rick bright

Richonne's First Dance

I can see Rick’s southern charm emerging as he twirls his new bride on a recently cleared field. Michonne would smile up at him, maybe even giggle for a moment or two. And in the distance, their friends and family from Alexandria, The Kingdom, and the Hilltop communities would be there to witness the solidification of their love. The world that they live in might be one of gloom and despair, but even in the darkest of times, new lights will find a way to shine bright. And Rick and Michonne’s love is the brightest light of all: the sun.

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Here are all the books that I picked up FOR FREE during my three week work experience placement at Penguin Random House.

There are THIRTY FIVE in total.

I have absolutely no self control whatsoever.

I’m so sorry. (But not really.)

Except where the fuck am I supposed to put all of them?!?!?

The Darkest Minds Photo Challenge
Day Seven: OTP

I have too many to choose just one so here are a lot of them