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Promot "Daryl took off after a big argument with Paul, Paul is worried

“Hey, Aaron, Eric,” Paul said quickly, looking around the living room. He had left the front door open, he hadn’t planned on staying long. “Um, have you seen Daryl?”

“No,” Aaron got up from his spot on the couch and walked over to Paul, who was already turning away and making for the front door. “Is everything okay?”

“Oh totally,” Paul snapped. 

Aaron caught his arm, turning him around, smiling gently at him. It was very hard not to like Aaron, Paul could easily see how Eric and he would fall in love. They were quite possibly, the most ridiculously kind people he ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

“Paul,” Aaron murmured–he was one of the only people who referred to Jesus as Paul instead of his nickname. “Where is he?”

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