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When it’s Canada Day

Don’t know why we’re amazing?

Check these out:

And finally:

Doctor… I smell burnt toast!

If only school was going on, I’d bombard my class with all these… nah, it’s summer time!

Hope everyone has a great Canada D’eh!


I could go on and on and on about why Rick Mercer has always been, and will always be, my favourite Canadian, but his content speaks for itself, really.


RMR: Rick with Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau at Carnival before he was even elected as a MP

* Please note: do not follow our leader in his zipline technique. Don’t let go and flip yourself upside down for fun


“Rick Mercer on Annoying Canadian Stereotypes”


Rick’s Rant - Trump and O'Leary

Suicide Squad Strip Mall

This is an AU where the squad members each own their own shops in a strip mall. Stores are from left to right.

Rick’s Army and Outdoor Store- Owned by Rick Flag. After being expelled from the army for being in a relationship with a cadet, June Moone, the two settled down in Lousianna and opened their own small business. It used to sell only armed forces supplies, but competition from Deadshot led him to include outdoor supplies such as camping and sports equipment.

Maseo Martial Arts- Owned by Tatsu Yamashiro. She moved to America to start her own dojo after her husband died. Tatsu often gets in arguments with Digger, because his bar scares off younger customers. Also, Digger often comes in and disrupts classes.

Boomerang’s Bar- Owned by Digger Harkness. The bar is famous for its homemade Australian beer. The logo for it is a pink unicorn on an Australian flag. He often tries to hire help, but every person he hires he ends up firing. The only person besides him who is on staff is his son Owen, who is going to a community college down the road.

Killer Croc’s Cajun Restaurant- Owned by Waylon Jones. He is a very large man with a skin disease, and others are a bit wary of him. No one knows exactly what he makes his food out of, but he is often seen with a blood-stained apron chewing on raw meet. The others find he is friendly once they get to know him.

Harley’s Tattoo Parlor- Owned by Harley Quinn. She used to work at her boyfriend’s shop Joker’s Tattoo Parlor, but decided to start her own. Her shop is the most popular in the strip mall because people from her boyfriend’s shop come to her store.

Deadshot- Owned by Floyd Lawton. The store is a gun store that sells various weapons. There is also a shooting range in the back that Floyd will use to give lessons. The walls of the store and windows are frequently covered with drawings by his daughter Zoe. Some are more recent and drawn quite well, but there are also some scribble ones from when Zoe was younger. He keeps them all up.

Diablo Pizzeria- Owned by Chato Santana. Chato is an ex-firefighter who quit his job after a fire started in his own house, and he was unable to save his wife and kids. His restaurant is known for its brick oven pizzas and jalapeño toppings. It used to be a Boy Scout store owned by Christopher Weiss, but after it went out of business Chato purchased it and had it redesigned.

Amanda Waller owns the strip mall and collects rent from the stores. The plaza is called Plaza X, but everyone calls it the Suicide Squad Plaza, because every other store in the small town had failed before it.


The Rick Mercer Report: Canada Explained

Everything you wanted to know about Canada, but were afraid to ask.


One of my favourite things in the world.


Remember that time Rick Mercer and Don Cherry made a suit together?


Rick Mercer is wrong on pipelines

Despite what the comedian says, Canada doesn’t need the Energy East pipeline. What it needs is an economy for the 21st century.


Wow! When I searched for this one, I was almost positive that no one would have uploaded it, but here it is! I remember this first airing when I was in grade two – I find it as hilarious now as I did back then. Bless.

The only sucky thing is that it cuts off at the end.