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anonymous asked:

deep question: when Regan are invited to a wedding are they the type of couple to buy the cheapest thing on the registry or the type that forget and buy last minute when the only item left is a $300 fork?

Rick is usually the one who takes care of stuff like that, and he would probably do it pretty early on and get something mid-range, while Negan would try (and fail) to convince him to get the cheapest thing on the list.

Because he keeps bugging Rick about it while they’re shopping, Rick tells him that next time he can be in charge of getting the gift. So the next wedding rolls around and Negan puts it off, doesn’t want to go to Bed Bath and Beyond or wherever to try to find a damn waffle iron, so he ends up forgetting until a day or two before the wedding and, in a panic, checks the list and runs to the store and shamefully buys the $300 fork. Rick mercilessly teases him about it, too. “Gee, Negan, you went with such an expensive gift after you gave me such a hard time about it. What happened, where you just feeling generous?”