Have I ever mentioned here that I’m doing the style challenge because I’m doing the style challenge and it’s so f u n

The first 6 are actually done (Except for my style but it’s up to shading) but it kinda became a stream exclusive thing to see before I post them all at the end but I post the sketches of 3 every day

The Gravity Falls and Panty and Stocking one came out so fucking good and I am very exited for the Disney sketch because I love it and I cannot wait to colour it

I have 20 styles lined up and this is only 9 done so yeah it’s gonna take a bit but I am having the time of my life drawing them it’s so fun and interesting to draw a range of different styles


Aaaaand here’s the main cast from my comic Benefactors! I’ll probably post more characters later, but I’m bushed right now 😩 BUT here’s a log line for the story!

“After discovering a parallel universe on the Right side of the brain, Emmaline Richwood must set aside her past misfortunes to help a group of mental patients protect the chiasm between the universes of Left and Right from collapsing into the hands of a mysterious foe.”

… you literally have no idea how long it took to write this #ded OH! And I’m still looking for volunteers to help with concept art for the story!! If you’re interested at all please DM me and I’ll see what I have available, thanks!


Nova RICHWOOD Master Series Guitars

Handmade with Premium Selected Tone Woods

*Bone Fittings

*Cotton Shaped Capped X Braces

*High Grade Machine Heads

*Headstock Volute

*Prefessionally Set-up

*Fishman Equipped

Para mais informações contacte-nos

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Credit Image COPYRIGHT to Romano, Summersville, WV, per Mr Romano the men’s names were published in a book by Arcadia Press, called “Richwood.”