rick potion


Shut up and listen to me! It’s fine. Everything is fine. There’s an infinite number of realities, Morty, and in a few dozen of those, I got lucky and turned everything back to normal. I just had to find one of those realities in which we also happen to both die around this time. Now we can just slip into the place of our dead selves in this reality and everything will be fine. We’re not skipping a beat, Morty. Now, help me with these bodies.


List of Inventions Rick made or used for his family
- Dream Interceptor: Get Morty A’s
- Cognition Amplifier: Make Snuffles Smarter
- Meeseek’s Box: Do whatever the Family wants (not sure if Rick made this)
- Love Potion: To make Jessica like Morty
- Interdimensional Cable: For Ball Fondlers 
- (Parallel Reality Googles): Mostly to get his family out of his TV time
- Remote that Stops time: To give them time to clean up the place
- Tiny Rick: To kill vampires with his kids
- The SAW trap: It was for Noob Noob but Sober Rick did say the answer might be Morty so in a really BS way it was partly for Morty? 
- Morty’s Mind Blowers: To remove unwanted memories

Why did I list all these items?
Because compared to Kid Beth’s request these requests are tamer in comparison. Most of these have no intent in harming the user or others. Though, the Love Potion and Dream Interceptors were made with the intent of manipulating someone. And the SAW trap was intended to hurt the Vindicators in Rick’s Drunkenness. Outside of that, better in comparison to the things Rick made for Beth… 

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