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[SOME SPOILERS] - Explanations Below

Rick and Morty - MBTI of Main Characters

Rick Sanchez

ENTP - Ne Ti Fe Si

Rick’s personality is basically the definition of an ENTP, the one with dominant Ne and secondary Ti. He has a billion projects started at the same time, too many for him to ever finish, but if he feels inspired, he will impulsively drag Morty with him on a new adventure. He will often do this for the sole purpose of having fun. His Ti is evident in his inventions, and his dominant Ne is evident by how every episode is basically him dragging Morty (and sometimes Summer) with him on a new adventure. He’s a great improviser and a faithful consumer of Alcohol.

Morty Smith

INFP Fi Ne Si Te

Morty’s dominant Fi is evident from the very beginning of the series, as his moral code is often the main voice of reason on every adventure Rick takes him on. He is clearly deeply moved by all the horrible actions of Rick, up to the point where he has to bury his own dead corpse in an alternate dimension. Even after such a traumatic event, Morty stays true to his moral code and seems to require a lot of self-reflection after each new adventure. His Ne is evident from him, not shying away from further interdimensional trips with Rick. This is especially evident in the episode Meeseeks and Destroy, where Morty craved his own adventure and was not willing to change his mind throughout the entire journey (that is up until he met Mr. Jellybean).

(To Be continued)

MBTI types as Rick and Morty’s gifs


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In The Flesh MBTI

I’ve been wanting to type the characters of In The Flesh for a while now, since I’ve never seen anyone do it yet.

If you don’t know about Myers-Briggs typing, I suggest you look into it, as it’s a really cool way to learn more about yourself. If you DO know about Myers-Briggs typing, read on, and don’t hesitate to give me feedback on this! :~)

(I type using cognitive functions, just a heads up. It’s a whole lot less vague to me)

Kieren Walker- INFP

I definitely saw Fi as his first function from the beginning. He’s a TOTAL sensitive feeler, but his snarky attitude towards Amy at the beginning points more towards introverted feeling than extroverted. Plus, an extroverted feeler would just be overall less rude than Kieren. The kid can be tactless! I had thought of ISFP as a possibility for him due to how artsy he is, but other than the affinity for painting I see almost no Se. Still, I’m willing to put him down as an IxFP.

Rick Macy - ISFJ (masquerading as a “manlier” type.)

I am dead-fucking-positive of this one. SJ’s are the traditionalists, and Rick is SUCH a traditionalist. This is why he has problems letting his dad know about who he really is. ISFJs are also incredibly loyal due to their Si and Fe. This is why he continues to try to impress his dad even when he knows his father doesn’t want the same things as him. I would say the front he puts up for his dad is ESTJ. Possibly ESTP.

Amy Dyer - ENFP

Amy is the archetypal ENFP - due to her Ne, she spouts off anything she thinks, and it’s often hilarious. She’s definitely an Fi-user in that she feels deeply and a little self-centeredly, with fuck-all regards for strangers’ feelings but all the care in the world for her loved ones’ feelings. Not much to say; girl’s a total ENFP.

Simon Monroe - ENFJ?

I am VERY tentative with this one. The only reason I say ENFJ is because he seems to have the charismatic skills ENFJs possess, although charisma is of course not limited to one type. Possible INFJ? He does seem to have the trademark INFJ mysticism down pat. I’m almost positive he’s an extroverted feeler (this is where the charm comes from) but I’m not sure if it’s dominant or auxiliary. I don’t know whether to view him as an introvert or an extrovert, so for now I’m saying xNFJ, leaning towards ENFJ.

Jem Walker - ISTP

Jemina is an Se user, a hundred per cent. Whether or not she LIKES killing, she is a natural with a gun, seems to take things literally, and has a bit of a “mean” sense of humor found in Se-Ti users. You might think she’s an extrovert, and she can appear that way, but I think it’s her way of dealing with the shitstorm life dealt her. She can be brash and rude and out there when the situation calls for it, but she’s definitely been one to keep to herself even when she was young.

Philip - ISTJ

Philip is a duty fulfiller, first and foremost. This is where his desire to please his superior comes from - of course lots of people want to please their superiors, but STJ’s take it religiously. It’s also why Amy thinks so lowly about him; ISTJs are the anti ENFPs, close-minded where ENFPs are open-minded, quiet where ENFPs are bubbly, but in the end the two can make a good couple when they come to understand each other.

Maxine Martin - ENTJ

Much like ENFJs have a natural charismatic leadership about them, ENTJs have a natural “bossy” leadership about them. Maxine is a natural-born leader, and, in true ENTJ fashion, she will do anything to get the job done. I was initially thinking INTJ for her, as INTJs are your prototypical “villains,” but, of course, not only is she clearly not an introvert, her Te is also clearly stronger than her Ne.

And there we have it, folks! I might type some smaller characters later, but I might not. (Although, if you’re wondering, Gary is type “douchebag”)


October Horror Movies


“That’s the house where it all started. He walked it’s hallways. Hide in it’s closets. Dreamed in it’s bedrooms. Helped his Mother in the kitchen. Watched TV in the living room with his Dad. Played in his Sisters bedroom. Then one day he picked up a knife and he never put it down again.”

Rick & Michonne’s Personalities

THANKS TO royalrichonne who saved the day when I accidentally deleted this post.   I was so mad at myself for that. Thx to those who take the time to read.

Recently saw tumblr posts labeling Rick ISFJ & Michonne ISTP (Myers Briggs personality types) and I disagree, mostly with Michonne.  The AV club’s S5 finale review called TWD’s grasp on psychology “hit or miss.” I have definitely felt TWD writers don’t all agree WHO Rick and Michonne are, which has led to some inconsistent characterization.

If you’re unfamiliar w/ personality types, extroversion vs. introversion isn’t about being shy. It’s about whether a person gets their energy internally or externally. After spending a lot of time engaging with others, if you are stimulated, then you are an extrovert,. If you feel spent and need time alone to recharge, then you’re an introvert. Extroverts enjoy debates and talking things out, introverts will debate, but they often find it draining.


Rick is written as a hardcore, extreme introvert. The “Ricktatorship” was basically “shut up, you’re draining me.” I feel the writers write him pretty consistent in this trait.


TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Michonne is tricky because we were introduced to her post ZA, after she had suffered a severe trauma and has PTSD. I think Kirkman, Gimple & Hoffman write her consistently as an extrovert who has withdrawn as a defense/coping mechanism,  as a symptom of PTSD and as a continued STRATEGIC choice.

MICHONNE THE STRATEGIST. Michonne being written as a strategist doesn’t get nearly enough importance when fans discuss her, imo. Compare her to another fav character like Brienne of Tarth who is emotional/feeling and who risks her life and  mission to cut down dead women she doesn’t know from trees to give them dignity. Michonne wouldn’t have done that. That’s not to say Michonne is unfeeling at all, but that her actions are usually intentional and pragmatic. She evaluates consequences & risks. I want to get into this more in another post, but I bring it up here bc in a cutthroat world, it makes almost no sense to trust people. There could be MAJOR negative consequences to trusting the WRONG person. In the show, Michonne trusted the wrong person with her son and her love and it cost her pretty much everything.

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