Assessment 3 - GeoNarrative of Richmond

A little sneak preview of my geo-narrative assessment that is due on Monday.  I’ve put together a series of my favourite things in Richmond.  The list could be seriously long and it was very difficult narrowing it down to just 12.  I decided to choose 4 from each of the following headings:

  1. Typography
  2. Street Art
  3. Richmond Icons

Hope you enjoy!

Richmond Ramblers: Metapost

The last hoo-raaar!

7881 Networked Media Production

Assessment 2 - Blog

For Assessment 2 in Networked Media Production we were each asked to create a blog of our own on a topic of our choice.  I struggled with a topic for my blog for a little while as I’d never written for a blog before.  In the end I chose to highlight the hidden treasures I find around Richmond each day while walking my dogs. There are so many things I find in my travels and thought this would be the perfect outlet to show them.

I tried wherever possible to relate the blog content back to the lectures however I did find that this was not easily done without detracting from the blog.


  • “Royal Ribbon” template by wakecodesleep was applied
  • Google Analytics was applied
  • A number of ornamental items were removed from the page using CSS and HTML
  • A disqus comment module was added to enable visitors to make comments on blog posts
  • Tumblr was configured to automatically publish the posts to Facebook and to Twitter, with the Twitter feed publishing to the top of the page also.
  • An ‘About Us’ page was created
  • A 'Licensing’ page was created to inform visitors of their rights to use any images published on this blog.
  • Footer information was ammended to include the current Copyright date and credit my customisations.
  • MetaTags were used on each post to enable visitors to find my posts easily.

When considering licensing of this blog, I chose to use the Creative Commons License 'Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported’ which allows anybody to use the images for their own purpose at no charge.  The only condition being that they must give me credit for the image.  The Licensing arrangement is outlined on a custom linked page in the top menu bar, called 'Licensing’.

In class I created a number of prototypes for generating publicity for the site, these included:

  • Window Sticker
  • Coffee Sleeve
  • Digital/Web banner (as seen on the Richmond Ramblers facebook page)

Each post includes metatags to identify the picture and the blog, so if anybody were to search Tumblr for these terms, my blog would be prominently featured.

Not many people within my network of friends have a tumblr account, but I was able to enlist those with Tumblr accounts to join and spread the word to follow my blog. 

Social Media
I was able to link my Tumblr blog to a custom Facebook page and Twitter account so whenever I published a blog entry it would automatically post through to these sites.

A Twitter widget is also used to publish Twitter comments from Richmond Ramblers to the top of the blog page.

I also approached the organisers of 'The Island State’, a facebook page with over 2000 followers, dedicated to the suburb of Richmond. They have posted a number of my pictures on their page, see if you recognise any:

Visitation & Blog activity

At the time of posting this blog entry, Richmond Ramblers could report the following statistics:

  • 21 Blog posts
  • 28 'hearts’ on posts

The three most popular blog posts were:

  1. Number 8
    Visitors: 8

  2. Rainbow Pole
    Visitors: 8

  3. The View From Here
    Visitors: 3

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to Richmond, Victoria as much as I enjoyed documenting it.


Meet the Richmond Ramblers. 

Richmond is a suburb on the outskirts of the CBD in Melbourne. It has so much history and life, which is often gets missed in the daily drudge.

I hope to show you some of the little treasures I discover in my daily rambles around Richmond with my two four-legged companions. 

We are the Richmond Ramblers.

Photo: My rambling buddies, Barkly & Archie outside AAMI Park (you know, the sports venue that looks like soccer balls).