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 Too Hot To Handle- Jeffrey Dean Morgan X OC 

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for. 


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  I only gamble with my life, never my money.

Name: Richard O'Connell, aka Rick or Ricochet O'Connell.

Age: 40

Occupation: Unemployed

Sexuality: Straight

Faceclaim: Brendan Fraser


Although he has been through hell and back, Rick is confident and outgoing, to the point of cockiness. He does have a bit of a temper, but he does his best to bury. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the look of it, but he is a war hero, and deservedly so, his bravery saving many lives when he was a soldier. All he needs is a chance to prove that he was the one to live for a good reason.


Five years ago, you would have found Rick joking with friends while on a mission. See, he was Army, Special Forces. But after his team found a place that shouldn’t exist, and almost all were killed over it, he quit and moved to London, doing his best to forget what happened. The only reminder he has is a little trinklet he carries with him. Lately, he’s been drinking more and more, but fortunately, he’s not an angry drunk, instead preferring to be cocky. His stories and secrets have caught the attention of fellow barfly, Jonathan, who spends time trying to work out what he’s hiding, and if it’s worth anything.


  • Jonathan Carnahan - drinking buddy   



Madison and Jillian woke up early in the morning, they went out and bought a bunch of foods to make him. When the two of them got back home, they made waffles, bacon, hashbrowns, a fruit salad, and omelets all in addition to the gifts. Finally when they finished, Jillian made a pot of coffee as well like she did last time and Madison blew a bit of flour at her and laughed before kissing her head. “Go and wake up daddy, baby.” she mused and Jillian nodded excitedly as she took her home made card, running and jumped on the bed.


Madison was cooking breakfast, she had waken before anyone and she wanted them all to have a full belly on the way to the zoo. Once the bacon, eggs, and waffles were finished and the orange juice was poured she first got Jillian up and then moved to her and Ricks room, she just leaned down and her hand brushed over the side of his face. “Morning handsome.” her voice was soft.


Madison just got back home with Jillian from her ballet class. The two were walking in the door and she shook her head with a smile. “Yes, you were the most awesomest ballerina to ever awesome, Jillian Kate.” She laughed softly, repeating what the girl had asked her to say and then looked up to Rick when she closed the door over with a smile. “Hi baby.”


Madison wanted to do something nice for Rick, and so did Jillian. The pair of them got up extra early and decided to make breakfast for the three of them which they would surprise him with in bed. Madison did most of the work, the pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, and she let Jillian make the fruit salad and coffee. Once they finished, the foods were loaded onto a tray and Madison took the tray. “Go get him, baby.” she smiled as Jillian ran into the room, crawling into bed and she wrapped her arms around Rick. “Wake up, daddy.” she said to him for the first time which caused an even larger grin on Madison’s face as she joined the two of them in bed.