Eye Love You Just the Way You Are Part 2

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Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,774

Summary: Negan and Carl return from his attempt at infiltrating the Sanctuary only to run into a worried Y/n, who’s sick of the way Negan treats Carl.

Warnings: Cursing, slight NSFW ?? doesn’t go too much into detail, spoilers

Author’s Note: Part 2 of ‘Eye Love You Just the Way You Are’ done by request of anon. I had fun completing this and I hope they enjoy it ! Thanks for all the support on Part 1, my first fan fiction feels like a success ! Takes place at the end of 7x07, so I recommend watching before reading ! Requests are also currently open, enjoy :-) !!!


(3rd Person POV, following Carl and Negan)
Negan and Carl had returned to Alexandria after Carl’s ‘visit’ to the Sanctuary. After Negan’s run in with Olivia, he demanded that she fix him and Carl some lemonade for their next activity.
“Olivia, would you be a lamb and make us some lemonade ? Now, I know I left y'all some of that good powdered stuff !” Negan grinned to her.
“Actually, I’m not supposed to-” she began, her voice shaky due to the fear she felt from in front of her.
“Make it.” He spat. She flinched at his words. “Take your time and make it good.”

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See Beneath Your Beautiful

Carl had never felt so ugly, after the incident he attempted to push you away, demanding that you did better, saying that he didn’t deserve your love or care. But Carl knew you were stubborn, so you refused to leave him to suffer in silence.

You weren’t there when it had happened, when he lost his eye, but you were there by his bedside until he woke up, “Y/N?” He rasped to you, his eye glued to your exhausted face as you sat up to gaze at him properly. Before you could even reply he was demanding you left the room, Rick had told you he felt insecure and that he felt too ugly for you, you both knew it was nonsense.

But, you follows Rick’s advice and left Carl to his own devices for a couple weeks, letting him adjust to his new way of living, but in that time, he had done everything to avoid you.

One day he walked past your home as you were walking to it, he froze and attempted to locate a way out of the encounter but melted as soon as your soft hand grabbed his forearm, “Carl,” you breathed, he turned around to face you, “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“I know,” he mumbles flatly, you nod and kick the dirt under your shoes before grabbing him and pulling him into your very empty house, “Y/N, what are you doing?” Carl looks panicked, like a mouse backed into a corner.

“You’re not leaving until I get a good enough reason as to why you’ve been avoiding me since it happened,” he didn’t need you to name the event and he was grateful that you didn’t, it was still fresh in his mind like it happened yesterday.

Carl looked down at you, “You deserve better than this, I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay with me when I know you don’t-”

“How do you know what I want?” You ask, leaning against the doorframe before kicking yourself off of it, “Carl Grimes, I love you, with two eyes or not that will never change,” you whisper, his eyes glisten slightly and he swallows hard, “I know it’s hard but you are stupid to ever think I would allow you to do it alone,” you pause, “Can I?”

Carl thinks for a moment before nodding sheepishly, you close the space between you, his hand laid on your hips as you slowly unwrap the bandage from around his face, concealing his wound. Once uncovered you place the bandage on the kitchen surface, brushing his hair from his face, touching the puffy skin under it softly, “Still beautiful to me,” a tear rolls down his cheek which you wipe away instantly, “I love you Carl Grimes.”

“I love you more, Y/N Y/L/N.”


Apologies if this is as crap as I think it is! Have a brilliant day/night my angels ❤️



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Negan needs to teach Rick a lesson, and knows just how to get to him. This is what happens directly after the Season 7 premiere clip "Right Hand Man".

Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop band together to take Negan down. Will they succeed? Or will someone pay the price? And will Negan ever get over his obsession with Michonne?

Part of Something// Walking Dead// Part 1

Part one of A Walking Dead Fanfic in Pre-Negan Alexandria, you as the reader, are a raven haired blue eyed twenty year old who doesn’t like to talk much, and likes being touched even less.

More to come!!

There’s a heavy weight on your chest and legs, a tingling in your toes accompanies it. A familiar stench, death, clouds the air around you. 

‘So this is what it’s like’ you think to yourself, stuck and dead. Not even being able to walk around and kill people like the rest of them, good. That’s the last thing you want, to be like them, kill like they do. Not after everything. It’s still a bit light outside, the sun is just starting to go down, just dark enough to warn everyone it’s time to find shelter for the night. Lifting up your arm, you study your hand, your head is throbbing signaling where you fell. 

‘Okay, so if I can move at my own will, and think like I am then I’m probably still alive’ You conclude as you look around. There are heaps of bloody messes soaking into the forest floor.

‘No…’ You think to yourself, a crippling feeling rising up from deep in your chest.

“Hey Daryl, there’s a pack over here” A gruff man’s voice signals you to lay back down, be still, maybe they’ll just pass right by you. The dark figure walks over towards you, stopping to slide his knife deep into the skulls of every dead one, before reaching down at your side.

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