We’re Family

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 Pairing: Rick Grimes X Reader

 Word count: 656

 Requested by anon: Is it alright if I request a imagine with the reader(ricks gf & carls mother figure) got shot in the eye and is having trouble adapting to the new injury.

 Pain is the first thing you feel, even before opening your eyes. The funny thing is how this pain is centered on the left side of your head. If wasn’t for that, you’d be perfectly fine. You guess. Being in pain is almost a permanent state in this world now. Moaning, you try to sit up, but something pushes you down. There’s a black spot in your sight and you can’t see who’s on your left. Breathing fast, you desperately touch your face to find a weird bandage covering your left eye.

 Then it comes back to you, all at once. The walkers attack at the mall and a loud gunshot that made you pass out. Maybe it just hit your forehead. Maybe this is temporary. Before you can start to freak out, Rick comes to your sight, moving from where he was sitting before.

 “Hey, hey, slow down.” He lightly touches your legs, just to keep you calm. “You’ll be fine.”

 “What the hell is this, Rick?” You burst out, almost yelling. “Please tell me it’s just a-”

 “(Y/N), you lost your eye.”

 His words make you stop breathing. This can’t be real. This gotta be just a very, very bad dream. You cover both your eyes with your hands, trying to figure out how you’re going to survive in a world like this without one eye.

 “This can’t be real.” You start crying, and it only gets worse when you feel the tears rolling down on one side of your face. “What am I gonna do?”

 “Hey, calm down, I’ll-”

 “I’ll be just a dead weight.” A low noise on the door makes you stop sobbing when you see Carl, a small smile on his lips.

 “Hello.” He shyly waves at you. “I can go back later.”

 “No. Come here.” You can’t break down in front of him. Carl admires you way too much, like some kind of mother, even though you tell him that you don’t have the intention to replace Lori. “I’m a bit… shaken. But-”

 “It’ll take more than one eye to make you stop being a badass.” He smirks, his comment making Rick smile as well.

 “I agree with him.” Rick bends over you to peck your lips, his hand caressing your hair. “Now let’s get you out of here.”

 “Shit!” You exclaim as you bump onto the kitchen table dropping your glass of water. You fall on your butt, cursing yourself as you notice a small cut on your ankle.

 “(Y/N), are you alright?” Rick comes running, picking you up since you’re barefoot.

 “Sorry, I didn’t see the table.”

 “It’s alright. You just need some time to get used to it.” He pulls you down carefully on the couch, taking a look at your ankle.

 “When? It’s been one month, Rick. And I’m still bumping into things.” You sit up, crossing your legs, tears threatening to roll down your face again. Touching the bandage, covering your left eye, you take a deep breath. “I’ve never liked the way I look and now…” You don’t want your boyfriend to look at you like that, so you keep your head down.

 “No, no.” He lifts your head up with his index finger, taking both your hands in his. “You’re beautiful, no matter what.”


 “This is the end of the world and things like this will happen, but you need to get up and get over them.” Ricks kisses your bandage, your foreheads touching. “It’s hard and it can get harder but I’ll always be here.”

 “Yeah, me too.” Carl shouts as he comes running downstairs. “We’re family, that’s what we do. Take care of each other.”

 “He’s right.” Rick pecks your lips and you hug his neck, smiling. Life will get harder for you now, with this whole new level of difficulty, but as long as you have Rick and Carl, your family, you know things will be alright.

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Let's talk about the new episode of "rick and morty"

I have seen several opinions about the episode and how they talk about Toxic rick worries more about morty than the healthy rick

First, healthy rick loves morty, they said it repeatedly, Healthy rick can’t lie; He tells morty that despite how he behaves and treats him he really loves him and is proud of him

On the other side toxic rick insults him and makes him feel like shit

When healthy rick said that his irrational attachment was not with him, we could notice that Rick actually feels those feelings as toxic which made many think that healthy rick doesn’t really love and cares about anyone

But … what if Rick doesn’t consider the affection towards other people completely toxic? Rick is a person who normally thinks only of himself, never does anything for others and humiliates them, so that feelings of empathy would be toxic to a person like him

Rick does not consider affection to others as toxic, what he regards as toxic is affection to the degree of sacrificing your life for others.

That’s why he slaps morty, not to see if it affects him to see morty hurt, but if he cares to hurt him to prove a point

If healthy rick was in a situation where killing morty would save the planet he would, not because he didn’t worry or love morty, but it would be the most rational and logical thing, he would sacrifice morty for a greater good

While toxic rick would not sacrifice morty and search in all possible dimensions or even sacrifice his life to save him

Rick loves Morty there is no doubt about that, but it seems toxic to him to love him to the point of sacrificing himself for him