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How did you decide when someone was irretrievably lost—when they were so evil or toxic or just plain set in their ways that you had to face the fact they were never going to change? How long could you keep trying to save them, and when did you give up and grieve for them as though they were dead?

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never gonna give wah up
  • never gonna give wah up
  • rick astley ft. waluigi
  • never gonna give aah up

guess who’s back, back again (with another crappy waluigi audio)

i made an audio with ‘never gonna give you up’ and waluigi :))) enjoy 

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Anti’s logic:

I hate this ship, so much in fact that I will

1. Make a whole blog about it, let’s see I’ll call it blank-is-dead, creative no?

2. I’ll continuously make post about said ship because I hate it and I want everyone to know that I hate. I also want everyone to know that I think it’s disgusting and it’s wrong and yea, but it’s not for survivors! I LOVE YOU GUYS

3.I’ll harass shippers because I think that they are pedophiles and disgusting ass people that should commit suicide, because hey! If they ship it they MUST condone it in real life right!!!111!!???

4. I’ll attack and harass survivors, until they reveal their status to me and give me an acceptable reason as to why they ship it. And even if they do give me all that, I’ll still continue to spread hate, but I’ll just exclude them, like this!

(I hate this ship so ducking much and whoever ships this should kill themselves. Oh and this doesn’t apply to survivours, who use it to cope, love you all so much! But back to that ship I fuCKING HATE)

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Where is your logic at antis?

-Mod cream


“The third baby is an accident but not necessarily a curse. Percy always made Annabeth buy Trojan condoms and insisted that they use them. When they got pregnant with the girl, Percy just shook his head and said, “Classic Trojans. They always let the Greeks slip in.”


pjo history → an issue of the olympian daily during wwii

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since my post on pjo history received such a response, which i can’t thank you all enough for, i wanted to create a lil snippet from “the olympian daily,” the go-to newspaper for all the best updates; they publish new issues faster than hermes can run!

i hope you all enjoy ♥