richmond smiles

And finally...

… I was able to get through my London photos. Now here are few pics from 4th September 2014, Trafalgar Studios backdoor, when one of my biggest dreams became true. Seriously, while watching the photos, I’m still shaking, although it was 14 days ago.

The show was amazing. Martin’s acting was breathtaking, all the actors were great and did an impressive job. I came to enjoy Martin, but during the play, I fell in love with all of them. Although Richard III is a tragedy, there were many moments when we laugh a lot. Martin Freeman can be scary, when he’s supposed to be (really terrifying, I couldn’t probably bear the way he looked at Buckingham in the second half), but his Richard is funny in his own way, too. The looks, the faces, grimaces he made - that’s what make him such a brilliant actor, and what makes audience laugh.

The two highlights which I’ll possibly remember forever:

1) When Buckingham and Mayor come to ask Richard to become King of England. He rejects that, saying that he’s not good enough, that he’s unfit, but after some more pleas, he’s like: “So you really want me to be the King?” And after this sentence from Martin’s lips, a woman from audience shouted: “YES!” Martin stopped for a short moment (he looked surprised, too :D), looked in her direction and then continues like: “Okay then..if that’s what you want….” :D :D :D

2) The final fight Richard vs. Richmond. The look when Richard realizes that he has just a knife and Richmond has a pistol, was priceless. It was that Martin’s look “Okay there he is. We are both armed. He has a pistol. I have a knife. He has a PISTOL. A PISTOL. Me knife. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I’m screwed but I won’t give up.” That’s the best how I can describe it, it was Martin looking first at Richmond, smiled, looked at the gun, at the knife, now he realized, looked at the gun, fuck, looked at the knife, fuck fuck, let’s see what happens. :D Absolutely priceless.

And I love the beginning of the play, too. We were just sitting there, people talking or reading the programme and SHOT, the TV’s turn on, British anthem plays and actors in gas masks come on the stage. Best beginning of a play ever. Oh my, I love it soooo much.

I really felt like I’ll cry. Because like two months ago, all this seem impossible to me.

No comments needed for this photos. Just enjoy it. I am. Again.

I must admit that I feel very sorry for the other actors and I really admire them, because walking out of the backdoor, where all the fans wait for Martin Freeman (only few people asked for others actors autographs), must be a bit hard. You are all doing excellent job! Btw, I got a photo with Paul Leonard, who played Stanley and was really kind and nice and happy and laughing and even that it was the first time I saw him, I liked him :)

We’re coming to the end -  now’s the time to tell you what a brilliant chat I had with Mr. Freeman. The truth is, that all is a bit in hurry so I only managed myself to thank him for that evening and congratulate him on the Emmy, and he was just like “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Awwwwwww….