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Some pokemon + cartoon/anime style OmgImSoOriginal

my own style~

Gravity Falls

Adventure time!

actually it’s a videogame… meh whatever

Steven Universe (I guess, Ateast I tried)

Rick and Morty

Regular show

The boy and the beast

The amazing world of gumball
I made two of this cuz I LOVE TAWOG SO MUCH <3

Star vs the forces of evil


kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo!

Draw anime is hard… but here’s my machoke, explosion crazy masochist warrior dude

We bare bears


Shirokuma cafe


tha’s all~
I know it’s kinda bored with a white backround cuz I don’t know how to make backgrounds but its  just part of a school project that now seems like this

Some of the really good stuff about the Lego Batman Movie, with spoilers:

  • Batman’s 9-pack
  • Bruce Wayne being Dick’s favorite orphan
  • Barbara Gordon went to Havard for Police
  • All of Alfred Pennyworth
  • Dick was really excited to think that Batman and Bruce Wayne had coadopted him and that he had two dads
  • Batman just wears his mask even when he’s Bruce at home
  • When Sauron fell over in a completely anticlimactic way exactly the opposite of in Return of the King
  • Commander Jim Gordon just pressing the Bat-Signal button over and over again when the Joker attacked
  • Batman was still a Master Builder as a tbt the Lego Movie
  • The shark repellent (I totally called that)
  • Batman’s trophy shelf, including the bombs
  • Ralph Fiennes was in this movie but didn’t do the voice of Voldemort who was actually a character???
  • The Joker and Batman’s entire relationship
  • Barbara Gordon being a badass when she saved Alfred and just being a badass in general
  • The music and the soundtrack
  • I can’t believe I was fricking Rick-rolled by a movie about sentient Legos
  • They saved the city from falling apart by having super strong abs
  • Basically the entire overcontrivedness of the entire film that was a wonderful parody of the cultural icon that is Batman™
  • Daleks but they couldn’t call them daleks
  • It was so great I really recommend it
Nico Listening to Rick Astley
  • Camper 1: I wonder what song Nico is listening to.
  • Camper 2: I bet its like really dark heavy metal.
  • Camper 1: yeah and he seems to be really enjoying it...
  • *Nico practicing in arena with headphones in nodding to the beat of the song*
  • Nico(in head): "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you..."

Looks like a cinnamom roll, could actually kill you: Hearthstone, Alex

Looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: TJ, Halfborn

Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Magnus, Amir, Blitzen

Looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: Samirah, Mallory