My wife, Julianna, and myself reflected in a vacant storefront on Main Street in Richwood, WV. Vacancy is a growing problem in my area of Appalachia. Though my small hometown is full of life when it comes to its (2,000) citizens, its business life has dwindled over the last decade.

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THE NEW RICHWOOD WATCH (colonial maple)
$90.00 “And my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” - Ron Burgundy. Well they may not be mahogany, but they are most definitely
rich. A new edition to FLüD’s wooden series for Holiday 2013, the Richwood features a stunning, ridged bezel and simplistic dial with baguette hour indexes, this piece will definitely be a “Ron Burgundy-esque” conversation starter. #thefludway #woodenwatch #richwood #rich #watchporn #wristcandy #flud #holiday #gifts

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Nova RICHWOOD Master Series Guitars

Handmade with Premium Selected Tone Woods

*Bone Fittings

*Cotton Shaped Capped X Braces

*High Grade Machine Heads

*Headstock Volute

*Prefessionally Set-up

*Fishman Equipped

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