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How Season 3 will start:

Morty, Beth, and Summer: Alright guys it’s time to stop waiting around!  Let’s break Rick out of prison!



In honor of 4,000 followers, I would like to mail one of you my extra copy of volume one! Someone gave me the copy to the left as a gift, and I’d love to give one away to a fellow RaM fan! It contains issues 1-5, plus a few bonus scenes.

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“And I love the relationship with Rick and Daryl. It’s a huge ingredient as to why these survivors are still there — that relationship. Also, it’s been on screen for a long, long time — six years now. And it is effortless working with the man. I love him. He’s one of my best friends on the planet, along with lots of other cast members that I work with in this show. Particularly with Norman, though.”

“He’s crafted such a brilliant character with Daryl Dixon. I just think it’s brilliant. And he’s also incredibly funny. He’s got really funny bones, Norman. I’m pretty good at keeping a straight face, but he’s terrible, man! He’s like a chicken seeing blood — he’ll peck. If he sees that I’ve got a smile and a twinkle in my eye coming, he’s lethal.” - Andrew Lincoln (x)