particularly scary adventure that caused Rick to actually almost die and you to almost die, you both needed to be with eachother, just to know the other was still there.

He brought you to your room in your house, closing the door behind that two of you and began to strip your torn and dirty clothes off. Before pushing you to the bed, but softly.

He kissed you deeply and you pulled on his lab coat, wanting to be closer to him that you were already.

His lips traveled down your neck, sucking to the point of bruises, you groaned deeply at the pleasurable feeling but realization of what the kids would think when they saw your neck partially covered in love marks and decided that you were just gonna cover them up with overbearing concealer.

You raked your shaking fingers through Rick’s sky blue hair, massaging his scalp as you did so. You smiled as he moaned at the sensation, releasing his mouth from your neck.

Rick had never been this soft with you, no words could ever describe how you truly felt when he ran his palms up and down your sides lovingly and caressed your arms, pouring love from himself into you, showing you how much he needed you.

Rick reached for his belt, fumbling with the buckle before pulling down the tan colored pants and underwear, stepping out of them and kicking them off to the side.
He stood at the end of the bed, panting and staring into your eyes, his face flushed and cock standing inches from his stomach.

The sight made you moan and throw your head back, your hand trailing down your stomach towards tour aroused mound.

Flicking your fingers over your clit you moaned as Rick shoved your hand away and replace dit with his, pentetrating your folds with his finger, slowly sliding in and moving around, trying to expand the small space.

“Jesus, how long has it been?” He groaned, curling his finger and began to stoke your walls making you grab his forearm, bringing your legs up to chest, bent, giving him better access. One of your hands gripped your thigh, keeping it up for him as he rested his other hand on your knee you kept up.

“Too…long” You grimaced as he added another finger and she shushed you.

“Easy baby girl, your doing so good.” He praised and continued to rub your inner walls with his digits.

“ugh Rick” you urged, trying to get him to give in and pleasure the both of you.

As he added one last finger the burn was too much and a few tears ran down your flushed cheeks. The expression you made when he began thrusting them in and out was almost as good as an orgasm for him.

you felt his fingers inside of you disappear abruptly causing you to moan and groan from loss of warmth and pleasure. Looking at the foot of the bed you couldn’t see Rick.

“Rick?” You asked worriedly, did he get sick? Millions of thoughts swarmed your brain searching for answers until you heard a faint voice.

“I-i-i’m fine.” You could hear him panting but couldn’t see him. Crawling to the end of the bed you looked over the edge weirly to see Rick resting agaisnt the foot of your bed. You jumped down from your spot, overcome with worry.

“Hey, baby you okay?” You asked and chuckled at the same time, he could only chuckle back before moaning deeply.

“You’re so fucking hot.” He managed and went to stand up, pushing you back onto the bed carefully, pulling you by your ankles to the foot of the bed before he changed his mind.

“Actually,” he paused “go to the top of the bed” he stood and watched you crawl to your original place.

“Good girl” he smiled and spread your legs apart, grabbing his rock hard dick and slowly slid into your warmth.

The two to you moaned, Rick hovered above your thrashing body, and began to thrust in and out a few times before pulling all the way out and rearanging the position. You now had one leg thrown over Rick’s broad shoulder and one leg laying at his side.

The thrust himself back in sending waves of pleasure to your body, you began to see spots appear in your line of vision as you neared your release.

Rick, noticing you were close, linked your hands together on one side and the other held your hip while you held the bicep of that arm.

Rick thrust especially deep at one point, grazing your cervix lightly but enough to pull the orgasm out. You leaned up, trying to kiss him and gave up quickly when you were overcome with pleasure and he bent down, catching his lips in yours.

You moaned as you felt your orgasm pass and Rick finished inside of you before pulling out and laying beside you, panting for a few minutes before he turned onto his side and pulled you against his chest. Kissing your forehead as you fell asleep together.
The sweeter moments where your favorite out of all the things you could remember though.

When you were on your period he mad- well, tried to make you use a contraption that he had built in little under an hour that had a  100% chance of working, but in fear of never being able to have children due to side effects it might carry, you decided to justs tick through the pain.

At the time, you were baking cookies in your kitchen when he came up behind you and wrapped his thin arms around your waist, kissing the back of your neck.

“Whatcha makin sweetcakes?” He smiled into the nape of your neck and before you could answer he rearranged himself infront of you some how. Now his head rested under your chin as he bent, snuggling into your body.

“Your like a puppy” you giggled and placed the mixing spoon in the bowl, moving your hands onto his face, pulling his head up towards you so you could see his expression.

He blushed as you smiled at him and sheepishly turned to the side before walking behind you once again and resting his head between your shoulder blades.

“Doesn’t that hurt your back?” You asked and continued to stir the cookie batter.

“Nah” he mumbled.
So sometimes you find yourself awake at night, wondering what is the meaning of life.

But then you turn to Rick Sanchez, and watch his chest slowly rise and fall with each breath, and you already know.

The meaning of life is Rick Sanchez.

Why me?

Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


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Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 2044

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I fucked up

I shouldnt have done this. I shouldnt have done this.

crap, crap, crap!!!!

I’m dead. they will kill me and kill everyone here because of me.

I’m so stupid! thats why dad never lets me do anything.

thats why daryl never noticed me

oh crap, Daryl!

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes.

his eyes were wide. everyone’s eyes was wide.

i had 200 guns pointed at me.

I’m going to get everyone killed.

I should have listened to Gabriel and stayed home.

“Let them go!” I said, trying to hold my grounds. trying to appear strong. keyword- trying!

“Wellll, Helloo there!” Negan said in a singsong voice

“Do you think you are cute? I will blow your brains out!” I said my voice raising. I pressed my gun harder into his head “Now!” I screeched and he raised his hands up in surrender.

“This, is sooo, not cool!” Negan said greeting his teeth.

“I said. LET. THEM. GO!” I said each word dangerously low.

“I say, how about you drop the gun, before someone gets hurt sweetheart?”

“If your men, take another step, from there place, I will seriously blow you all up!” I said, my voice fluttering in the end.

“You will regret this!” Negan said angrily.

“Y/n, drop the gun!” Carl said, his voice wavering with fear

“Y/n, get out of here” Michonne said

“Y/n, please.” Daryl said and thats when I half turned to take a good look at him. he was bleeding, oh god

“Y/N!” Dad’s voice yelled.

Before I could react, Negan had turned, and flipped the gun out of my grasp.

Everything happened fast.

The yelling, the kick I received in my abdomen, my hands being twisted behind my back and my hair getting yanked upwards and my face getting shoved in the ground.

Well, fuck!

“What do we have here!” Negan said as he squatted next to me looking at me.

Someone yanked my head up and now I came face to face with Negan

wow. if this wasn’t the time, i would totally tap that! but he was a maniac. who had my family on their knees and the only thing I’m going to tap, is my knife through his face.

“You are a kid!” Negan said amused

“Depends on your defenation of kid, asshole!” I spat

“Well, i give you A for the effort, sweetheart! but what you did here wasn’t cool, oh so not cool and I cant just stand for it. oh i certainly would not!”

“Just let us go, and we wont kill you!” i hissed at him, and the fucker holding my hair yanked it down and up again. i shut my mouth, trying to not hiss in pain

“Y/n, shut up!” Rick hissed and i rolled my eyes

“I dont think you realise who has the upper hand here, sweetheart.” Negan smirked

“Well how about you tell your minions to let me go and give me back my gun and we will see about that, asshole!” I snapped at him

“Y/n!” Daryl warned

Whats wrong with everyone, why is no one fighting. is this our end?

“I like your spirt!” Negan chuckled “Get her in line, with the rest!” Negan said and in a second i was yanked up and thrown in line next to Dayl

“What the hell were you thinking?” Daryl hissed at me, as he gave me a deadly glare

“You’re welcome!” i snapped back

“So what was I saying before I got interrupted?” Negan asked

“Picking who gets the honor.” A guy, with his hair combed back spoke

“Right!” Negan chuckled “I gotta say, this shit is hard!” he said as he started walking

Oh no. he was going to Carl, not Carl, dont you dare.

“You got one of our guns!” he told him as he kneeled in front of him “Lighten up, at least cry a little” he chuckled

“Leave him alone!” I said annoyed and some one hit my back with a gun

i fell on my face, fuck this was embarssing.

i looked up and it was the half burnt face dude, what was his name again? Elite? Blite? Dwight?


“Sweetheart, next time you cut me off, I’m going to do something you wont like!” Negan glared at me and i scoffed

“Next time you call me sweetheart, I’m going to do something you wont like. you know what, coming to think about it, I’m going to do something you dont like just to piss you off” I glared back at him and he smirked

what the hell?

why is this bastard smirking? I’m bloody serious!

he ignored me and went to Maggie

oh no, not Maggie

i turned to Glen, he was freaking out!

shit, shit shit

i showed have kept my mouth shut

if he hurts her because of me? oh god no

“You look like shit! let’s just keep you out of your misery right now!” he said as he raised his bat, swinging it. I closed my eyes shut, tight. I cant see this

“NO, GOD, NO!” Glen’s voice made me snap my eyes open

he has crossed to Maggie, lying in front of her. Dwight the fucking asshole was standing above him, with Daryl’s crossbow.

I’m going to get that crossbow back, and i will burn Dwight and Negan together at the stake, like they do to witches

Negan rubbed his jaw, his face turning serious “Nope, no! get him back in line!” he said annoyed, Dwight dragged Glen back, glen was whimpering.

“No, please no..” Glen sobbed

“Listen” Negan said “Dont anyyyy of ya, do that again!” he said as he swung the bat in front of everyone “I will shut that shit down! no exceptions! first ones free, its an emotional moment” he said “I get it!” he said cheerfully, flashing Glen, a hundred dollar smile.

what a fucking maniac!

Rick was sweating, his eyes tearing up. Maggie was swallowing her pain. Glen was sobbing. Eugene was terrified. Daryl was bleeding. Rosita didnt seem to register what was going on

And just now, it hit me. this might be our end.

i could be cocky and try to get his attention to keep him away from everyone else, as much as i wanted. but it wouldnt make a diffrence. we all were dead

he walked to Carl, oh no, please not again. kill me first before you touch anyone, please.

“He is your kid? right?” he said pointing at Carl. looking at Rick thoughtfully and then looking at Carl again, before turning to me “She is yours too!” he snickered. crap! “They are defiantly your kids!”

“So stop this!” Rick yelled

“Hey!” Negan yelled equally loud.


“Dont let me kill the little future serial killer, dont let it be easy on me!” Negan said pointing at Carl before turning to me and winking


what just happened

“I gotta pick somebody! everyone is waiting for me at the table waiting for me to order!” he said as he started walking and whistling

how is he even this calm

“I got an idea!” he jumped excited. like he lost something and suddenly found it.

I’m going to kill this son of a bitch.

“Enie, Menie, Minii, Mo” he sang



Everything happened so fast, Negan choosing his victim, my hands shaking, my body stiffening, i wanted it to be me. i tried to speak, tried to volunteer, but I couldn’t find my voice, just Daryl’s hand holding mine tightly

“Anyone moves, anyone says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father!” he smiled. he is sick. disguesting. I dispise him “And then we’ll start! you can breath, you can blink, you can cry. hell you all will be doing that!”

he said as he smashed the bat in Abraham’s head

I couldn’t turn, i couldn’t shut my eyes. I saw everything happen in front of me.

Abraham stood his grounds, not like he just got hit by a bat, through his brain.

Abraham is like my big brother, he thought me how to fix cars. he shared with me his secretes, his conflict emotions, his love for Sasha and the guilt he felt for leaving Rosita. Abraham is my big brother.

Everything started so fast, but Negan smashing Abraham’s skull went so slow, i saw it in slow motion, as if the universe was laughing at me, taunting me. I couldn’t breath. i tried to move but Daryl gripped my hand tight.

Michonne was the only person between me and Abraham, Michonne was the only barrier between us. Michonne do something. someone do somthing.

Sasha was whimpering, Rick was shivering. Rosita was crying.

Abraham was smiling softly.

he accepted this

i didnt accept this

“Oh look at that!” Negan’s voice echoed. Rick turned his face “Taking it like a champ!” he whistled. no…

“Suck… my… nuts!” Abraham’s chocked words came out

Negan swung again, and again, and again, and again.

“Did you hear that!” Negan laughed “He said suck my nuts!” he repeated as he started hitting a dead corpse.

Abraham was my big brother.

Rick tried to get up, but his legs seemed to fail him

Maggie was shivering.

Eugene was crying big fat tears.

“Guys! look at my dirty, gurl!” Negan smirked

He walked towards Rosita, and i felt Daryl stiffen next to me.

he pointed the bat towards Rosita “Look at this!! he smiled “Damn! were you two together? that sucks! but if you were, you should know there was a reason for all this, he just took six or seven for the team!” he yelled the last part and I could feel Daryl shift next to me, letting my hand go.

oh Daryl, I wont let you.

“Take a damn look!” he said “TAKE A DAMN LOOK!” he yelled making Rosita flinch.

Before Daryl could move, i shoved him back, and jumped on Negan, swinging my fist at his face.

if someone else was going to die today, it wont be you, Daryl. i wont let it ever be you.

I reached for my leg knife as i pulled it out as fast as i could, trying to stab Negan, but he pushed me off of him as easy as you shoved a book.

Two men shoved me to the ground, one of them stood on my hand, crushing it under his weight, making me let go of my knife. I’m ready to die, just leave Daryl alone.

“NO!” Negan yelled as he shoved the bat right in front of my face “Oh, no!” I could hear Daryl curse, I could see Rick’s tears fall, I could see Carl fall back scared, I smiled at him. its okay little brother. take care of Judith.

I sent my silent prayer to anyone who is listening

Negan walked away from me laughing

“Oh my! That!” he said smiling at me “That” he repeated as he squatted next to me, just like he did before as his men shoved my face in the dirt  "Is a no, no! The whole thing, not one bit of that shit flies here!“ one of his men moved away and Dwight approched me with Daryl’s crossbow, pointing it at me

"Do you want me to do it? right here?” he asked Negan.

“I’m going to kill you, and take that back!” I spat at him and he pointed it towards me head, Negan chuckled.

He took my hair in his rough big hands as he yanked it, not so hardly up. studying my face he looked back at Dwight

“No” he smiled, and i could see that this bastard has dimples

cause god went like, ‘Sure why not make a crazy phsyco manic, hot. wait lets give him dimples for extra measures, so that if his gun runs out of bullet he can kill with his bloody looks’ yeah thanks god!

“You dont kill that! not until you try a little” he said, what? he wont kill me? why?

His fucking men dragged me back in line, tossed me like i weight nothing.

i will have to eat more

“Anyway, thats not how it works, now i have already told you people first one is free! and when i said i will shut that shit down! no exception!” he said as he walked towards us, shooting me a gloating smile “Now i dont know what kind of lying assholes you have been dealing with but first impressions are important” he said as he stared at me for a couple of seconds before he turned his gaze away “I need you to know me” he smiled as he raised his bat in front of him, smiling evilly “So, back to it!” he said as he swung his bat.

he hit Glen

Maggie screamed

My eyes were open, wide

“Maggie….” Glen chocked

Negan made a remark but i didnt listen. I did this. i killed Glen

“I will find…. you” Glen chocked out


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Baker’s Dozen - Traffic Stop AU Part 4

(Read previous parts: Here)

There was a crash of lightning and a rumble of thunder so loud that it shook the car. The rain was coming down hard like a frantic drumbeat on the roof. Michonne braced herself and opened the door.

She dashed up the sidewalk to the front door. Rick must have been watching for her through the window because the door swung open before she could knock and he was telling her to hurry inside.

Michonne stood in the foyer, water dripping into a pool at her feet. She laughed at the exhilaration of it all.

“I’m glad you’re okay! I tried to call,” Rick said, his expression worried.

“It started once I was already halfway here. I thought I’d better just keep going,” Michonne said.

Rick glanced out the window at the dark and stormy world outside.

“Well, I’m afraid we’re going to miss our reservations. There’s no way we’re going out in that,” he said.

“It’ll probably pass soon. Let me check my weather app,” Michonne said. She didn’t want to give up on their plans so easily.

The weather map on her phone showed a huge white swirl covering…she zoomed out…covering nearly all of Georgia.

Rick peered over her shoulder, “That looks like…”

“A hurricane. Was there supposed to be a hurricane today?” Michonne flicked through the app for more details.

“Wow. I really should have paid more attention to the forecast,” Rick said.

“No kidding!” Michonne agreed.

The wind was howling outside and the rain fell in sheets against the windows. Realizing that Michonne was thoroughly soaked and starting to shiver, Rick went to fetch a towel. He returned with a small pile of clothes that turned out to be a t-shirt and pajama pants.

“Dinner plans or not, you’d better stay here until the storm passes,” he said.

Michonne nodded, “Thanks,” and was about to go change when there was a massive crash outside and the house was plunged into darkness.

“And there goes the power,” Rick said, then, “Wait here, I have a flashlight somewhere…”

Before he got more than a few steps away, Michonne had pulled up the flashlight app on her phone, holding it out helpfully.

“Oh! Or that,” he laughed. Their first date was turning out to be quite a disaster, but he was relieved to see that Michonne seemed more amused than upset about the whole thing.

Rick showed her to the bathroom where she peeled off her soaking wet dress and pulled on the clean t-shirt, synching the pants tight around her waist so that they wouldn’t fall down. With the light from her phone casting dramatic shadows, Michonne looked at her reflection in the mirror.

She held the collar of the shirt up to her face and took a deep breath. It smelled faintly like Rick.

“I didn’t expect to be wearing his clothes on the first date…” Michonne said to herself.

She wandered back through the house to find Rick setting up candles and camp lanterns around the living room.

“Cozy,” she commented, thinking that the flickering lights really did make for a romantic atmosphere. The storm raging outside made it feel like they were shut off from the rest of the world.

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Carl Grimes - I Believe In You (Part 2)

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Hey guys! So here is Part 2 of the Carl imagine I did yesterday, that some of you requested. Hope you like it ♥

You can read here> Part 1 and Part 3, in case u missed it!

Summary: With the Saviors arriving at Alexandria, you have to deal with how reckless Carl can be (based on ep 7x04 “Service”)

Warnings: angst, arguments (no fluff today guys, sorry xD)

Word count: 1,367 (I was inspired today, don’t judge me)

We rushed downstairs and the first thing I saw was Rick standing in the middle of the kitchen, with Judith on his lap, a terrified look on his face. He looked so tired. So done with all this bullshit. This was being so hard for him, you could see it in his eyes. The guilt for the loss of Glenn and Abraham, the shame for being bossed around like a dog, the fear of losing someone else. Still, he lifted his head, took a deep breath and handed Judith to me.

“You guys need to stay inside, look out for Judith. Don’t let her out of your sight, ok?”

“Of course Rick, we will take care of her, don’t worry about that.” I said to him, looking straight into his tired blue eyes and giving him a weak smile, trying to make him less worried.

“They’re not going to hurt anyone dad, I’m not gonna let them.” Carl said from behind me, his voice low and strong. His eyes dark and threatening.

Rick and I glanced at each other, confused. What did he mean by that? Carl was nowhere near of being scared by Negan and his saviors, we both knew that, but he couldn’t do anything reckless today. Not today. It was too risky.

“Alright, I have to go now. Be careful you two.” Rick said, choosing to ignore what Carl had just said. He took one last look at us and closed the door behind him, heading out to the gates of Alexandria.

“I’m gonna get Judith upstairs, I don’t want any of this men even looking at her.” I said, already climbing the stairs and heading towards her bedroom.

“Yeah, stay with her up there. I’m gonna stay here and make sure you two are safe.” Carl announced, his voice already distant from me.

I placed Judith on her crib, and stroked her blonde hair. I envied her. She had no idea of what has happening, no cares in the world. She looked up at me and waved her little arms in the air, letting me know that she wanted me to pick her up again. I placed her on my lap and kissed her forehead. “You’re gonna be alright, Judy. Your brother and your dad are gonna protect you.  You’re so lucky, you know that? They are the strongest men I know.”

She giggled and touched my face with her little hands, looking me in the eyes. She looked so much like Carl. She had the same crystal blue eyes and the same freckles on her cheeks. I laughed and kissed her head one more time. I’d give my life to keep her safe if I had to. After all this time, she was like my own blood.

I walked towards the window to keep her distracted and from there, I could see Rick, Father Gabriel, Negan and Daryl talking by the graves. I wanted to cry when I saw him. He looked miserable, his clothes dirty and his face full of bruises. All I wanted to do was rush to him and give him the longest and tightest hug. I missed Daryl too much. But at least I knew he was alive and that was enough.

Sighing, I realized Judith was starting to get sleepy, she needed to rest a little. When I was about to put her back on her crib, I heard it. A gunshot. My heart stopped. It came from the garage and my mind immediately went to Carl. I placed Judith down, closed the door of her bedroom and ran as fast as I could. 

When I finally got to the garage, I could not believe my eyes. Carl had his gun up, in the face of two saviors, his voice steady and loud.

“Put some back,” he ordered, unlocking the safety switch on his gun, “or the next one goes in you.”

“Oh kid, and what do you think happens next?” The man in front of him chuckled and replied, a cocky grin on his face.

“You die.” Carl announced.
What was he doing? Was he crazy?! My heart was already beating faster, thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

“Carl, what the hell are you doing? Put the gun down.” I said trying to remain calm, while putting my body in front of the gun, letting him know that I wouldn’t let him do anything stupid.

“No!” he replied, “he’s taking all of our medicine, they said only half our stuff!”

He was SO angry. He looked me dead in the eyes and for a second, I was scared. Even though this was so like him to do, I was afraid he was gonna do something he would regret later.

“I know, but it’s not up to you to decide! Do you want somebody to die ag…” and when I was about to finish my sentence, someone interrupted me.
Him. Black leather jacket, the usual smirk on his face. Only his voice was enough to make me shiver. Rick followed right after, terrified something would happen to his son.

“Of course…” Negan said smiling, “really kid?” He sounded like he was already expecting Carl to challenge him somehow.

“And you should go. Before you find out how dangerous we all are.” Carl  stated.

Oh my god, I wanted to slap him. He clearly forgot about everything we went through in this last couple of days.

“Pardon me, young man. Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French, but did you just threaten me?’ Negan answered, surprised with how sassy Carl was being.

“Look, he doesn’t mean that. We don’t want any troub..” And he interrupted me. Again.

“Woah there, missy. I wasn’t talking to you, was I?” Negan said, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head to the side. “Was I?”

Son of a bitch.

“No.” I replied, clenching my jaw. It took everything in me not to punch him  right in the face.
 I looked down and took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

“Now, where were we? Oh yeah, your giant man-sized balls.”  Negan laughed. He was enjoying this. “Listen, I like you. So I don’t wanna go hard proving a point here. I said half of your shit and half is what I say it is. Do you want me to prove how serious I am? Again?”

Me and Rick glanced at each other, both us nervous for what might happen.

Carl looked down and finally put the gun down. He realized there was nothing he could do. Thank God. Me and Rick sighed, relieved.

Negan then remembered how much guns we had and went on about how he wanted all of them. Typical. Finally Him, Rick and the others left the room.

Carl looked at me, waiting for what I had to say. I was pissed. He was so reckless. He could gave gotten himself killed. Or someone else.

I stared angrily at him, my breathing faster than usual. I wanted to punch him. But I knew that doing that right now wouldn’t help the situation. So I just continued staring.

“What?” he said, like he had done nothing wrong.

“Oh my god, you’re unbelievable,” I said half laughing, half pissed. “Do you even know how that little scene could have turned out? What about that talk we had barely 30 minutes ago? You saying everything was going to be fine, that you were going to keep me safe? What you just did surely wasn’t keeping me safe!”

Carl just looked at the ground, not knowing what to say. I was not only angry but also disappointed with him. He was smarter than this.

“Look, I know you’re all brave and stuff but you don’t need to keep trying to prove yourself. You’re badass, we all get it okay? Now stop trying to get yourself killed. “

And with that said, I left the room. I needed to check on Judith but I also needed to relax. Dealing with all this fuckers taking our stuff away was already stressful enough. And I knew it wasn’t over yet. My talk with Carl wasn’t over. And neither was this shit of a day.

(A/N): If you liked it, please leave your feedback and if you like a Part 3! I’ll probably post one anyway but it would be awesome if you guys also requested it.

I also apologize if there are some mistakes, since english it’s not my native language :) 

Requests are open so request an imagine you would like me to write <3

Geez, what even is my life now? I wrote over 9,000 words for a crack au for a pairing consisting of two old criminals from different shows. Anyway, presenting a fic based on @stanchez-sloppy-seconds​ ‘s Kill Bill au.

Title: Kill Bill Cipher

Pairings: Rick/Stanley (stanchez); implied fiddauthor and Unity/Summer

Summary: Rick Sanchez used to be Bill’s prized assassin, but since his failed wedding and a four year coma Rick is going to Kill Bill Cipher.

Warnings: This is based off the Kill Bill movies, so if you don’t like blood and death I don’t recommend this. (No worries about Buck, though, there’s none of that.)

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anonymous asked:

We know that Andy doesn't like watching himself on TV because of self criticism or otherwise. He walks the red carpet for the premieres but have you heard if he stays to see the show? I would think TPTB would want him to. Maybe the only exception?

He’s seen clips, clearly, at comic cons.  As for an entire ep? I have no idea if he ever left the stage or not.  I don’t know :/

It’s both fascinating how humble he is, but also disheartening how self-conscious he seems to e.  He covers his mouth a lot when he smiles, which speaks to a level of low self-esteem.  Or how he did that internet interview and didn’t want to do the camera so he wouldn’t have to look at himself.  Fuck, it reminds me of Miss Celie.  Like, that man is too damn gorgeous, and I just want to know which son of a bitch told him he wasn’t.

Tangent.  Sorry.

Seriously, though.  There have only been like, three men I would ever dare to call beautiful, and Andy is one of the few.  Just…ugh.

But yeah–not sure.  He’s so wonderful that I hope he has, or will one day.  [Still holding out for him to get an Emmy or Oscar for his work] In the meantime, please enjoy some gratuitous Andy pics and gifs :D

Then she did something that really surprised me. She blinked back tears and put out her arms.

I stepped forward and hugged her. Butterflies started turning my stomach into a mosh pit.

“Hey, it’s… it’s okay.” I patted her back.

I was aware of everything in the room. I felt like I could read the tiniest print on any book on the shelves. Annabeth’s hair smelled like lemon soap. She was shivering.”

—  Rick Riordan, The Battle of the Labyrinth