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Vaporwave Rick taking a big break at a bar across the ‘verse

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Sipping coffee in his underwear is not what you expect upon entering the Smith kitchen.

Rick had been missing from bed, but that’s typical - you scarcely stay the night for this reason. He’s not much for affection or sticking around after a good fuck, and you like to sleep in your own familiar surroundings, so the setup provides little contact in the weird twilight hours where night and morning are indistinguishable. But here he sits, looking blearily at you in the dark over a chipped mug. You get some water and lean against the counter, watching him in the fuzzy dimness of a kitchen lit only by moonlight through a window a light above the stove. Music comes through on a beat-up radio Rick usually keeps in the garage.

“Coffee? This, uh… late? Early?”

Rick swirls the mug and winks. “It - it’s half rum.”

You smile and sway a little to the song, afraid to speak much more lest you ruin the mood. It feels surreal. Rick feels… calm.

He stands and turns the volume dial up just enough that you recognize he song, something sweet, old-fashioned. Rick sets his mug down and saunters over to you with a soft, lop-sided grin and takes your hands. He drapes you around his shoulders and pulls you in by the waist, tilting his head to look down at you. You let him lead you in slow circles and resist the pull to kiss him. He does it, anyway, nudging you underneath the chin and pressing tender ghosts of kisses against your lips, up over the bridge of your nose and over your eyelids, thumb caressing the curve of your waist.

When the song ends, Rick holds you for another moment before pulling away and giving your ass a little tap.

“Finish your water and - and go back to bed. I’ll be up soon.”


based on this imagine

Rick and the others are barely themselves as they come back the next morning. Of course you notice that a few of them are missing, but you think they stayed at the Hilltop.
“Hey, rough night?” You ask and getting closer with your crutches. “Are Maggie and the baby ok?”

A ridiculous injury from when you attacked the outpost. A bullet streaked your leg and hurt the muscle, but it’s gonna be ok.
The only thing that bothers you is that you couldn’t go with Maggie

“Negan?” Rick chokes out.
Confused by the question you frown before realization seeps through your mind and you notice the traces of cried tears on their cheeks. And also the blood in Rick’s face looking like human and not walker blood. Instantly your heartbeat increases and your mouth goes dry.
“What happ..”
You get cut off as Rick throws himself on you, his face distorted with rage as he drags you to the ground, grabbing after your shirt collar. Your face collides with the ground, bursting the skin open.
“Rick!” Michonne shrieks in panic and pulls him away from you with the help of the others.
Disbelief spreading in you as the wound on your leg opens again and warm blood moistens your pants, leaving a numb pain there. Carl comes closer, his face hardened as he helps you up. The blue eye looks irritated, but you’re not.
You know that the secret wishes that Negan wouldn’t be the same person like from your past didn’t fulfill.
“You know him! You know him!” Rick shouts and you stumble back from the broken hate in his voice.
“I..I.” You start desperately, lost at words. “I didn’t know it was him. I thought he died. Rick, you’ve to believe me.”
But he doesn’t and obviously the others also have troubles to do so. At least Rick seems to calm down, tears now pooling in his eyes as he comes closer to you, Michonne still standing by his side.
“H-he beat them to death, Gl-Glenn ‘nd Abraham a-and took Daryl..” A sob leaving Rick’s throat. “With a bat.. a bat called after you. Wh-why?”
It feels like someone give you a hit on the head as you try to handle the new informations while staring at Rick in disbelief. A bitter well known taste makes it way from your throat up to the mouth and you start choking.
You can’t speak as you walk backwards, afraid to ask what happened to Maggie and Sasha, making your way to one of the empty houses.

The whole day you’re not able to leave the house. You didn’t even took care of the wounds, just sitting on the floor with your arms wrapped around the knees.
You deserve every bit of pain, because you didn’t allow thought about the possibility that the Saviors leader could be your Negan.
Stupid, when you think about it.
Negan isn’t a very popular name and now two of your friends are dead.
As the sun goes down you’re finally standing up, your bones making a nasty crack sound and you’ve to groan in pain. Quietly, even when it’s not necessary, you’re leaving the house and making sure that no one is around as you stumble towards the gate.
They probably sit together in Gabriel’s church and… you don’t allow yourself to think about it. Think that you’re maybe not a part of this group, of this family anymore.

“Where are you going? Rick said that..”

“Don’t pretend that you give a shit about what Rick said.” You interrupt Spencer and he instantly shuts his mouth. “Just open the gate.”

Spencer frowns, upset about the fact that you called him out, but nods a second later.
“Hey, will you come back?” He asks and you just give him a short shrug.
Like Carol before you take one of the spiked cars, ignoring that your heartbeat increased to a maximum as you slide in the car.
Haphazardly you start driving around before taking the route towards the satellite outpost of Negan. A few cars standing around and you’re knowing that they’re watching you.
Slowly, with arms raised in surrender, you get out of the car.
“I’m, uh, Andrea from Alexandria. I need to talk to Negan.” You shout in the emptiness and step forwards.
You can’t give them your real name, the risks are too high that they come to the same conclusion as Rick and the others. Or that you want to kidding them.
It doesn’t come unexpectedly as they jump out of their hide outs and push you to the ground, right with the face in the dirt. Someone’s digging his knee in your back and you hold back a gasp, guns are instantly aiming at your head.
A warning - like you’d start any second a suicide command.

“You must be really brave to c'mere.. or really stupid.”

“A little bit of both, I guess.” An unamused chuckle leaving your mouth as you look up to the man with the mustache.
“Mh.” He nods, giving you a wide grin as he makes a wave with his hand. “Get her up. Think Negan wants to meet her.”
You’re not sure about this.
But anyway a relieved smile flashes over your face as they drag you up and mustache-man makes a harsh grab for your chin, inspecting you.
A thought running through your mind that Negan would beat the out of him for touching you like this. Or, at least the old Negan would.
“Yeah, Negan definitely wants to meet you.”

It’s a little bit ridiculous that a van full of armed men think it’s necessary to tie you up like a package. And put a sack over your head.
But the feeling fades and gets replaced by nervousness which creeps like ice through your veins. Also your stomach turns by the thought that you’ll meet him in a few minutes, leaving a bitter trail of bile on your tongue.
Even when you can’t imagine that he’ll kill you after calling his weapon of choice after you.
If you should be honest in the end you don’t care about the killing part.
It’s the how-will-my-husband-react part.
Thickly swallowing you notice that the van stopped and the doors open before pulling you out of the trunk.
“What’s that? An early birthday gift?” Negan’s voice reaching your ears and a cold shiver rolls down your spine.
‘Your birthday is in July.’ You want to yell as someone opens the ties around your ankle.
It’s September when you count the days and months correctly.
“She’s from Alexandria, wanting to talk to you.” Mustache aka Simon says and you hear Negan chuckle.
Similar to yours earlier, but nothing alike to the one you know from the past.
“Well, that’ll be fucking interesting.”
A familiar scent tingles to your nose as he’s grabbing your upper arm and guides you towards his home. He seems to be still the gentleman he was as he’s walking slowly with you. But you barely feel your injured leg, every muscle is tense and you’re afraid for the moment when he takes the sack from your head.

Whispering voices, wondering who you are and what you’re doing here, following you as Negan guides you down- and then upstairs and through long hallways.
“Tell Carson I need him later, want him to take a look at her leg.” Negan says and someone gives him a short ‘yes, sir’.
“You bring her to one of the cells?” Simon asks, his voice closer than you thought from his quiet steps.
“Nah, not with her injury. Let’s being some bunch of nice fucks and give her one of the empty rooms.” Negan responds and Simon snorts amused.
Your palms getting wet and your heart jumps in the throat as a door opens and Negan letting you sit down on a bed.
In fact you’re getting the full anxiety attack.
“Let’s look at you.” He mumbles and pulls the sack from your head.
For a moment there’s nothing, but silence while you blink against the brightness and then your eyes meet.
“Boss?” Simon asks irritated as Negan doesn’t move, just staring like he saw a ghost.
“Out.” He mumbles and before Simon can ask again Negan turns to him. “I said get the fuck out!”
Wincing you watch how Negan follows his man and slams the door closed, leaning against it with a heavy pant. The mood is tense as he’s still turned to the door and his shoulders move up and down like he’s crying.
Suddenly you aren’t sure anymore if he’ll not just turn around smash your head in.
“Damn wife.” He finally faces you and your eyes fill with disbelief, because he’s laughing. “You better be fucking joking.”

i have this headcanon that when the western civilization was in england centuries ago, that means the gods lived there and probably have kids right. hecate had four children, godric gryffindor, salazar slytherin, rowena ravenclaw and helga hufflepuff and i dont even know why

Requited [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Could I please request a fic where the reader is Daryl’s sister, and her and Rick fall for each other, but neither one is sure what to do about it because it might make things awkward, until one day, one of them (pref. Rick, but however you wanna do it works, too!) decides enough is enough and just goes for it, kisses the other and smut (and maybe fluff at the end?) ensues. XD Thank you !

Here you go, anon! Hope you like it! 💛

Warnings: romantic smut, unprotected sex, fluff

Words: 1,244

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Rick x Reader

Summary: Carl overhears rick and reader having rouhg kinky sex and Rick has to calm him down

Warning: daddy kink, spanking, smut

Originally posted by sprmint-bkgsoda

You watched the sweat dripped down Ricks muscular arms as he carried supplies from the truck to the storage room. It was a hot day, and you took advantage of that by watching Rick sweat in the heat, it was always a sexy sight. You saw him look over at you as you sat on your porch. You sent him a grin and he knew what you were thinking. After he brought the remaining box of supplies to the room he approached you.

“You not gonna help?” he asked, trying hard to be stern with you but you could see past his act. He placed his hand on his hip and used the other to wipe the sweat from his brow.

“Nope. I’d rather sit here and watch you suffer in this heat” you giggled, knowing your reply would cause some sexual tension.

Rick looked down and laughed, shaking his head. “I’m glad you said that” he lowered his voice. “I’ll remember that when I make you suffer tonight” he winked at you, sending heat straight between your legs.

You smirked as you watched him turn away and continue bringing in the supplies. You and Rick had a weird relationship going on. You weren’t together, but you would often have sex and no one knew about it. To everyone else, you were just Rick’s really good friend, but to Rick, you were his dirty little girl. Yes, you were much younger than him, but the age gap just turned you both on even more and it made the sex that much better.

“Is anyone here?” You asked Rick as you slipped through the front door.

“Judith’s with Carol and Carl is sleeping over at Ron’s, we got the house to ourselves baby girl” Rick replied, walking over to your and sliding his hands along your waist, giving it a hard squeeze.

“Let’s get started then” you said as you slowly dropped your nightgown to the floor, leaving you in only your lace panties and black bra. You grinned at Rick as you watched his eyes roam over your body, tracing out all your curves and then finally landing on your eyes.

“You’re a real tease (Y/n)” he growled, moving closer to you but you put a hand out to stop him. You said nothing as you turned around and walked up the stairs, making sure to swing your hips as you went. You reached halfway up the stairs and turned to Rick.

“You coming?”

You didn’t have to say anything as Rick practically ran forward, playfully chasing you upstairs. When you arrived in his room Rick shut the door behind him and grabbed you close to him, making you feel his erection press against your thigh.

“Is all this for me?” you asked, grabbing his bulge through his pants and massaging it. He groaned at your touch but pushed you down on the bed hard.

“Don’t forget who’s in charge” he said, chuckling at your attempt to take control.

He crawled on top of you, his hands at either side of your head like a cage as he hovered his body above yours. “Who’s in charge?” he asked, a grin spreading across his face.

You refused to answer, only making him more persistent to take control. “I see how you wanna play it” he said, starting to bite at your neck hard. You moaned and moved your hands up to touch him but he grabbed your wrists and pinned them to the bed.

“Not until you say who’s in charge princess”

You let out a sigh at his nickname for you and he moved further down your body, biting at any piece of flesh he could. He reached your lace panties and he looked up at you with hungry eyes. Rick brought your arms down so he could still keep them pinned down while he worked his magic. He bit at your panties and swiftly removed them from your body and you kicked them to the floor. You wanted him to do this so badly. He pressed his lips against your fold and opened his mouth, letting his tongue explore your sensitive parts. You squirmed under his touch, letting out moans every time his tongue dipped into you.

“Shit Rick, carry on!” you cried out, arching your back as you felt your orgasm getting closer.

He looked up at you as you struggled to control yourself. As the words left your mouth he immediately drew away and looked down at you.

“What did you say?” he asked

You panted at the loss of contact and closed your legs together, trying to get the release you wanted.


“That’s not my name baby girl” he growled in your ear, finally letting go of your wrists.

You tried hard to hold back the name he wanted you to say. You knew that if you said it you would lose to his dominance, but you wanted him to touch you again so badly. You brought yourself up on your elbows so your faces were a little closer and you whispered in his ear.


You licked the side of his face and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He flipped you onto your stomach and pulled you up onto your hands and knees. He was undoing his belt buckle but you kept pushing your ass up against him to tease him.  You looked behind to see his reaction and he was smirking at you.

“You still trying to get in control baby?” he asked, his voice filled with arousal as he finally pulled his jeans down, his boxers the only thing keeping him from thrusting in you.

You bit your lip at him and nodded your head, knowing what was going to come next. Rick grabbed a chunk of your hair in his hand and pushed your head forward, forcing you to look at the head board.

“You want me to do this, don’t you? You dirty girl” he said before you felt his hand land on your ass. You jumped at the pain but it only turned you on even more, you loved when Rick was dominant like this, and you loved teasing him even more.

He spanked you two more times before rubbing your now red cheek. “You gonna behave now?”

“Yes daddy” you said, trying to contain your excitement.

“Good girl” Ricks hand left your hair and you finally looked back at him to see him taking his boxers off. He smirked at you when he saw you looking and he suddenly pushed into you, making you jump forward.

“Shit, that spanking got you so wet” Rick said, continuing to thrust into you.

You moaned as he was hitting your g-spot over and over and his fingers dug into your hips. “fuck daddy!”

Rick grunted at your words and thrusted in harder.


You heard a voice by the door and you quickly looked to the side and then back at Rick. “Carl?” Rick shouted out, trying to keep his vice steady. Rick pulled out of you and you quickly brought the covers over your body as he pulled his jeans on.

“Carl” Rick opened the door and Carl stood in shock, staring at you in the bed and then back at his dad.

“Daddy?” Carl asked, questioning the name you gave Rick. Shit, he must have heard you guys.

“I thought you were at Ron’s” Rick said.

“I was, but I came back to grab something.”

Both father and son stood silent and you looked down at your hands, cringing at how awkward the situation was.

“Well I guess I’ll go then, I don’t wanna interrupt whatever crazy shit was going on before I came” Carl said, spite oozing from his words.

“Carl!” Rick shouted as his son walked away. “Wait here” he turned to you and he left the room.

“Don’t bother dad” Carl said as he walked to the front door.

Rick grabbed his arm and turned him around. Carl avoided eye contact and looked at the floor instead.

“I know you must be a little confused” Rick started.

“I’m not confused. I know what was going on in there, I just don’t think you should be doing it”

Rick placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head. “What do you mean?”

“How can you just forget about mom like that?”

Rick went silent and looked down to the floor. He would never forget about Lori, ever. She was his first ever love and he would never forget it.

“It’s not like that Carl. You mom is with me every day, I could never forget her. I’ve just found someone who makes me feel the way she did”

“If she made you feel so special then how can someone else make you feel that way?”

Rick opened his mouth to answer but Carl cut him off. “Don’t answer that dad, just do what you have to do, I’m going back to Ron’s”

Carl turned around and walked out the house, slamming the door shut behind him. You slowly came walking down the stairs, your night gown wrapped around your body. Rick sighed and placed his finger and thumb on the bridge of his nose, clearly stressing out about this.

“I should probably head home” you said quietly, going to walk past him.

“(Y/n) he’ll be fine-”

“Rick he’s your son, he should come first before me. I’ll go and when he comes back tomorrow talk to him properly”

Rick looked down and nodded his head. “You’re right.” He walked towards you and gave you a tight hug before you left.

You’re a monster!

Summary: Reader is terrified by Negan and Negan finds the reader very attractive.

word count: 1021 words

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, mentions of Glenn’s death (sorry guys) 

TWD Neagan Imagine #1

I refused to open my eyes and look at the monster in front of me. I felt a presence in front of me. “Come on darling open your eyes and look at me.” I cringed at his voice. I can’t do it, not after what he did to Glenn. I’ll never be able to forget what had happened. The way Glenn looked will forever haunt me. “Fucking look at me.” I opened my eyes to look at the monster in front of me. He pointed Lucile at me and smirked when I flinched. “You know darling you are very fucking beautiful.” He said. I looked at him with hatred. He didn’t seem to be shocked when I looked at him like that. “Come on darling don’t look at me like that.” He said with a serious look. I rolled my eyes. “How am I supposed to look at you?!?” I asked. “With loving eyes of course. You are gonna be my new wife after I’m done here.” He said. “Fuck off! I would never and I mean NEVER FUCKING BE YOUR WIFE!!!” I yelled but made sure to scream the last part. “(Y/N)! Calm down we can’t lose you.” Rick said strangely calm. I turned my head towards him and glared. “Calm down?!?” I asked through clenched teeth. I let out a chuckle. “ How can you be clam when there is a fucking monster standing right in front of us?” I asked Rick. “Look I know your scared and upset but we need you to keep calm we can not lose you too. Glenn wouldn’t want you to get yourself killed.” Rick said. Really that’s how you’re gonna end that whole we cant lose you thing Rick?!? “Scared and upset?!?!” I asked and laughed in anger. “That’s a fucking understatement. I’m fucking terrified and devastated. You guys cant lose me, don’t make me laugh. I’m used the same way you guys used Glenn. That’s why you cant lose me because with out me you have no one else dumb enough to even attempt half the stuff me and Glenn have done for this fucking group.” I said angrily. I looked away from Rick and looked at the ground. “Wait why are you terrified?” Negan asked me. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re a monster! I’ve seen nothing in this world worse then you. You would think I would be terrified of the real monsters that roam the fucking streets but no here I am fucking terrified of another human being.” I said while looking up at him. He looked shocked but he made sure to cover it up with his usual smirk. “well we just lost (y/n).” I heard Carl mumble. I snapped my head in his direction and glared at him. He looked at me shocked that I had actually heard him . I was about to say something only to be interrupted by Negan laughing. Okay maybe I am a goner. “Wow! I like her. She actually speaks whats on her fucking mind and she doesn’t even give a fucking care in the world.” Negan said with a smirk. I looked at him with annoyance. “Of course I don’t fucking care. Why should I care when I nothing to lose.” I said with no emotion. Everyone in the group looked shocked at what I had said.  There really was no point to care when I don’t have a reason to now. The only reason i cared was now dead with a bashed in skull on the ground. Before this whole apocalypse thing happened I was Glenn’s adopted little sister. When the apocalypse began Glenn made me promise him that I would keep fight for as long as I can. My will to fight has gone away as soon as Glenn took his last breath. Negan just stared at me and then turned away.  I looked at the ground and waited for my fate. All of a sudden I felt hands grab my arms and pull me to my feet. “Let go of me!” I screamed. But it fell upon deaf ears because the person who grabbed me ignored my scream. I looked at the group and they were staring back me with fear. I started crying, There is no why I’m going with that monster. “Please let me go!!” I screamed out. “Will you fucking calm down.” Negan said to me. He turned me around to face him and stared at me. I tried to look away but he grabbed my chin and made me look back at him. He just kept staring at me and wouldn’t look away but why. he finally turned away. “Look darling… I can tell that your hurt about the whole me killing a member of your group thing b-” I cut him off. “He was my brother..” I whispered. Silent tears were still streaming down my cheeks. “What?” He asked me. “You killed my brother. He wasn’t just a member of the group.” I said loud enough for him to hear. “Oh fuck. Well look I know you must hate me darling.” Negan said. “That’s a understatement.” I mumbled. He stayed quiet for a second and sighed. “Look is there any fucking thing I could do to make you not hate me. I don’t want any of my wife’s to hate me.” He said calmly. I sighed and looked away from. “Well you should of thought about this before killing my brother.” I said quietly. He sighed again and grabbed my arm and put me on the passenger side of a jeep. “Simon come over here and watch her while i finish up business!” He yelled. He walked away and a creepy looking guy walked over to me. I laid my head against the head rest of the seat and let out a long sigh.

(A/N~ So I’m thinking a part 2. If you would like a part 2 please let me know.)

Bar Sinister (pt 1)

Summary: You make a deal with Negan to save your friend Daryl’s life. But when you can’t give Negan the child he wants, you ask Daryl to help make it happen.

Pairings: Daryl x Reader, some Negan x Reader

Chapter: 1/?

Word Count: 2,020

Warnings: Language, threats of violence

It was stupid of Daryl to return to Alexandria. You knew it. Rick knew it. Everyone knew it. But fuck if he wasn’t a stubborn asshole. Even Rick couldn’t talk him round. You knew there’d been no chance of him staying at The Kingdom in the middle of their endless LARP game but you thought he’d at least have the sense to go to the Hilltop.

But he hadn’t. He’d come back to the place he felt he never fit in. He’d come home, to the house you shared with him. It was quieter now, with Eugene and Carol gone, Maggie at the Hilltop and Glenn… well, you were glad to have Daryl back.  He didn’t talk about what happened with Negan – of course he didn’t – but you could see that whatever it was had taken a massive toll on him. He’d stayed strong and fought Negan relentlessly but there was an exhaustion to him. A loneliness.

He should’ve gone to the Hilltop. The thing he needed most right now was Maggie’s forgiveness.

But he was here.

And the familiar sound of Lucille banging against the gates told you that Negan was here too.

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Issues- Part Three

Negan x you

When the saviors turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 2,178

Read previous parts- HERE

I posted part two yesterday so incase you missed it please check the link above :) <3

Part three

Rosita opened her big mouth.

Ever since Abraham had been killed she was different. She didn’t seem to care about anyone else anymore. Held no compassion or emotions.  Revenge was the only thing on her mind.

Rick stood there. Glaring at me, his nose doing that stupid flaring thing, as Michonne held him back.

Did she think he was going to hit me or something? Was he capable? Probably.

“I won’t ask again y/n what happened?” He was growling. Now who was the wild animal huh?

“Rick” Michonne spoke “Calm down”

“What does it even matter?” I gave in and finally spoke. This was ridiculous.

“Did he touch you?” He asked.

“Oh my god Dad no!” I shook my head and turned to look outside the window as the sun began to rise. 

They were due back today “Nothing like that” he did kind of offer though. I discreetly smiled at the thought bitting my lip. I would of fucking let him if he had tried. Fuck  

In all honestly for the last two days I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what had happened in this very room. 

That man was like some kind of a mythical being. Like someone those horny women write about in those books your Grandma used to hide under her blanket and read when she thought no one was looking. You know the ones with no shirts on the cover and that the stupid long flowing hair?

I had never known anyone like him really. I was intrigued and that was dangerous.

He was dangerous. 

I wanted to know more… feel more. I just wanted more.

A part of me was excited that he would be coming back today. This was just all so wrong. What was wrong with me?

“Y/n I need you to tell me exactly what happened right now” he shouted. I’m sure everyone could hear him in their homes all waiting to hear what was going to happen. His temper was not going to do any good “Please

Spinning around I shouted back just as loudly, so everyone could hear too. He wouldn’t have to bother telling anyone “Nothing happened” I threw my arms in the air “He asked me to make him a lemonade, told me you didn’t respect him, that he knew you were up to something and that he’d be back in two days, today to get the stuff”

“What did you tell him?” he eyed me with that fucking look he used to give Mum.

“I don’t have anything to tell anyone” I blurted out honestly “You tell me fuck all and we all know why!”

“Y/n” he said my name softer. But he knew he treated me differently. My brother who was ten years younger had more respect than I did from the man.

“Enough of this!” I stomped out of the house, down the stairs and towards the gate. I knew I was acting like some grumpy teenager and not someone in their twenties.
Fuck all of this I should of said yes and gotten out of here when I had the chance. This place isn’t my home anymore. Truth be, it probably never was. I was fooling myself.

I could hear him calling my name from the house. But ignored it only to come to a stop when I reached the gate. Had this place always been so small?

There she was Rosita big mouth.

She was watching me and I just glared at her before flipping her off. Fucking bitch. Just couldn’t keep her mouth shut could she?

I had to move away from her. I needed to get out of here. But I didn’t want to miss him. Fucking hell.

What was I even doing?

This was all so wrong.

I spent the next few hours aimlessly wondering around the compound we were in. Afraid to leave and afraid to come face to face with daddy dearest. Why did he have to hate me so much? I never did anything to warrant it.  

He was the one who cheated on Lori and got my Mum pregnant when he was so young, before they got married. None of this is my fault.

Maybe I should just say yes today.

“Yes” I tested the word on my lips. It didn’t sound so wrong.

I knew that if I did say that one world that would be it. There was no possible way Negan would just let me come back here after going to his Sanctuary. I could just turn around and lead everyone there. I wouldn’t but he didn’t know that.

They would never look at me the same way here. I would not be welcome. Alexandria would be over for me.

Imagine finally getting away from this and be free of that man who calls himself my Dad but has never once been one, to me at least.

Was Negan really the better option though? He was a semi kind of psychopath.


I had to stop thinking about this. It wasn’t going to do any good at all.

“THE SAVIORS ARE HERE!!” It was like déjà vu. Rosita’s voice filled the air and my breath caught in my throat. Was he really here?

Smiling I made my way to the front gate.

There was something wrong with me.

I should not be smiling because the damn saviours were here.

They owned us now.

Nothing was ours anymore.

I was actually happy that the Saviors were here? I bet thats never happened before.

“Y/n get out of here” Rick shouted pointing towards the wall.

“Theres no point” I told him. Negan knew I was here and me not being would only bring up more questions. Especially as I told him I never really left.  

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jesus disappear over the wall. He arrived last night, wanting to see Rick and to tell us that Enid, Carl and Judith were at the Hilltop and would stay there for a few days.

I could tell Rick was grinding his teeth in annoyance as he carried on towards the two trucks pulled in through the now open gates. Two.. not three as there had been before but he didn’t say another word or even look in my direction.

He wasn’t here.

One of his men came out and greeted Rick.

I remembered seeing him when I was pulled around by that arsehole who had left the blackest hand shaped bruise I had ever had on my skin.

Apart of me was disappointed. All of me.

Why wasn’t he here?

Maybe he hadn’t felt the tension between us that I had. Maybe it was all in my head?

Maybe his offer wasn’t a real thing.. maybe be regretted saying it and didn’t want me to actually say yes.

“Fuck this!”

Rick turned to me so fast I thought his head was going to come flying off.

“Something Wrong?” The man he was talking to asked. He kind of had a smile like his. Negan’s.

“Oh ummm” I awkwardly rubbed my neck “No nothing sorry” I smiled.

“Okay then” he winked before turning back to Rick who was watching me with something I had never seen in his eyes before.

As soon as they leave I am getting out of here. I needed some air.


It was pitch black and I hadn’t made it back to Alexandria yet. Fuck.

The sound of a walker in the distance made me freeze until It moved far enough away that I could carry on my journey back. I have a knife but avoiding was the better option when it was this dark outside.

I had never meant to go out as far or for as long as I had, I just walked and it just happened.

Honestly now Judith was safe at Hilltop I’m pretty sure no one had even noticed I wasn’t around. Daryl was the only one who would of, he always made the effort but he wasn’t around anymore either.

I hope he’s ok.

That wherever Negan has put him he’s safe, as safe as he can be at least.

God I hope so.

I owed that man my life after he saved me. He always knew when something was on my mind.

Sneaking back over the wall I became aware that they weren’t alone. Someone was here. The Saviors.

“Whats going on?” I slowly and as silently as possible snuck down and let out a shaky breath when my feet finally touched the grass.

As I snuck behind one of the houses, I looked around the corner carefully, not wanting to be spotted, everyone was out in the road once again.

There he was, Negan, standing by the pool table. Why was that out here? In the middle of the street?

“THERE THEY ARE” He shouted angrily. A shiver shot down my spine as his voice bit through the air that suddenly felt static “YOU DID HAVE GUTS” moving a bit further I saw someone fall the floor into a pile of blood? Oh my god. It was Spencer “I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GOD DAMN WRONG IN MY WHOLE LIFE!”

“Oh my god” I started breathing heavily. This was the man they had spoken about. He was like a Jekyll and Hyde.  The man I had been in the room with was not this person here right now. This was the animal they had talked about.

Suddenly a shot sounded through the air and I instinctively dropped to the floor. Covering my ears. Who did that?

A lot of commotion happened but I couldn’t look anywhere but at him. 

He was angry though. 

So fucking angry. 

Angrier than he had been even a second a go when he had killed. What had Spencer done?

Oh my god.

It was both scary and something…. else. Something I was too scared to even think of let alone admit, even to myself. 

Rick’s voice started to speak but was quickly shot down by Negan.

This wasn’t good.

Who was shot?

Who made the shot?


A second shot rung out but I stayed where I was with my ears covered, not taking my eyes off of him. I didn’t want to hear what was happening right now. What was I going to do? I could just sneak out again. No one knew I was here. No one knew I knew what was happening.

But he was here.

I wanted to see him no matter how wrong that was.

Jesus I know how fucking messed up that was.

But this was the world we lived in now. Any true civilised people had died out. 

They were weak in this World. 

You had to be smart.

Negan was smart.

When you think about it he was probably one of the smartest people left.

Shakily I stood up and uncovered my ears.

Looking at the scene once again I saw Negan and his anger was palatable. I could feel it on my own skin even at the distance I was, I couldn’t imagine how it must of felt to be as close to him as everyone else was.

I’d say she did some major damage!”

“Negan” Rick pleaded “We can..”

“Shut the fuuuuuuuuuck up” Negan laughed somewhat calming down from his earlier outburst “Simon” he shouted to the guy who had been here earlier “Get them on their knees NOW!”

People started gasping and crying. The last time he had people on their knees he had used Lucille to kill two of them. This isn’t good.

I couldn’t let this happen. But what could I do?

‘Offers there anytime y/n. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime’  that line had been going through my head for two whole days. Over and over again. Non stop.

“The thing is Rick you and your people don’t seem to listen” he pointed the bat, Lucille at him as he spoke leaning backwards so far anyone else would of fallen over “I have done nothing but give you a mother fucking service!! Your boy broke into one of my vans, shot a bunch of my men and I bring him home, not a fucking scratch on him! I even fed him some fucking spaghetti and this bitch shot Lucille trying to kill me and Arat took out the fat girl and thats got to save you a hell a lot of food commmeeee onnn!”  Olivia? She was dead? Oh my god. What the hell did he say Carl did?

“We’re sorry” Rick was practically grovelling and it was pathetic to see.

Someone or ones was about to get killed again. I couldn’t let that happen. I would not stand by and watch. Despite everything I couldn’t.

Fuck fuckidy fuck

Without giving myself a chance to back out I walked forwards, holding my hands in the air making my way into the clearing, praying no one would shoot.

Negan!” every pair of eyes flashed towards me.


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Rick smut!!

(Request 1: Hey. I really love your page and writing (definitely my fave lol)!!! Could you do a rick x reader smut after they come back from a really hard run or something ty
Request 2:Heeey! You’re such an amazing writer! Can u pls write a rick x reader smut where the reader is young (but of age of course) and she thinks she can do things on her own so she sneaks away and gets attacked by a walker and rick finds her just in time and somehow in the chaos of fighting off the walker he falls on top of her and they end up having rough sex in the woods? Pls and thank u!)

Note: so i decided to merge these two requests as they were quite similar, i hope you enjoy!

Warning: ROUGH SMUT, swearing, oral (you receiving) 

Originally posted by godlaughingwhilstyoumakeplans

You crossed your arms over your chest and angrily looked out the window of the car, watching the trees all blur into one big blob of green.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of (y/n)” Rick spoke from the driver’s seat.

You ignored him and continued to sulk. Rick had taken you out on a run so that you could practice killing walkers and just get your defence up in general. You ended up nearly getting yourself killed and Rick had to come to your rescue. You hated that you couldn’t look after yourself. It was bad enough that you were the youngest in the group, and now you had to be saved by Rick? You wanted to prove to him that you could take care of yourself, you really liked him and you didn’t want to let him down. You rolled your eyes as he continued to tell you that it was okay and you could try again tomorrow.

“Fine” you muttered.

You pulled up to the gates of Alexandria and as soon as rick parked up the car you were out of it in a second. You walked back to your house and shut yourself in for the rest of the day. You had a plan, you would sneak out later and find some walkers to practice killing, then tomorrow you could surprise Rick with your new skills.

You shrugged your jacket on before slipping your knife into your hand. You snuck out of your house and slipped through the small crack in the gates. Nerves ran through you as you tightened the grip on your knife and spotted the first walker. You remembered what Rick said, stay calm, you’re faster than them, and smarter. You let the walker get closer to you before you grabbed its shoulder and shoved the knife through its head. You let out a breath you didn’t realise you were holding when the walker slid to the ground. You wiped its blood on your jeans and moved on to the next. One, two, three. You were taking out walkers like you were a pro. You looked at the last walker and grinned at it.

“Come on you piece of shit! Give me all you got!” you spread your arms out and watched the walker limping towards you. You raised your knife and you were just about to end its misery when you heard a gurgle from behind you. You turned and didn’t have time to think before the walker lunged at you, sending you flying to the floor. You tried to fight the walker off with only your hands, you had no idea where your knife had fallen. You noticed the other walker was getting closer to you and you were about to give up fighting when two gun shots rung through the air. The walker went limp above you and you watched the other drop to the ground. You quickly jumped to your feet and turned around to see Rick, a gun in his hand. He had saved your life again.

“What the hell are you doing out here?” he asked, keeping his voice low.

“I was trying to surprise you for tomorrow!” you defended yourself.

“By getting yourself killed?”

“I could have handled it!”

“Yeah right, (y/n). You need to stop trying to prove yourself to me. I can already see that you’re a strong woman” he stepped closer to you.

You looked down to the floor but Rick grabbed your chin and jolted your head up. “I can’t lose you”

His words echoed in your ears as you moved your face up to his and kissed him. He held your chin in place and you were only in control for a couple of seconds before Rick somehow forced your mouth open and started caressing your tongue with his. The rough movement of his lips and the growing lump in his pants was turning you on. He guided your hands to his bulge and you massaged it, making sure to apply pressure where he liked it. He moaned into your mouth and you did the same as he moved his hand into your jeans, his fingers finding your soft spot.

Rick pushed you up to a nearby tree and he practically ripped your clothes off, you were left in only your bra and panties. You fumbled with the belt in his jeans but you managed to get it off. He quickly removed his shirt and dropped it to the floor. There was no time for Rick to admire your body, he was in the mood for rough sex, where there was barely any passion involved, just straight up dominance on his part. The tree bark dug into your back as Rick pushed his body up against you, making you feel his hard on press against your thigh.

Rick was leaving dark bruises on your neck from the sucking and biting, he then dropped to his knees and lifted your leg onto his shoulder. You moaned out in pleasure as he slowly licked up your slit, not applying enough pressure on the parts you wanted. You grabbed a handful of his hair and you practically pushed his head further into you, closing your eyes as he was finally getting your right spots.  He moaned into you, sending vibrations shooting through your body. He knew you were close to orgasm, so he moaned one more time into you before removing his head, not allowing you to have that euphoric release.

He stood back up and lifted your leg even higher. He pressed his forehead against yours before shoving himself all into you. You shouted out in pleasure and pain and Rick placed his hand against your mouth to keep you from making any more noise.

“If you want that pussy fucked then you gotta be quiet” he growled in your ear.

You nodded your head and he continued to move at a fast pace. You grabbed onto his shoulders as your leg was starting to shake and you were forgetting how to stand. Rick noticed and pulled out of you. He flipped you around and pushed you to the floor, your ass facing him. The dirt and leaves felt cold against your bare breasts but you forgot about that when Rick entered you from behind. The pleasure was more than you could handle and you had to bite your tongue to stop yourself from moaning out loud. You both let out little grunts here and there but nothing more.

Rick then leaned forward and dug his fingers into the soft dirt, clearly the pleasure was overwhelming for him too. He thrusted into you harder, his long length hitting your g-spot over and over until it sent you over the edge. Rick grabbed a chunk of your hair and pulled your head back, covering your mouth again with his other hand while your screams became muffled. As your walls clenched around him it sent him over the edge as well, both of you carrying out each other’s highs for what seemed like forever.

When you had both caught your breath back you heard the familiar groan of walkers. Rick quickly helped you up and you both put your clothes back on, you made sure to roll your eyes at him when he saw your ripped shirt. He gave you a quick apology before dragging you through the woods and back to the safety of Alexandria.