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😳😩😮 Extremely disappointed in the black male teacher or administrator who just stood there and didn’t say a word!!!!! What is going on in this country? ・・・
TSR Intern: Charise W. IG: @planet_reese
Instances like this have gone too far with our youth, as a female high school student get’s yanked and dragged out of her seat during class hours. _____________________________________
A video has surfaced all over social media this afternoon from Richland County, SC at Spring Valley High School. As reported on local news station, WLXT 19, a school resource officer was directed to diminish a disruptive situation by a female student who refused to leave the class room.
She was asked to leave first by her teacher, then administrator and then a school resource officer, #BenFields who abruptly forced the student out of her seat once she refused to leave by his orders.
The video was recorded by a classmate who observed the incident. Watching the video you notice the girl has her head leaning to the side and arm on her head as she seems frustrated by authorities asking her to leave. _____________________________________
Officer Fields walks in and once she refuses his demands, he grabs her out of her seat and the chair flips over. | #Theshaderoom #Lunionsuite #InTheNews

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