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Finished commission for @kritz-blitzwitz !

10″ hoop, custom pattern made by me, quote and character (Rick Grimes) from The Walking Dead

Took about a month to complete in between working and moving into a new apartment and I keep forgetting to post it haha


If Rick or Carl died, what kind of dark place would Michonne go to? (x)

Things You Said At 1am.

Things You Didn’t Say At All.

Carl tip toes into her room, leaving the door slightly ajar behind him. He eyes his dad, slumped over the edge of her bed, his head resting on her lap. Carl walks up beside his father, taking note of his fingers intertwined with hers tightly. Carl wants to be angry with him. He wants to scream at him and tell him how much of a fuck up he is. He wants to ask him why every time things get good, he has to figure out a way to ruin them. But that isn’t fair this time. He tried. Carl knows that he actually tried this time. So instead of waking up his battle worn father, he runs his hand over his damp hair softly; lovingly. Like his father has done to him so many times in the past.


Carl takes a seat next to him and turns his attention to the closest thing he’s had to a mother in over a year. Her face is puffy and bruised, no doubt from pointless beatings at the hands of Negan’s heathens. But he knew she fought tooth and nail. Refusing to stay down; getting back up each and every time they knocked her off her feet. She wouldn’t have it any other way. His father lost his mind at her appearance when they dragged her from the van after taking her nearly a week before.


“You fucking prick!” Rick screamed loudly when his eyes landed on her, struggling against the hold that Arat and Bob had on him, “Goddamnit! I did everything you fucking wanted! Everything! You fucking-”


Carl glances down at his plaid shirt, her now dried blood staining the material. Enid begged him to take it off, to change, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. It would serve as a reminder to him now and always as to why that mother fucker has to die. Daryl, Rick, Gabriel, Carl, and Rosita watched in horror as Negan stabbed her with the same hunting knife he used on Spencer. She crumpled to the ground and within an instant, the war was ignited. Bullets whizzing through the air, fists flying, knives slicing.


Carl reaches out and places his hands on her forearm, a little surprised at her warmth. That’s a good sign at least. He strokes her skin gently, smiling softly for really no reason at all, which surprises him more, “I never thought this situation would be reversed. It’s usually you huddled over my bedside.” He says quietly, “I know I’ve never told you this, well, I kinda have, in my own dumb way.” He pauses, glancing to his left as his dad shifts but doesn’t wake. His breaths deep and rhythmed. He turns back toward her, his mind racing with the words he wants to say. Carl was always like his mother, never finding a time where he was lost for words. Now is no different, “That night, on the porch, after Deanna. When I told you that I would do it for you. What I meant to say was that I love you. My sister loves you.”


He drops his head a little, his voice growing softer and softer by the minute, “My dad loves you. I don’t know if he’s said it, probably hasn’t, but I know he does. He’s not a talker, he won’t say it out loud but I hope you can feel it. I hope you know it. I’ll, I’ll talk to him. I’ll tell him that sometimes people just need to hear it, for no reason. I’ll make sure that you hear it. From him, from me, from Daryl, from everyone. Because we love you Michonne. We love you and we need you.”


He nods a little, growing more and more confident as he speaks, knowing that his words will come true, “Daryl and Jesus are working on a plan right now. And when you’re strong and you can fight, we’ll take that piece of shit down. Together. We’ll hang his head on the gates of Alexandria as a sign to any future fucks that wanna mess with us. We don’t die easy. But they will.”


His hair falls in his face as he looks up and gazes out of the small window. His hand grazes down her arm and rests on top of his fathers’. He laces his fingers as best he can with both of theirs just as the clock strikes one am.

As I was rewatching S1 it occurred to me that by the time Rick woke up on his first morning in the camp, Carol had already found and squirreled away that grenade.

So during this whole scene, she was like please don’t ask about the grenade please don’t ask about the grenade while at the same time being all friendly and distracting Rick with silly small talk.

Just look at her little adorable *i-stole-a-grenade-from-police-officer* face. Classic Carol.

(Also, interesting question: if Rick would have remembered he had a grenade, would Carol return it or would she lie?)


#Their first time slaying together as a couple (✿ ♥‿♥)

"Do we have a spare?"  (a Walking Dead drabble, Caryl).

But it’s a different kind of Caryl (or is it?).  Thinking about expanding on this one in future installments because this one gives me all the ideas, hahaha.  Let me know if that’s something you lovelies would be interested in. 

Rick cashes in on a favor from Daryl and our boy Dixon’s not too happy about it.

“Do we have a spare?” 


Standing up from his inspection of the ruined tire, Daryl scoffed.  “We?  Ain’t no we to this, Sweetheart.”  This chick really was something else, always pushing up in his space, filling his ears with her suggestive comments, smiling at him with that dopey ass smile.  Weren’t nobody on the face of this earth that happy and soon as they crossed back into the state of Georgia he was wiping his hands of her.  Making her Rick’s problem like she should have been in the first place.  Damn Lori’s shitty timing. 


“Daryl Dixon, you’re a dick.”