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ohgressfuriosa  asked:

Hello! I'm kind of new Richonne trash and I have only seen season 6 of TWD so far. Now, I have no energy to backtrack all the previous seasons but I was wondering if you could tell me which episodes before S6 that are Richonne highlight episodes? I only need the gems.

Hello @ohgressfuriosa and welcome to the trash can! It’s pretty great when newcomers discover this blessed ship.

I really think you should start from the very beginning. Not for only Richonne but for all the other great aspects of this show.

Nonetheless, here is a breakdown of the episodes I think you should watch that are Richonne heavy/highlighted or that include big moments/subtle moments (I won’t include any S6 episodes since you have seen them already):


3x07 When The Dead Coming Knocking (Very end of 3x06 Hounded as well) - First Meeting + tension + overall dis trustfulness between them

3x09 The Suicide King - Tension between them/Rick continues to look at Michonne sexily

3x12 Clear - Rick and Michonne’s (+Carl) first run together (Alot of people really started to ship them together in this episode except me, I started to ship them at their first meeting but I digress)

3x16 Welcome To The Tombs - Rick really turns on his up/down thang he does + flirting between them + Michonne becoming ‘one of them’


4x01 30 Days Without An Accident - Michonne gets Rick a ‘gift’ + overall cute Rick/Michonne/Carl scene

4x08 Too Far Gone - Michonne captured/Michonne rescues Rick from the Governor

4x09 After - Rick, Michonne & Carl centric episode literally/Michonne finds Rick and Carl and is very emotional about it (feels)

4x11 Claimed - Another episode that’s heavy Rick/Michonne/Carl. More sexy looks between Rick and Michonne/
Michonne/Carl supply run/overall bonding between the three

4x15 Us - Very cute Rick/Michonne/Carl scene close to the beginning of the episode/Rick having his best smile of the series so far looking at Michonne and Carl interacting

4x16 A - Rick/Michonne/Carl bonding even more/bad guys finding them and they’re pushed to their limits to save themselves/Rick seeing Michonne/Carl hugging + being in sort of awe of it/them basically being together throughout the entire episode.


5x01 No Sanctuary - This episode overall is probably my favorite episode ever in The Walking Dead. And not even for the Richonne moments. Just the overall tone of the episode was pure epicness. With regards to Richonne, there are a few scenes including Rick and Michonne sharing a ‘look’ in the train car, them fighting alongside each other + Grimes Family 2.0 reunion.

5x02 Strangers - Rick and Michonne go on a run together (others are there as well) + more bonding after the run with Rick asking Michonne about her sword (kinda like a ‘getting to know you’ convo (lol)), them basically just opening up to each other. Them sitting next to each other in the church + admiring Judy

5x03 Four Walls And A Roof - Not many Richonne moments but a great episode + they are both a part of the group that handles the enemies

5x07 Crossed - Rick and Michonne practically acting like a married couple making decisions + more looks + Rick entrusting Michonne to protect his kids while the other group goes to save Beth.

5x09 What Happened And What’s Going On - Rick and Michonne are in the group going to Noah’s residence + sitting next to each other in the car + slight and subtle arm graze in one scene + arm touch in another + Michonne convincing Rick to go to Washington + whipped!Rick makes an appearance + Rick saving Michonne from a walker.

5x11 The Distance - Wow, what can I say. This episode is basically a Richonne episode with extras in the background. Michonne making plans for him and the group (basically whipped!Rick makes an appearance again) + Rick and Michonne talk outside by and on the car with Rick seeking her counsel (I’m emotional about this just typing it up) (2 separate times) + Rick and Michonne in the car together (with Glenn and Aaron) on the way to Alexandria + Grimes Family 2.0 riding together in the car to Alexandria.

5x12 Remember - Michonne seeing Rick’s face shaved for the first time + light flirting + both can’t sleep and are awake in the middle of the night, light shoulder touch.

5x13 Forget - Rick and Michonne’s first day as constables + sexily looks between them at the beginning of the episode + rest is crap…for reasons.

5x15 Try - Michonne is forced to knock some good sense into Rick (who was literally going off the deep end) at the very end of the episode.

5x16 Conquer - Michonne watches Rick all night after his tirade + they have a good talk + Rick finally tells Michonne the truth about the guns + Rick basically saying Michonne could literally stop him if she asked + Rick continues to look Michonne up and down all sexily (I will never get over it) + Michonne basically telling him she will always be with him, will be a ride a die for him + hand grazing + Rick looking like a puppy + Michonne standing up for Rick at the Exile Meeting.

That about sums it up. I tried to incorporate all their big moments and even the subtle ones. This is really just off the top of my head, so I hope I didn’t miss anything. Anyway, I hope you enjoy their journey and the progression through the seasons!