rick is dead!


It was never easy for you to live with them, even when they’re your family and respect you the way you are.
Rick took always care of you, especially during your heat what was and will always be an awkward situation between the two of you. But you handled the situations well, even with the weird sexual tension in your heat.
Everything went so well since you’re in Alexandria where you can hide in the cell Morgan built when you’ve to, until you meet another Alpha.

Like the king of the world Negan steps out of the RV, his intense smell of power and dominance making you shiver. Instinctively you press closer to Rick who somehow tries to cover you and your scent.
But it’s pointless.
Even when Negan wouldn’t be that powerful, he’d for sure notice what you are.
And that scares you.
“Hi, you’re Rick, right?” Negan asks unnecessarily, his eyes shifting to you. “I’m Negan and I do not appreciate you killing my men..”
His voice, the subliminal growl in it, mixed with the fear and slight anger you can smell on Rick, letting you whimper. Submissive you stare at the ground as Negan’s flashing eyes catch yours.
“What do we’ve here?” Negan purrs and crouches down in front of you. “A little Omega. Fuck, I thought you’d be all fuckin’ dead by now.”
“Leave her.” Rick growls while you feel torn between the two Alphas.
Angrily Negan clicks his tongue and raises his finger to shut up Rick. “Look at me, Omega.”
You do what he wanted, having no choice even when he wouldn’t be an Alpha.
“Good, you listen.” Appreciatively he nods, his finger sliding over your stomach now. “Does our Rick take care of you… and your needs?”
A blush creeps over your face and you look back to the ground, nodding and shaking your head at the same time.
“Fuck Rick, how do you resist her?” He asks amused, his glowing eyes still on you. “She isn’t even in her heat and I want to ping pong my dick all over her.”
Another whimper is leaving your throat as a well known warm feeling spreads in your lower abdomen. Rick hisses a growl at Negan, at you, at the whole situation, but doesn’t stop you as you press yourself closer to him.
“That’s not how it fucking works. Not anymore.” Negan pulls you back in line, his hands still resting on your shoulders. “Would you like me to take care of you?”
Against your will, the animal instincts took over, you nod as Negan suddenly grabs your chin.
“Speak when your spoken to.”
“Y-yes, Neg.. Alpha.” You respond quickly and he smirks satisfied, standing up.
Rick next to you gasps shocked and kind of hurted.
“Al-fucking-right, let’s go back to business.”

What have you done?


Jill and Brandenn on AMC Talking Dead


Spoiler: Jadis - Bold move, but Rick is Michonne smitten!

Y'all leave Jadis alone! She’s got excellent taste in men! Admit it y'all want y'all some bow legged Rick Grimes too! I 👀you Jadis , I ain’t mad at you! 😂 I’d rather you ask than just try to take! 😉 It’s odd but I can respect that!

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Drunk [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Could u pls do one where the reader is younger and has never been drunk or had sex and rick has always been the closest to her and watched out for her. So one night he lets her get drunk at his house while he stays sober to watch after her and she gets wasted and horny and tells him shes a virgin and comes onto him but he keeps saying no bc she’s too young. But she starts taking off her clothes and seducing him and he gives in. Thnk u so much! 💕

OMG, I LOVED this request. Enjoy anon! ❤️

Words: 2,246

Warnings: Smut, Loss of virginity, seduction, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, swearing

A/N: Ohhhh dear lord, this is some filth right here! 

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Opening Up [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hey love! Can you do an imagine where the reader is super shy, but finally opens up to rick? (Can be smutty 😈)

Here it is! Hope you like, anon! 

Words: 2,811

Warnings: Smut, swearing, unprotected sex, attempted sexual assault

A/N: Was hoping to get this out last night, but my computer decided to freeze before I could save it. But here it is, I like the way this one turned out!

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Being Ricks daughter would include:

•Being just as tough if not tougher than Carl

•Fighting 24/7 with Carl but knowing you will always have each other’s

•Being Judith’s babysitter and guarding her with your life

•Having all the group adore you and thinking your the sweetest even though they know you could kick their asses

• Helping Rick after Lori’s death “Dad I know this is hard for you but we need you. I need you ”

• Having Daryl teach you how to fix cars

•Promising Glen you would take care of Maggie if anything ever happened

•Having michonne teach you how to do dread locks “You sure you’re not going to rip my hair !“

• Being the one that kills Ron when he shoots Carl

•Not liking Enid at first but eventually warming to her. “ I swear to god if you hurt my brother I’ll kill you”

• Having to have Michonne hold you done while Negan threatened to have Carl’s arm cut off

• Being happy but worried that you have the largest family

•calling your dad officer friendly to annoy him.


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