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I think this might be illegal, but i did this fan art for TWO peoples universes, @connorricks “Clowns VS. Mimes” universe, and @bogleech “Awful Hospital Universe.

I really like the vairant worm bosses in the chapter II Arc, so I think this could just be another worm boss that the poor,poor fern could just get dunked on by it. 

BUT, I also love the morphology and lore of Clowns VS Mimes, SO i was thinking that Silent honk is just a Skomorph thats been converted, graft, and everything inbetweet so much, that its just become more of a mindless Fuana of both species. 

Shes has TWO attributes: Shes completely silent (except when she honks her good good horn), and she has an endless, endless cloth tongue.

hope you guys like it, i dont know if its still rude for her to share two universes, but????


New commission special! Trying something different.

The gifs will be 500x500px, 300dpi, use 4-8 frames total, and loop seamlessly. All gifs include wiggle lines + one extra animated element. Any more animation will cost extra based on complexity. 

If you want one of these, just send me a message with your paypal info (for invoicing purposes) and a description of what you want.

You can also send an email to madyg@madyg.com


I might add more if I’m feeling jazzed, tho.

 Thanks folks!!


The New York Times Magazine has a new series featuring New York stories by a dozen outstanding comics artists. The intro by Kevin Huizenga is included above, but you should check out the whole series

Includes new comics by Kevin Huizenga, Bill Bragg, Robert G. Fresson, Tillie Walden, Wesley Allsbrook, Bianca Bagnarelli, Sammy Harkham, K. L. Ricks, Tom Gauld, Andrew Rae, Francesco Francavilla, and David Mazzucchelli!


A Present @connorricks , the Dragon Crab!

A Creatures environment can determine how it will evolve, and in this sub-species of Giant Crabs case, it required two evolutionary traits; deception and intimidation. An extended mouth/neck mandible fooled coastal folk for centuries into believing this crab was an actual dragon, and actual dragons fooled as well! Dragons will not invade its shored-territories, thus creating a safe haven for its smaller cousins.

-note. the wings are purely aesthetics, and cannot function. perhaps if they’re modified through magic…


Zoe all formal and aloof like a princess, Thalia with her ratty clothes and her rebel attitude. But there was something similar about them, too. The same kind of roughness. Right now, sitting in the shadows with a gloomy expression, Thalia looked a lot like one of the Hunters.