rick o'shea

Today's random The Art of Fielding passage

Rick took one last drag before flicking his cigarette butt over the rail. The orange flame bounced once, twice, against the hull and vanished. “Panic attack,” he said.

“What do we do?”

“My mom usually drinks a couple screwdrivers. She says the orange juice has a soothing effect.” Rick, seized by a thought, took off after Henry. Schwartz tried to follow, but his legs wouldn’t let him.

Rick is such a goofball.

The soothing effect of the water is the reason I use it to take my Xanax, too. It’s amazingly effective.

I wonder what teenage me might think of this week

I just watched a talk by Kjell ’t Hoen the Dutch games developer who designed Rick O'Shea, the game I did my first trailer for.

In the talk he discusses the development of the game and he gets to a bit and says: “and then I got really excited when I saw the trailer” and then played the trailer.

That and getting a retweet from Mike Dailly, the creator of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, earlier in the week have given me some perspective and probably blown the mind of teenage Brian.