*interracial couple exist*

Toxic fandom: I will dedicate years to invalidating this couple.

*two white people exist in the same universe*

Toxic Fandom: I will ship these two regardless of history, chemistry, probability, narrative, or logic. This is canon and the gospel of the Gods.


I loved the idea of Scott Wilson, John, and Sonequa returning. I thought as long as it earned its keep. I don’t want it to be a callback to the first episode unless it really yields something. And fortunately, it did. And I realized halfway through, I went, “It’s The Wizard of Oz! We’re shooting The Wizard of Oz!” Hershel’s the courage, Bernthal’s the heart, and Sonequa’s the wisdom of when you have the peace. And Michonne is home. And it’s that whole thing of being whisked away into the helicopter, and spinning away in the house. I said, “We’re in The Wizard of Oz!” And everybody was like, “Oh, yeah. Maybe we are.” That’s what I’m saying anyway. It all made sense with me. But it was thrilling to be able to work with those guys again, and going back into the hospital gown in my last ever shot is wild, and kind of a weird full circle. - Andrew Lincoln

Let’s just take a moment of silence for all the wasted potential for our non-canon ships, crack ships, ships that were done dirty by the writers, dead ships, ships that could have had it all and ships that should’ve been endgame but were ruined at the last minute.