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As I sit here in bed in my old home in Worcestershire, I can’t help but think of how much I’ve grown over the past couple of years since I’ve moved to London. Sure, I love the countryside and I do plan on moving out of the capital after several years of the hustle and bustle, but I honestly feel it has defined me and has released my true potentials. 

London is a great and magical city because there is no limit. If you’re bored, you can go do something. If you have an idea, you can go make it happen. I love this freedom and I love walking around day in and day out witnessing all of these new and exciting opportunities and plans unfolding for not only me but for other people in the city too. 

I’m going back to my London house in a couple of days and although I’ll be sad to leave my little house, I’m looking forward to this New Year and what it will bring.