richmond hill ga

Potting/mud room in a Richmond Hill carriage house, GA. Historical Concepts.

Hello Anon. According to the firm, this project is ten to fifteen years old. After that amount of time and as the architect of the project rather than the interior designer, it seems unlikely that Historical Concepts will have info about the dog beds. Sorry about that (although I imagine it can’t hurt to try an email). On the other hand, a quick internet search for ‘large wicker dog bed’ and 'rattan dog bed’ produced a lot of promising possibilities. : ) Best, G

Strathy Hall, Richmond Hill, GA circa 1840. When the McAllisters returned to their home at Strathy Hall, they were happy to see the structure still standing when so many of their neighbors had been burned out. Although the house still stood, it had been roughly handled by the Federal soldiers. The McAllisters had known many people in the North before the war, and having spent many summers at Northern resorts, Rosa McAllister Wyatt had been known as a “Newport belle.” After Sherman’s troops left Strathy Hall, the McAllisters found written on one wall in the house: “Had we known that this was the house of Rosa McAllister, not a thing should have been touched.”