rick mountain

Every time I think of soaking wet Mountain Man!Rick I imagine a high society Lady Michonne stranded in the wilderness who encounters a loin-cloth wearing, chest-pounding, grunting Rick of the Jungle. Pretty sure she’s had this dream at some point too.

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Name: Diede

Age: 19

Nicknames: Ruva, puppy, nemo, shandy, goblin, gremlin, mountain goat, rick, snekky sneke

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Height: 1.60cm / around 5'3ftish idfk

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Germanic, i got no clue but somewhere around gemany/Netherlands

Fave Fruit: Dragon fruit

Fave Season: Winter, I’m not made for hot weather… cold is my soul💠

Fave book series: Red queen, the jewel, the selection, the seven sisters, a lot more…

Fave fictional characters: maven (red queen)

Fave flower: Edelweiss

Fave scents: freshly cut grass/trees,

Fave color: HOLO

Fave animal: doggos all the way, but with literally ANY animal i need to pet it, even cows, sheep, or whatever rando animal crosses my path

Fave bands: SHINee, volbeat, FFDP, a lot more..

Coffee, tea or hot choco: Coffee

Average hours of sleep: 6-7

Number of blankets: a half blanket? (the thing u normally put over a blanket is thin enough for me)

Dream trip: Traveling without financial worry, good enough for mua

Last thing I’ve googled: how to get to a dam uphill from here in swiss, but no luck…

Number of followers: almost 400~ my main has about 300

What do I post: Love Nikki Dress Up Queen~ it’s my 3rd sideblog😅

Do I get asks regularly: Yes

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