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We are back this Friday the 13th with a rare two hour long episode.
A lot happened this week and we wanted to tackle it all, so we did.
Everything from Hollywood scumbag Harvey Weinstein and the allegations surrounding him to the new movie trailers that dropped this week and so so much more so grab some snacks and settle in because we the world is a mess and we’re here to help you trek through it.

This week’s intro is Dreezy’s F.D.N. 

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You may experience these symptoms as a direct effect of watching Mockingjay, Part II in theaters: shaking, elevated heart rate, and the urgent desire to keep the epic adventure alive. Fear not, because we’ve rounded up 8 books that will keep the hardcore games, dangerous dystopian worlds, and abundant adrenaline going:

1. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

At least in The Hunger Games you KNOW who you’re supposed to kill, and who’s trying to kill you – imagine the challenges you face when any human you come across might be an extraterrestrial killer.

2. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

When you live in a society where one step out of line could mean the destruction of your world and everyone you love, do you hesitate to fight for what you want the most?

3. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

As a survivor of a blood fever that wiped out a huge part of the population, Adelina belongs to the disenfranchised and discriminated people of her world – but now it’s time to stand up and seek revenge on those who have hurt her.

4. Zodiac by Romina Russell

Instead of being separated by districts, the dwellers in the Zodiac universe live in houses according to horoscope, and it’s up to 16-year-old House Cancer member Rho to warn the rest of the galaxy when an exiled guardian of Zodiac legend comes back to exact revenge.

5. Legend by Marie Lu

June is a prodigy being groomed for success in her government’s highest military circles, and Day is the country’s most wanted criminal – but when they meet, the truth of what has brought them together will change the course of the world as they know it.

6. Matched by Ally Condie

Cassia doesn’t have to make any choices: the Society makes the right ones for her. But a glitch in their Matchmaking ceremony forces her to question whether the life that they’ve planned out for her is the right one.

7. Half Bad by Sally Green

In modern-day England, good witches and bad witches live alongside humans – and Nathan is both. He’s on the run and being hunted from both sides, but where do you turn when there’s no one safe to trust?

8. Dove Arising by Karen Bao

Moon colony-dweller Phaet Theta undergoes brutal training after joining the faceless Militia in order to save her family, but her plan starts to crumble when she realizes that her logically-ordered world is not what it seems.

Together - Richonne Fan Fiction

Richonne Fan Fiction

**This fan fiction piece takes place the night after Season 6, Episode 13–The Same Boat**

Michonne sat up in bed, propped against a pillow, her legs covered by the bed sheets as she read a book. She looked up when she heard Rick close the bedroom door behind him.  She smiled and he did the same as he unbuttoned and slid out of his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head.

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s getting harder to get Judith to sleep lately.”

He shook his head and picked up the armful of dirty clothes to carry to the laundry hamper inside the closet.

“Really?  I never have a problem.” Michonne said, grinning.  

Rick closed the closet doors and turned around with a half- grin and narrowed eyes.  “So what are you implying?”

With an innocent shrug of her shoulders, Michonne shook her head, sending her locs flying around her face.  “Nothing. Nothing at all,” she chuckled.  

Rick dove onto the bed, grabbing her in his arms and tickled her until she begged for mercy.  “Stop, stop, please,” she gasped out between her laughter, as she rolled around on the bed in an effort to squirm away from his tickle attack.

Rick kept an arm around her as he lay on his side next to her on the bed and rested his head in his palm. His smile faded as he stared at her.  He exhaled slowly.  “I’m glad we have this together, you and me. A minute to breathe. It’s been a rough couple of days. “

Michonne nodded her agreement.  It had been a difficult week for them.  After going to take out the Saviors for Gregory and then getting Carol and Maggie back home safely after their abduction, they could use a momentary break from the crazy chaos of the days past.

Rick’s fingers slowly grazed her bare arm as he admired the silky textured deep brown skin. He brought his gaze back to her mahogany colored eyes. “You don’t know how glad I am to have you here with me.”

Rick thought about how panicked he’d been knowing that Carol and Maggie had been abducted.  And if anything like that had happened to Michonne, he knew he’d be utterly devastated. He didn’t even want to think about what he’d do if anything worse happened to her.  If he didn’t have her wise counsel and input when challenges arose, her hands to hold, or her lips to kiss anymore, he’d be a wreck.  

Just then, thoughts of her bare skin touching his naked body invaded his mind. No, he couldn’t do without the certainty of knowing that he’d have her warm body pressed against his every night.

Rick took her hand and lifted it to his lips. He planted a tender kiss there before moving up to kiss her lips. He pulled away and continued. “I couldn’t live with myself if you were taken from me like they were today. “

Michonne stared into Rick’s brilliant, sky blue eyes, his brows furrowed as emotion poured out with his words.  She swallowed back a lump of her own emotion which threatened to break free despite her best efforts.

Rick continued.  “You remember, back when we were at Woodbury, and you told me that I needed you?”

Michonne nodded.

“I did need you then.  But I need you even more, now.  In every way.  So does Carl. And Judith.  And all of the rest of our family. I can’t lose you.  I won’t lose you.” Rick reached up to wipe away the tears that trailed down her cheeks, and tried to fight back his own tears, but failed.  A bittersweet smile lifted the corners of Michonne’s mouth when she saw his moist, reddened eyes.  Michonne touched his face and pulled his head down toward hers to kiss his lips.  

“I know you won’t.  And I won’t lose you either, Rick,” she said when she pulled away, her heart swelling with love and emotion.

Rick stared deeply into her eyes and then averted his gaze, the intensity of what he felt for her overwhelming him. His love for her felt natural in an unnatural world.  A world where the threat of danger was imminent and the likelihood of losing a loved one had become one of the most natural parts of their unnatural world.

But he was doing his best to make Alexandria their safe haven, the place where they felt secure and sheltered from the harsh realities outside of their town’s walls. He’d always wanted security for their entire group, but now he had even more of a reason to work toward preserving this world for them. He lifted his head to look back at Michonne’s earnest eyes.  She wanted this world and this life so desperately, and he wanted to work with her to ensure that they could keep it intact, and that they would thrive. He’d do whatever he had to do to face any threats from anyone who meant them harm, head on.

“You look like you have a lot on your mind,” Michonne said, tilting her head to the side, the way Rick noticed she usually did as she studied him, when she seemed to search for the truth in his face.

“I do,” he admitted.

“Like what?”

“I wouldn’t know where to start, but…”

“But what?” she asked

“One thing I was thinking about,” he said, moving closer to her until their bodies touched, “was how I love you so much.”

Michonne drew in a sharp breath, surprised by his words.  She knew that she loved him and that he loved her, but it felt surreal actually hearing him say the words. Michonne grabbed his hand and laced her fingers with his.  “I love you too. So much more than you could know.”

Heat emanated from their bodies as they lay close to one another drinking in the feel, sight and smell of the other.  Michonne studied his pink lips while thoughts of kissing him again swirled through her head.  And she saw no need to deny herself that desire.  Not anymore. Now that he was hers,  those lips were hers and hers alone. She allowed her lips to drift toward his, and passion took over as their touches turned to caresses and their caresses became frantic groping.

Somehow Rick found the willpower to pull away before he no longer had control over his body’s reaction to the fiery woman beneath him.  “I still need to shower,” he whispered as he smiled down at her.

Disappointment clouded her features momentarily until he added, “You want to join me?”

Her face brightened again as she nodded. “Yeah. But how about we make it a bath?”

Rick wiggled his eyebrows playfully. “Even better,” he said, rising from the bed, taking her hand and giving her another deep kiss before leading her to the bathroom.

We Are Family (Daryl Dixon Imagine)

Imagine:  Can you do one where the reader is pregnant with Daryls baby? – Anon.

A.N: I didn’t wanna follow the usual baby story-line tropes and I tried to avoid them as much as possible. Hope you enjoy! 

Word Count: 2707

          ➴ ➴ ➴

     I could feel it, cold sweats, my stomach churning. This endless nausea has been haunting me for weeks, being in the kitchen was not helping my current predicament. Carol’s eyes burning into the side of my head, nefarious curiosity just edging her closer and closer to me. I caught her eye, and smiled weakly and she rolled hers before adding bacon to the frying pan; within seconds the scent had me ambling for the bathroom. 
     “Y/N?” Carol’s voice came from behind me.
     “Little busy,” I managed to mumble between heaving up my guts. Carol soothed my back, cooing and comforting me over the toilet bowl. Once I had entirely emptied my stomach of what little content it had, I leaned against the wall and wiped at my mouth; pulling a face at the god awful taste that lingered. 
     “You’ve been unwell for weeks Y/N, you’r–” 
     “I’m pregnant, Carol.” I cut her off, not in the mood for her motherly lecture. Her brows raised so high I thought they might just disappear into her hairline and never return. 
     “Does Daryl–” 
     “I’m telling him today,” I didn’t intend on being rude but patience was not my virtue at this current moment in time and I was yet to see her eyebrows return. I laughed. 
     “Y/N… are you sure that’s a good idea?” Her tone wasn’t judgemental, she looked worried, I understood why. Daryl was a lose canon at times but I knew him, I loved him. 
     “Carol. I’m perfectly clear. He needs to know. What do you suggest? Six months down the line I just hobble up to him and tell him then?” I snorted, shaking my head. 
     “No, but he’s going to have trouble coming to terms with this. His Daddy wasn’t exactly good to him.” Carol’s brows returned to their rightful place, only now I wished they’d run off again so I could be done looking at her scowl.
     “Don’t you think I know this? I’m fully aware, I got the memo. I’m his wife remember?” Carol dropped her gaze and sighed.
     “I know, I know… I’m sorry sweetie, I’m just worried okay?” I smiled at her. 
     “I know you are, but trust me. It’ll be absolutely fine.”

          ➴ ➴ ➴

     After breakfast – skipping the cooking process and the bacon altogether – I decided to go help Denise with the medical centre, kill two birds with one stone. 
     “Hey, Y/N.” She smiled over her shoulder at me.
     “Yo,” she was tending to Glenn and Maggie, so I decided to make myself scarce, check out the supplies. 
     “While you’re back there, can you grab me some prenatal vitamins?” Denise called out. I obliged, reading the label and contemplating my need for them too. Handing them over, I smiled at the couple, wondering if Daryl and I would be in a similar situation soon. 
     “We’re running low back there, gonna have to make a trip to Hilltop soon,” I offered the vitamins over and Maggie thanked me. 
     “I’ll come, grab some things for the baby hopefully.” Glenn, always the benevolent being of the group. 
     “Me too.” I added, and Glenn nodded but Denise glanced at me oddly. 
     “Well guys, like I said, try to keep Maggie from doing anything too strenuous but everything so far seems absolutely fine.” 
     “Thank you Denise,” Maggie smiled, squeezing her hand gratefully. 
     “Anytime, if you need me, you know where I am; I do not care what time it is.” She helped Maggie down off one of the beds, and hugged her. 

     After they left, I helped Denise clear up and decided now was better than anytime to tell her the news. 
     “So, I’m pregnant.” Denise almost fell over, eyes bulging out behind her glasses. I couldn’t contain my laughter. 
     “You are?” She straightened out, but the shock was abundantly clear still.
     “Sure as hell. Sneaked a test from the storeroom the other night. Been hurling up everyday for weeks.” I smirked.
     “You seem calm, does Daryl?” 
     “No, but he will, when he gets back from his run with Rick tonight.” I smiled, despite her worried look I could feel her happiness for me, “he’s gonna be different to his Pops, he’s a good man. You’ve seen him with little Judy.” I raised my eyebrows. 
     “I know, but he’s also got a temper to rival yours,” she snickered and I let out a full belly laugh, “well, lets get you checked out.” 
     With the small amount of supplies we had she checked my general health and seemed happy enough, loading me up with prenatal pills and telling me to eat my greens. Throughout the day, she would just stop and stare at me worriedly but I would always wave her off, I understood everyone’s bellyaching but Daryl would never do anything to put me in danger. 

             ➴ ➴ ➴

     It grew late, and my pacing back and forth to the window became boring but Daryl still hadn’t returned from his run and I grew antsy. I just wanted to get this off my chest and be done with the whole thing, excitement bubbling away in my gut – or that could just be nausea, hell who cares? I’m ready.

    The door slammed shut and I hopped up off the bed, hopping down the stairs to see my rumpled redneck husband, covered in grime and dirt, but he was alive and that’s all that mattered to me. My hormones kicked in and I started weeping, so overwhelmed by his mere existence. He threw me a puzzled look. 
     “Wha’s wrong with ya?” Worry bubbling up to the surface. I shook my head, and smiled, walking over to wrap my arms around him tight.
     “I’m just so happy you’re back,” I mumbled into his chest.
     “Weren’t gone too long.” He huffed a small laugh, squeezing me quickly before pulling back; hands on either of my shoulders. Eyeing me up. I decided that with Daryl, it was easier to just rip the band aid off, instead of dragging it out. He’s always been one for honesty and no fancy dancing around the point – and under his scrutiny I wouldn’t last long. 
     “Daryl, I’m pregnant.” I kept calm, my eyes locked on his. He didn’t move for a while, just stared at me, hard, jaw flexing. Stepping back, he rubbed at his beard with his palm, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. I kept quiet, letting him process, not wanting to bombard him. He eyed me up, one last time before turning and walking out the door. I sighed. I knew he wouldn’t shout, he’s past that. I need to let him breathe, he would come back. I know it.

          ➴ ➴ ➴

     Daryl hadn’t returned that night, and according to Rick he hadn’t seen him either, I ignored the leaders questioning gaze for now, deciding to not run around spreading the news while Daryl was still processing. We didn’t need Alexandria rallying around us quite yet.
     I approached Glenn and Maggie by the RV, Rick was talking to them, making a list, he raised a brow at my presence and I shrugged. 
     “Want to help, haven’t been out in a while.” I offered.
     “What about Daryl, is he willing?” Glenn asked and I swallowed, shaking my head. 
     “He’s resting, after the run.” I knew the answer was absurd, Daryl never rested, the man was made of bees, always buzzing about the place. Rick cocked his head, but let the matter rest. 
     “Well, us four – plus Michonne. That should be enough.” Rick added, and with that we piled into the RV. 

     I decided to drive, I needed to avoid Rick’s watchful eyes and some peace to think. Daryl’s bike hadn’t been where he usually kept it, the man was near indestructible but I still worried about his safety. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my stomach churning away, sweat beading on my upper lip. 
     “Oh no,” I breathed deep, trying to remain calm. 
     “What’s wrong? Y/N?” Rick’s voice came to my side, his eyes scanning the road up ahead and not spotting any danger. I pulled over, and his hand came to rest on my shoulder.
     “Y/N?” Maggie now stood behind me, Rick cast them a look and I had to bolt outside to hurl up my insides. It wasn’t long before the others rushed out to check on me, Michonne kindly holding my hair back and Maggie soothing my back. 
     “Fuck,” I stood up straight, tilting my head back and breathing in, “travel sickness is a bitch.” When no one laughed, I looked down at them. 
     “You’ve never been travel sick,” Michonne placed a hand at her hip. 
     “I…” I couldn’t lie to these people, the concerned faces of my family stared back at me and I knew I had to tell them the truth. Daryl would understand. “I’m pregnant.” 

     Before anyone could react a shot fired out at our feet, Rick dove into leader mode and ordered us back into the RV, Michonne stood, guarding me. 
     “Everybody on your knees!” A voice yelled from the treeline. We all stopped, sharing glances and testing the waters. Rick, not wanting to play games, pushed me up the steps into the RV, followed by Maggie before slamming the door shut.
     “Lock it,” he quietly added from the other side. We obliged but felt helpless standing around, watching the scene unfold from inside of the damn tin can. 
     “I said, on your knees,” the scrawny band of merry men made their way out of the woods, weapons aimed at the ready. They didn’t have many men but they managed to outnumber us. 
     Rick remained on his feet, as did Michonne and Glenn, his head cocked and his ego almost getting the better of him. 
     “I don’t think so,” Rick’s menacing tone rung out, causing the merry men to belt out a round of barked laughter. 
     “It wasn’t a question mister,” he spat at Rick’s feet, getting up into his face, “it was an order.” Rick nodded, smirking.
     “Sure, okay,” he looked as if he were about to comply before headbutting the man in the nose, grabbing him in and aiming over the mans shoulder at his group. Michonne stood at the ready, sword drawn and poised. Glenn held his gun, aiming between two of their men. 
     “Now, tell your boys to get on their knees,” Rick ordered.
     “Ain’t doing nothing for you.” The man replied,
     “Okay.” Rick fired at one of his men, killing them before quickly taking out another. The other men attacked, but Michonne quickly took care of one. Glenn was struggling fighting off some before a bolt struck one of the men in the head. Distracting them, Michonne took care the two remaining, leaving Rick with the leader of his now dead pack.
     “Got anymore people we should know about?” Rick asked lowly, and the man shook his head wildly. 
     “Good,” and with that Rick shot the man, letting him drop to the floor. Before eyeing his group, nodding to Daryl’s form approaching from the bushes.

     I scampered to unlock the door to the RV when I saw Daryl approaching, he looked frantically around, until Rick rested a hand on his shoulder, pointing in our direction. Relief visibly washed over my hunter, and he moved fast to open the door and embrace me tightly, picking me up off my feet. Tears trailed down my cheeks.
     “Don’t squeeze me too hard Dixon, I’ll vomit again,” he laughed, as did the rest of our group. He placed me down before doing something he never would usually do – he cupped my cheeks and kissed me hard. Not for long, as he pulled back he playfully pulled a face at the taste of my post puke breath. I laughed and elbowed him. 
     “Leave me alone, it’s your spawns fault,” I smirked.
     “C’mon, we’re losing light and we’re not even halfway to Hilltop,” Rick softly encouraged, before hurrying us into the RV, Daryl to his bike.

          ➴ ➴ ➴

     It was real. I lay in the medical room, goop on my belly, Daryl at my side; arms folded glaring at the doctor, who carefully ran the scanner across my belly. I attempted to reach out to him, but Daryl was too busy feeling nervous and out of his depth. The screen lit up, and the doctor smiled at it, I struggled to make sense of the fuzzy image but it was Daryl that piped up.
     “The fuck am I lookin’ at?” He scoffed, his face a picture of puzzlement. 
     “Gotta agree with him here doc,” I laughed embarrassed but thankful that doctor nodded and proceeded to point out our child in the midst of all the mess. 
     “That… That’s a baby?” I asked, looking up to Daryl to see him chewing at his lip. The doc nodded, offering to print the image before checking everything else over. 

     Hours later, we arrived back home, Rick and the others had shared their congratulations – Maggie and I shared our scans, Glenn and Daryl their brotherly exchanges. Now it was just us, back in our house and Daryl still seemed tense, I gnawed at my lip. 
     “You okay?” I asked gently. He walked over to me, and sat beside me on the bed. Cautiously placing a hand on my leg, squeezing softly.
     “Weren’t mad, you know that right?” He asked.
     “Of course, I understand Daryl, take your time.” He met my gaze, and I smiled and I could’ve swore there were tears in his eyes. “Just, one thing I have to tell you. Daryl. You’re not him, you never have been and you never will be, okay?” He frowned, obviously struggling with the notion. 
     “Ya don’ know that,” he moved to stand and I grabbed his hand.
     “I sure as hell do. I’ve seen you, with Judith – Carl! You love them Daryl, hell, you almost died looking for Sophia back at the farm. Your Father never would have done that.” This stilled him, but he still refused to look at me, I ran my thumb over the back of his hand. 
     “I don’ know how ta be a Dad, Y/N!” He threw my hand away, standing up to pace around our bedroom. “I never no birthdays, no christmas, no nothin’! Got no example to follow.”
     “You have managed to be the caring, smart and protective man I know now, that’s all I ask of you. You’ll figure it out Daryl.”
     “What if I hurt ya? Hurt the kid?!” He was panicking, not yelling but he was frantic. 
     “You’ve not once hurt me or anyone here, what makes you think you would now?” I kept my voice easy and soft, hoping to calm him. He stopped pacing and finally looked at me. “You’re a good person, and you’ll be an even better person when baby Dixon comes along.” 
     “Baby Dixon,” He repeated, staring into nothing.
     “Yep, and Papa Dixon will be the best Daddy around,” I smiled, “they can play with Judy, who will be like a big sister I’m sure to both baby Dixon and Glenn and Maggie’s kid.” 
     “Jesus,” Daryl huffed, although I could feel his mood lightening.
     “No, not him, he’s not invited,” I joked, knowing that wasn’t what he meant.
     “He’d be teachin’ em how to run riot, nah thanks,” he smirked and sat beside me again, this time taking my hand. “Ya really think I can do this?” 
     “I know so Dixon,” and I meant it.
     “Mama Dixon has a nice ring to it,” he kissed the back of my hand and I almost cried. I pulled us back, but instead of him resting on the pillows he lay his head down on my hip, curling up around my legs. Running his hand over my lower belly, he smiled up at me, now nothing could stop the waterworks from pouring out my face. 
     “Why ya cryin’?” He asked, his voice catching, as if he were holding back his own tears.
     “Just, happy. I have you and this,” I signalled to my belly. “I just, even in the apocalypse I’m one lucky lady.” He snorted, before nuzzling my belly and kissing it. 
     “Kid, yer Ma is crazy,” he whispered loudly behind his hand and I laughed, this is all I ever wanted. 

Warning: The 5th Wave movie is going to give you a lot of feelings, the most overwhelming being the need to dive back into a world of danger, high stakes, and the fight for what matters most. Fear not – we’ve rounded up 7 books to read as soon as you leave the theater:

1. The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

The very first thing you need to do after watching The 5th Wave? Dive into the adventure-packed pages of the sequel to find out what happens next. Look out for the final book in the series, The Last Star, which comes out on May 24, 2016! 

Learn more about The Infinite Sea here!

2. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Cassie’s fighting to find her brother in the ruins of humanity, while Laia and Elias are fighting for family and freedom in the cruel Martial Empire. 

Learn more about An Ember in the Ashes here!

3. Dove Arising by Karen Bao

Moon-dweller Phaet Theta has a plan to join the Militia and save her family, but when her logically-ordered world starts to crumble, she’ll have to question everything about the systems around her. 

Learn more about Dove Arising here!

4. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

Just like Cassie, Adelina has to rely on herself – she’s been mistreated because of what makes her different, but now it’s time to take her destiny into her own hands. 

Learn more about The Young Elites here!

5. Zodiac by Romina Russell

Rho’s world is divided into 12 Horoscope Houses, but when the exiled 13th Guardian of Zodiac legend returns to seek revenge, it’s up to her to warn the rest of the galaxy.

Learn more about Zodiac here!

6. Legend by Marie Lu

June is a prodigy in a high military circle and Day is the country’s most wanted criminal, but danger looms around every corner for both of them in the Republic.

Learn more about Legend here!

7. Across the Universe by Beth Revis

What if you were cryogenically frozen expecting to awake on a new planet 300 years in the future, but instead you’re awakened because someone tried to murder you…and you have no idea or why?

Learn more about Across the Universe here!

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