rick rolling


Watch Foo Fighters, Rick Astley Rickroll Tokyo Music Festival
Band teases “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” instead play grungy version of “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Some of the really good stuff about the Lego Batman Movie, with spoilers:

  • Batman’s 9-pack
  • Bruce Wayne being Dick’s favorite orphan
  • Barbara Gordon went to Havard for Police
  • All of Alfred Pennyworth
  • Dick was really excited to think that Batman and Bruce Wayne had coadopted him and that he had two dads
  • Batman just wears his mask even when he’s Bruce at home
  • When Sauron fell over in a completely anticlimactic way exactly the opposite of in Return of the King
  • Commander Jim Gordon just pressing the Bat-Signal button over and over again when the Joker attacked
  • Batman was still a Master Builder as a tbt the Lego Movie
  • The shark repellent (I totally called that)
  • Batman’s trophy shelf, including the bombs
  • Ralph Fiennes was in this movie but didn’t do the voice of Voldemort who was actually a character???
  • The Joker and Batman’s entire relationship
  • Barbara Gordon being a badass when she saved Alfred and just being a badass in general
  • The music and the soundtrack
  • I can’t believe I was fricking Rick-rolled by a movie about sentient Legos
  • They saved the city from falling apart by having super strong abs
  • Basically the entire overcontrivedness of the entire film that was a wonderful parody of the cultural icon that is Batman™
  • Daleks but they couldn’t call them daleks
  • It was so great I really recommend it
Nico Listening to Rick Astley
  • Camper 1: I wonder what song Nico is listening to.
  • Camper 2: I bet its like really dark heavy metal.
  • Camper 1: yeah and he seems to be really enjoying it...
  • *Nico practicing in arena with headphones in nodding to the beat of the song*
  • Nico(in head): "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you..."
MBTI Encouragements


Never lose heart, your circumstances may be tough but you’re tougher!


Gonna reach that goal, write that book, graduate, be completely surrounded by genuine loved ones, and it will be glorious. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but someday. Just you wait.


Give it your all, and you’ll change the world!


You can do great things! So long as you continue to develop your ability to discern what you can/cannot and should/should not do.


Up. The direction you are headed!


Never quit! Your goals are within reach! Don’t be afraid to give yourself some flex room though!


Gonna be alright. Just take a breather and persevere!


Let it be. Sometimes leaving things alone may be better than constantly trying to fix it.


You are capable. Your intelligence and ambition are far greater than you give yourself credit for!


Down to make this life your best life? Good. With your wit, charm, and innate intelligence nothing could stop you!


Never lose sight of your goals, but don’t overexert yourself in the process.


Gonna be blunt here. Success comes from within, thankfully you have the potential to be successful at whatever you set your mind to. And beyond!


Run forward with caution. Charging headfirst may be effective for the short term, but you can achieve so much more if you persevere with a steadfast mindset!


Around here you’re known for unconventional but practical methods of getting the job done. I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job to help your common man!


And don’t forget to take it easy. Hard work is commendable, but exhaustion will rob you of getting your goals accomplished.


Desert the notion that you’re needlessly soft! It takes courage to be kind, that being said there is a fine line between courage and stupidity.

You all are worthwhile and capable in your own individual ways!

School AU Prompts (part 2)

• “dude… is that a hamster in your pocket?” au

• “you moved away when we were in elementary school and moved back when we’re in high school and dear lord have the years been kind to you” au

• “you play the tuba and for some fucking reason you have to play a little dopey tune whenever I walk in the band room” au

• “so YOU’RE the kid who naruto runs through the halls!” au

• “you rick rolled everyone at prom and I’ve had a crush on you ever since” au

• “we won’t stop talking in class so one day the teacher makes an animated slideshow of us holding hands in an attempt to shame us no homo” au

• “I know you are so athletically challenged that it’s pathetic but I’m gonna keep picking you for my team in gym class because you’re cute” au

• “listen I don’t care that you’re being ‘sO RåNdoM!¡’ by riding a bike through the halls and I don’t care how they let you inside with it but it’s nine in the morning I’m late for class I’m tired and I need you to get out of the fucking hallway” au

• “… who’s the kid in the morph suit?” au

• “you know a lot about recreational drugs for a freshman” au

• “I’m considering getting into trouble myself just to see how they handle your dumb ass in the principal’s office” au

• “you called me a furry so I have to defend my honor and challenge you to a Pokemon card battle” au

• “I called you a furry and you challenged me to a Pokemon card battle are you serious? you know you’re not helping yourself look better in any way right?” au

• “I told you you were wearing too much makeup so you immediately wipe off your lipstick with your hand and smear it on my shirt… I’d like to make a formal apology” au

• “same backpack?? same backpack!!!” au

• “we’re wearing the same shirt, heh one of us is gonna have to change… you’re right that joke is old… yes I’m sorry… okay I’ll think twice before talking to you again… yes I know my place now” au

• “you’re a senior for crying out loud, stop writing 'suck on dis dick’ on my window when we ride the bus” au