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I’m driving down the FDR, and I’m in this thing, not my old Honda, which I couldn’t kill if I tried, and I’m driving behind this nice old man, and he’s driving slow and I’m driving behind him and then I’ve had enough of the slow lane, so I gently get ahead of him, and the next thing I know he’s pushing down the pedal and racing past me, cutting me off as he gets back into the lane. I’ve got these two avocados in the front seat with me, and I pick one up like a grenade and I’m going to throw it at the guy. And then I see myself in this ridiculous position, with this avocado in my hand, and my veins sticking out of my neck, my face all red, and I say to myself, ‘Mike, you’ve finally done it. You’ve become a New Yorker. Now put down the avocado. Put it down gently.’
—  Rangers goalie Mike Richter

I guess the best part about watching these alumni get-togethers is that you know their time has been long gone, but they still love this sports with the same passion. After years of rivalry, they play together like a bunch of little kids, chirping, laughing, after all these days, you feel like some place in your heart will be always kept warm for them, forever.

That’s the charm of this sports, that is hockey.

Legends Pick-Up Game at Bryant Park NYC

I’m really scared of losing everyone I’ve met on here

That includes the people who I’ve said one word to or who’ve clicked the follow button or who’ve taken a fleeting glance at my blog

I’ve made such incredible friends on here. I’m sitting here crying because I’m thinking about what life would be like without you guys

I’d sure as hell be a lot sadder, I wouldn’t have so many people to talk to, I don’t know where I’d be.

This post is to thank you

Thank you to all of my friends

Thank you to all of my followers

Thank you to everyone reading this

I love you to Pluto and back

You really are some of the best people in the world, and I never EVER want to lose you