Hey. Hope everyone is well.

Very awesome news I can finally announce - I’m playing RVA Noise Fest III this year, opening at Black Iris April 18th for Slow Machete and Stephen Vitello/Bobby Donne of none other than Labradford. To say that they’ve influenced my work would be a serious understatement.

Also also - I’ll have a new tape with Richmond Tape Club. If you’re in the area, you’ll be able to grab a copy at Steady Sounds’ release show on April 20th. Tapes by Stephen Vitello + Mutwava + Oedema + Anduin will also be available. 

For more info/the full lineup and schedule, click above. This is going to be a good April.

Volume 4 : Anduin
Developed from some of the sounds and themes used in a series of installation performances titled “Sketches of the Lesser Death,” these are the first new tracks from Jonathan Lee’s Anduin since 2012’s Stolen Years LP. It’s the beginning of a dream narrative where each song is a chapter, every sound a character in motion. Includes contributions from Stolen Years and Lesser Death collaborator Jimmy Ghaphery on saxophone along with former Souvenir’s Young America mates Graham Scala and Noah Saval on guitar and harmonica respectively.

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