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okay but eddie getting his first piercing at sixteen and his mom loses her shit but he argues “momma i can’t take them out or the holes will get infected, and i could lose my ears!” and yeah he feels guilty for manipulating her like that but he likes the way the back studs looks in his ears

at eighteen he and richie get three more together, at nineteen he gets his septum pierced then his eyebrow.

eddie having piercings is,, a concept you guys

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“Stay over.” For reddie? ❣️

ooF would not think I would get this out tonight!! thank you for requesting I hope you enjoy!

Prompt: “Stay over.”

Pairing: Reddie

Rating: Teen

Summary: Eddie needs to head home and Richie is clingy as always. (+halloween movie banter)

Words: Around 700


“How could you possibly say that isn’t the best Halloween movie of all time, Eds? It’s revolutionary!”

Richie stated his opinion dramatically as the credits of Hocus Pocus flashed across the television at the foot of his bed, one arm around his boyfriend and the other adjusting the red throw blanket covering the both of them.

Eddie, who was curled under Richie’s arm, yawned before answering. “Nightmare Before Christmas is better and you know it.”

Richie’s eyes snapped over to his boyfriend, letting a shocked gasp fall out of his lips.

Before he could defend the movie, Eddie was reaching between them, blindly searching for something that must have fallen between their tangled limbs at some point during the film, letting out a satisfied noise as he pulled his phone out from underneath the covers, quickly turning it on to check the time.

“Shit, Rich,” he suddenly said in a panicked voice. “It’s almost eleven. My mom is gonna wring my neck.”

The warmth tucked into Richie’s side was suddenly gone, and Eddie was picking up all of his discarded belongings scattered along Richie’s carpet.

“Wait,” Richie whined, reaching out to his boyfriend that was about to put on his shoes. When Eddie looked up to meet his eyes, Richie flashed him his biggest smile. “Stay.”

Eddie blinked. “Huh?”

“Stay over? Please?” At his words, Eddie visibly softened, his soldiers releasing all of their tension and Eddie dropped the converse in his hands.

“Babe,” he sighed, “my Ma would have a breakdown. You know that.”

Richie basically ignored that statement. “Mom and Dad won’t mind, Eds. They love you. They’d probably want us to sleep at a distance, though. Wouldn’t want us gettin’ dirty under the covers, you know-”

“-Richie,” Eddie interrupted, who was now stood next to Richie’s side of the bed, his shoes and belongings long forgotten. “I really wanna stay.”

“Then stay, love,” he said with a certain tone that it seemed like Eddie only ever heard. “Forget about Sonia, she can suck my toes.”

Richie felt pride fill his entire body when Eddie laughed, but tried to talk through it. “That’s probably th-the first time you… you’ve ever joked about my mom with saying you wanted to f-fuck her!”

As Eddie continued to laugh, Richie took advantage of the moment, taking his boyfriend’s arm and pulling him back onto the bed, effectively trapping him in his arms.

“It’s because I’m classy, baby-cakes,” he mused to a squirming Eddie, beginning to press kisses to wherever he would let him. “I’m so classy that I’ve decided to kidnap you.” A kiss to his temple. “Who else is going to protect me from the witch that’ll crawl through my window later tonight?” A kiss to his neck. “My Eds, My night in shining armor, that’s who!” Kisses all over his cheekbones.

“Let go of me you fucking turd,” Eddie said with no real bite in his tone, “that t-tickles!”

Richie finally complied, unhinging his death-like grip on his boyfriend’s waist and instead gently placed his palms on Eddie’s hips, the two now on their sides and just looking at each other.

“Stay,” Richie said again with the same amount of softness as before, as if the previous encounter hadn’t just happened. “I want you to be here when I wake up.”

Eddie didn’t reply, instead gently biting his lip, which Richie took as a sign that he was considering it.

“Went and Mags can call your mom, Eds. They’ll Let her know that her perfect little boy is just having a slumber party with his overly-handsome boyfriend,” he was quick to wiggle his eyebrows at the end of his little joke, but as Eddie smiled his gorgeous little smile in response, Richie considered it a win.

“Okay, Trashmouth. I’ll stay,” Eddie said with the same smile that crinkled around his eyes. “But only if we watch Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Richie lit up and nodded enthusiastically. “Anything for you, Eds,” he chirped with one last kiss to his boyfriend’s lips before rushing to the small television at the foot of his bed to search for the CD.

Richie had to admit, because of the way Eddie was tucked so tightly into his side with his head on his chest, and their legs intertwined so closely that they must be one being under the covers, The Nightmare Before Christmas might now be his favorite movie of all time.

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Performer or dance au with (constantly) mistaken for a couple? Reddie pretty please

So this one took me a while to write because I thought I hated it. But @oldguybones thinks it’s worth posting, so I’m gonna! Thanks for reading it for me, honey! I hope you like it, anon!

Richie casually tossed an arm over Eddie’s shoulder, sunglasses hung precariously on his nose and a sucker stuck in his mouth.

“You should take those off and put your glasses on. You’re going to trip.”

“We both know you won’t let that happen, Eds,” Richie said, wiggling his eyebrows at the man beneath his arm. “You like me too much”.

Eddie huffed, smiling softly. “You mean I like my paycheck.”

Richie stopped on the spot, his empty hand coming up to grasp at his heart. “Eddie, that hurts! After everything I’ve done for you.”

Eddie, who was six inches shorter than Richie, but twice the muscle, heaved up, forcing Richie to stand up straight and he yanked the sunglasses from his face. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out glasses that were popular but didn’t seem to suit the man at his side before he shoved them onto his face and pulled the hood down over his head. “Don’t be such a drama queen.”

Richie Tozier, who was, in fact, a universal sensation whose voice had permeated through the hearts of tweens and adults alike, found himself swooning. The day Eddie Kaspbrak had walked through the door at the agency, Richie, having found some form of popularity that required the watchful eye of a bodyguard, knew that there wasn’t another buff guy he’d rather have at this side. Richie Tozier, for the first time in his life, was rendered speechless when Eddie introduced himself, arms crossed and eyes a gem-like brown with a smile on his face that made Richie’s heart hammer in his chest. Richie gave him a nod of approval and they had been attached at the hip ever since.

Eddie continued walking, pulling a pouting 31 year old rockstar in his wake and out of his daze. “And keep that hood on. If we get spotted, it’s your ass. Beverly is going to kill me if we, uh, you cause another scene.”

Richie pushed his lip out, shoving a hand into his pocket and tightening the other around Eddie. “You aren’t supposed to talk to me like that, I could fire you, you know.”

Eddie chuckled. “But you won’t. Because I’m the only bodyguard within a hundred mile radius crazy enough to put up with you.”

Richie, delighted with Eddie’s banter, leaned down and kissed the top of Eddie’s head with a loud smack. “More like you’re the only bodyguard I’m crazy about!”

Eddie’s jaw clenched and he willed his cheeks not to redden. “Don’t say things like that, you know what your publicist said.”

“Publicist, schmublicist! That’s old news, Eds, my love. Betcha everyone’s forgotten about that two-bit tabloid by now.”

Eddie found himself wishing it wasn’t just a story. But bodyguards weren’t supposed to fall in love with their clients. That was rule number one as far as Eddie was concerned. Eddie usually followed the rules. It was a shame he had broken this one two and a half years ago.

Eddie opened his mouth to retaliate when, “Oh my, God,” a sweet voice said from the doorway to a bar. “it’s Richie Tozier!” She looked to Eddie and with a manic glee she pointed a finger at Eddie and cried, “and you’re the bodyguard boyfriend!”

“Fuck,” Eddie sighed, already reaching an arm around Richie’s waist.

“Hiya, sweetheart! How’d you know it was me? Clever girl!” Eddie attempted to pull Richie away gently, but Richie never went ‘gently’ anywhere and so he didn’t budge. “Looks like we were caught again, honey,” he cooed, turning to look at Eddie and back again. “We were just trying to have a romantic walk alone-“

“Richie,” Eddie whispered. “What are you doing??”

More people were scurrying up to them, hushed tones whizzing around the pair.

“Is that Richie Tozier?”

“Who is that with him?”

“Haven’t you heard? He’s dating his bodyguard!”

“It’s his boyfriend, Eddie, take a picture quick!”

People were beginning to swarm around them, and Richie still wasn’t moving. “An autograph? Sure, babydoll! One at a time, please!”

“Richie, this isn’t the time, do you hear me?!”

“Who? Oh, Eddie?” Richie had heard a question that Eddie obviously hadn’t in his panic. “Well, sure I love him!”

Eddie felt his cheeks flush and before he could remember any of his training, he tossed Richie over his shoulder and hurried down the sidewalk. “Sorry, everyone, Richie’s got to go!”

“Do you guys see how strong my man is?”

He propped himself up on his elbow, his head in his palm. “Sorry everyone, looks like Eddie wants me all to himself.”

“Richie! Shut that big mouth of yours!”

“Ooh, yes, daddy.”

Eddie’s knees went weak and he reached out for the wall to steady himself. Richie felt him stumble and laughed so deeply Eddie’s shoulder shook.

“Richie,” he warned, his cheeks red and his stomach in knots. Eddie knew he was going to get thrown into some crazy shit with Richie, but this was too much. Richie’s playful advances were all for show, he was sure. But there was still something in the back of Eddie’s head that always asked “why only with me?” “why not with the other guards?” “what makes me so special?”

Eddie saw a taxi coming close and he whistled quickly for an escape. He tossed Richie into the car and slammed the door shut. “Drive, please,” he said calmly, even though his heart was pounding at a mile a minute and he was about to burst from frustration. And maybe, Eddie realized to his annoyance, hurt.

“Wow! What a crowd, huh, Eds?”

“Hey, Richie, I think you should not talk to me for a bit, yeah?” He wanted to turn away from Richie completely, but he had to keep an eye on the client. That was the job.

“What? Eds, you aren’t mad are you?” When Eddie didn’t answer, he continued. “That was just for kicks! They knew we were just joking.” Eddie stayed silent.

It was moments like these, which were few and far between, when Richie thought that maybe he had gone too far. He swallowed uncomfortably and scooted a little closer to Eddie, who tensed up the moment their legs touched. “Eds, come on. Say something, will ya?”

“You want me to say something, Rich? What the fuck were you thinking?” Eddie dispensed with the bodyguard act, taking off his sunglasses and tossing them to the floor. “Do you know how much shit I’m going to be in when those videos and pictures get on the news?” He raked a hand through his hair as he tried to calm himself down. “You do things like this, Richie, but you aren’t the one who suffers.”

Is that what Eddie had been doing? Suffering? Had Richie gone too far long ago?


“Did you mean it?”

He was looking out of the window, his face calm but there was worry in his eyes. Richie thought that he would like to swim in them before mumbling, “what?”

Eddie took in a deep breath and asked again. “I said, did you mean it?”

“Mean what?”

Eddie turned to Richie, sitting up straight and looking like he was preparing for the worst. Maybe he was.

“That you love me.”

Richie’s mouth fell open and for the second time in his life, he was speechless.

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Okay but like? Au where Eddie pursues a career in photography and is hired to take headshots for Richie’s radio station’s website and he’s like “okay just sit on that stool” and looks up from his camera and INSTANTLY FALLS IN LOVE WITH THIS COOL AND VAGUELY FAMILIAR MAN so now all of Richie’s headshots have fucking heart eyes whoops

like richie is all smiles n shit bc he just has THAT smile and eddie didn’t realize how amazing it was…. from behind the camera?? like he looks up from his camera to tell richie to shift his head a little bit and he just gets hit with like 50 waves of love omg help this gay

Fall Away From Me (I Just Can’t Take It) - Chapter 4


And there it is, it’s too late to bring it back. He can’t suck the words back into his head and pretend he didn’t say it. The wound, open and oozing, is Eddie’s own heart and now for the first time Richie can see Eddie for who he is.

Read it on AO3

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Oh and for 24 and 96 can it be reddie?!

Yes lovey! Thank u for sending this in 💘

I have more to this but I didn’t finish and I wanted to give u something, so let me know if u want the second part!

24: Soulmate AU

96: Scars

Prompts are from this list!

When you met your soulmate, you knew. The first touch was a spark, a flame that ran through your entire body. Then, the scars came.

All the loving words that one soulmate said to another showed up on their body in the form of delicate scars. When Eddie Kaspbrak first heard about the concept, he was terrified. He didn’t want to look ugly, scars covering his body. That was in kindergarten. Over time, he learned to appreciate the thin white lines that danced around Bev’s wrists, the pale script running up and down Mike’s back. Not that it mattered either way. At 21, dating his soulmate of 3 years, Eddie Kaspbrak’s skin was completely blank.

Myra was a cruel woman. She reminded Eddie of his mother. She told him she loved him, then added another prescription to the list. The first time she said it, Eddie had almost believed it. He waited and waited for the first line to appear, examining himself in the mirror. It never showed. And that’s how he knew Myra wasn’t his soulmate.

She had to be, though. He had felt it. The first touch. He had bumped into her while walking to class. He normally paid more attention, but he had been distracted by another person on campus. A boy. He had his head thrown back, laughing hard. His dark curls shook with the rest of his body, and his thick glasses slipped down his nose. He was pretty. Eddie thought that maybe other people wouldn’t see it, but he was. It was this boy that Eddie had been staring at when he ran into Myra, causing her to tumble to the ground. When he held out his hand to help her up, he felt it rushing through him. The first touch. He never imagined that his soulmate was going to be a girl. He didn’t like girls. Never had, never would. But the soulmate system was never wrong.