rick perry for america

To be fair, he’s also a former governor, BUT he’s still shockingly unqualified to be in charge of the Energy Department… Not to mention he’s on the record saying he wanted to get rid of this department (one be could actually remember the name of it) and he’s on the the board of directors for the oil company building DAPL….

So unqualified AND biased. Awesome

Voters deserve to know where 2016 presidential hopefuls REALLY stand on reproductive freedom. Help us make them OWN IT! → http://nar.al/ownit


A creepy and hilariously edited version of Rick Perry’s recent presidential campaign announcement (For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/120295764086/a-hilariously-edited-version-of-rick-santorums)

It’s pretty clear: these candidates don’t trust women. Tell them to #OwnIt: http://nar.al/3td