rick larson

You know that SOPA and PIPA thing?

So, yesterday, I called Rick Larson, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray. If you don’t know these people, it’s probably because you don’t live in the state of Washington. (Which is currently under a state of emergency because of all the snow we’ve been getting.) Anyway, I called these three people  because they are our congressman and senators for the state of Washington and for Whatcom County. (Which is where I live.) I also emailed Rick Larson yesterday, and got an email back today. He basically says he doesn’t approve of these two acts IN THEIR CURRENT FORMS. I would encourage you all to contact your state’s congressmen and tell them how you feel about this. 

Thank you!

Veronica Nelson

Edit: I don’t think we’re in a state of emergency anymore.(In case you cared. =]) Although, since most of the snow has melted now, we’re probably going to have some flooding! Yay for natural disasters!