rick rolles


Faster Rick! FASTER!

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley but every time he says never it gets faster

Alright so imagine this: Dick is sitting on the couch, casually playing a nice, low melody on his guitar. Suddenly, Babs shows up and starts typing away next to him, then Damian sits down and reads, Tim drink his hot cocoa on the floor, even Jason comes out and sits in Bruce’s chair. Stephanie and Cass smile and hum along, Duke gets a little confused as to why no one is around, so when he finds them he sits down too. Of course Harper’s joined in! Next thing you know, they’re all huddled in a little bat-cuddling session around the sound of Dick’s mellow guitar, strumming away pleasantly. There’s barely a sound made.
Then, out of no where, Dick speeds up his song slightly, turning it into a different beat, a little familiar, but still kinda pleasant? After a few beats Dick starts singing,
They all leave immediately.