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Demon Rick Demon Rick Demon Rick Demon Rick DEMON RICK DEMON RICK DEMON RICK ... *composes oneself* Demon Rick x Angel Reader (I know) and I'm not sorry. Demon Rick x Angel reader where Rick has managed to corrupt the female reader. Lots of blood, possessiveness, Rick claiming he is God, angst and other fun things. Please and thank you. You saucy minx you x

(Had to take some liberties here cause I know Angels are actually sexless but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

The Demon was winning and you were letting it happen.

It didn’t make sense, not at first. You were supposed to be the superior being, the harbinger of light, a messenger from God himself. Yet when this creature, the demon named Rick, approached - his forked tongue running along his bottom lip, his abysmal eyes half lidded with vile mischief - you felt something within you stir. And that something was desire.

As an Angel you had never experienced lust, your entire existence having been devoted to serving Him above all others. So when the Demon had grabbed you by the throat, your wings beating uselessly behind you as you scrabbled at his fingers, that alien sensation had confused and frightened you. But when Rick ran his teeth along your cheek, his breath a hot brand on your skin, that distress evaporated. It was replaced with a white fever that suffused your body, made your flesh break out into goosebumps and your eyes flutter closed. Rick read the yearning in your expression and grinned, a sinister curl to his lips.

“I-I thought your kind couldn’t fuck.”

You gasped at the obscenity, at his lack of subtlety, but you couldn’t deny that the word, the mention of that filthy act had struck you at your core. It was if he could translate your intense need, this overwhelming urge to touch him, taste him, and thus planned to exploit it. You had to withstand him.

“We’re just like you, demon. Only we fight on the right side.”

He’d laughed at your pathetic attempt to resist and pressed himself closer. The outline of his cock was hard along your hip and you whined as he rolled it against you.

“Oh, just - just like me? Do you bleed, too?”

There was no time to ask him what he meant before he sank his teeth into your collarbone. You screamed and pushed back, your inhuman strength allowing you to finally wrench free of his grasp. He’d broken the skin, and your white robes were now stained red with blood.

“You’ll pay for that, you infernal hellspawn!”

You flung yourself at him, intending to knock him to the ground, but instead he caught you in his arms and rolled, pinning you beneath him, his thighs kicking your legs apart. There was a shifting of fabric and then he thrust forward, his cock slamming into your wet cunt. It made you arc your back, your mouth falling open as you wailed. It was too big, too much and just enough, this new phenomenon devastating and marvelous. He spoke as he fucked you, his voice low in your ear.

“D-do you want to know why you can’t win this fight, Angel? Because - because He has forsaken you. He looked into your heart and - and He found it lacking. Now, you’re mine.”

Sobbing, you thrashed against him, unwilling to accept what you already knew was true, but you couldn’t deny the pleasure he brought you, the way he split you open with each thrust and how that sweet tension continued to build and build, threatening to tear you apart.

He licked up the side of your neck, leaving a trail of black saliva, his hips never ceasing their rhythm. You writhed and moaned, your wings smashed painfully beneath your combined weight, and right before your release took you, rendered you defiled, unholy in His eyes and thus cast out from paradise for eternity, you heard the demon growl. 

I-I’m your God now, little bird. You serve me. Better start praying.”