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the losers’ club (it 2017); {listen on spotify}

i. welcome to the losers club // benjamin wallfisch; ii. losers // chosen jacobs; iii. dear god // xtc; iv. we are the kids // walk the moon; v. we are golden // mika; vi. we come together (feat. sakhile moleshe) // goldfish; vii. i love my friends // foster the people; viii. loser // beck; ix. stand by me // bootstraps; x. the house of the rising sun // the animals; xi. beat it // michael jackson; xii. we’ll be alright // travie mccoy; xiii. run boy run // woodkid; xiv. warriors // imagine dragons; xv. with a little help from my friends // joe cocker.

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the origin of love → a reddie playlist inspired by reckless, yet true, love.

africa - toto / can’t help falling in love - haley reinhart / collar full - panic! at the disco / come on eileen - dexys midnight runners / everybody wants to love you - japanese breakfast / fire escape - andrew mcmahon in the wilderness / i bet my life - imagine dragons / i didn’t see it coming - belle & sebastian / i love you - said the whale / origin of love - mika / say it, just say it - the mowgli’s / shut up kiss me - angel olsen / someone great - lcd soundsystem / what i’m trying to say - stars / youth - troye sivan

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[Modern AU]

Richie, in the bathroom, one minute after he wakes up and realizes it’s his birthday: WHO’S THAT SEXY THING I SEE OVER THERE?

Eddie: Dear lord, no.


Eddie: Richie, no.


Eddie: There’s nothing in your neck

Richie: THAT’S GOLD!

Eddie: fuck.


DJ Tozier

Richie flung himself across the room to the other end of his large desk after having gently lifting the needle of the record. “You’re listening to the Rock Block with DJ Tozier aaaand that was ‘Hurt So Good’ by John Mellencamp and speaking of hurt, Eddie Kaspbrak you really hurt me but I’m hoping you’ll take me back?” Richie spoke casually into the microphone, not too close though so the sound wouldn’t fuzz up. 

“And now here’s…..” Richie flung himself across the room again on his wheely chair to find his notes. “ ‘Keep On Loving You’ By REO Speedwagon, requested for Julie from Adam, who’s hoping you’ll forgive him for kissing your sister.” Richie read the requested message while holding back laughter and changing the record, setting the needle down and taking off his headphones. He breathed a sigh of relief and bit his lip. 

He’d been building up all his nerves during his classes about asking for Eddie back on live radio…surely it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was only their college radio station but he put it out there anyway. He was expecting his phone to light up any second with texts from an angry Eddie but it remained dark. He frowned and waited for the song to fade out. “And this is DJ Tozier signing off for tonight. Thank you lady and germs!” He shouted and signed the show off with no problem. He pushed himself away and stood, forgetting the headphones were still around his neck and was tugged back violently as he walked away. 

“Shit!” He cursed and shrugged them off, storming out the door. 


Beverly was sitting in the courtyard with her legs crossed, sweating up a storm with Mike to her right. Between them sat a small radio they’d bought at a garage sale for just this purpose. Mike turned the dial off and sighed. “Richie’s nuts.” He shook his head and Bev giggled. 

“I think it’s cute.” She shrugged “I wish someone would do that for me.” She chuckled as Ben and Bill approached them. Ben put his hands on her shoulders and she looked up with a grin. 

“Poetry too outdated?” Ben asked and teasingly poked Bev’s shoulder. She tapped her fingers on his hand. 

“Never. Keep doing it.” She smiled and stood to kiss his cheek. Bill plopped down next to Mike and started to pull out all his homework. He set it down in a large pile as Stan strolled over, raising one of Bills books to his eye and browsing through it as he sat down. 

“C-c-catch Richie’s s-show?” Bill asked him and Stan put the book down. 

“I support him, so I turn it on but….If I’m honest, I put the volume so low it’s basically muted.”Stan said with a straight face. Everyone giggled and Bill punched his shoulder. 

They heard some distant shouting and all turned to see Richie Tozier barreling towards them, tripping over his feet and tumbling to the ground. He started to stand until Mike held his hand out and helped him. “You guys know if Eddie listened to my show today?” Richie asked, catching his breath and disregarded any possible injury he might have for what was important to him. 

The five of them looked to each other and shrugged. “Sorry Rich maybe he missed it-” 

“RICHIE FUCKIN’ TOZIER!” came a loud shout and all six of them shot their heads to the right and spotted the tiny Eddie Kaspbrak stomping over.

“Oh shit.” Richie went limp and stood frozen in his spot until Eddie came to stand toe to toe with him. He had to tilt his chin so far up to look him in the eyes, luckily Richie’s head blocked the sun. 

“Did you have to ask that on the radio? Do you know how embarrassing that is?” He crossed his arms and Richie bit back a grin. Of course he knew that, it was part of the appeal. The rest of the five watched them awkwardly. 

“Y’know me, Eds. I love to embarrass you.” He went to rub his fist through Eddie’s hair but he swatted him away. 

“We’re too frickin’ old for that Richie. Can we just have the fight I’ve been building up in my head?” Eddie pouted like a child and Richie nodded, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. 

“Does the fight end with you taking me back?” Richie poked him and Eddie sighed. 

“Possibly.” Eddie pondered it over in his head and answered. Richie nodded again. He took his hands out of his pockets and shook himself as if preparing for a physical fight. 

“Alright, hit me with your best Eds.” 

“You never shut your God damn mouth and you fuckin’ embarrass me any chance you get and never and I repeat, NEVER tell my professor I was late because I was dirtying it up with you ever again, you hear me Tozier!” Eddie stomped and their five friends gaped their mouths open, so that was the reason for the break up. 

“Dirtying it up? That’s not exactly how I phrased it, Eds.” Richie chuckled with amusement at the fuming Eddie who gave him an expectant look. 

“Alright. I agree. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry.” Richie pouted and brought Eddie closer to him. Eddie allowed it and from the background they heard Mike whisper ‘Ohhhh gettin’ interesting.’ Eddie shook his head.

“Ok, you’re officially taken back.” Eddie smiled and Richie picked him up and spun him around. 

“Yeah! I knew you’d miss me!” 

Eddie giggled and punched his shoulder. “Put me down, ass.” 


“This is the Rock Block with DJ Tozier and that was ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ by Peter Frampton, requested by myself for my boyfriend Eddie Kaspbrak because Mmmm Baby I Love Your Way.”  Richie hummed in a sing-songy voice before signing off. This time almost immediately, His phone bore light into the room from Eddies texts.

Richie picked it up and read 

‘That was sooo embarrassing!! (Keep doing it <3)’

Richie broke into the biggest grin. 

You look so good in blue

Richie has never had a favourite colour.

Not like his friend Ben, who’s favourite colour was orange like Beverly’s hair, or his friend Stan who’s favourite colour was light grey like the feathers on a mockingbird. No, Richie has never had a favourite colour.

That’s why tonight Richie was wearing a white shirt. Nothing fancy. He usually wore bright obnoxiously patterned Hawaiian shirts, but he knew if he showed up in one of them that Eddie would kill him. Literally, he would murder Richie. He might be small but wow, he had a firey temper on him.

So a white shirt it was. Along with his nicest pair of jeans, and an attempt to style his unruly hair. Richie noted to himself that this was probably the most effort he’d ever voluntarily put into his appearance.

Richie checked his reflection in the window of his car, attempting - and failing - to flatten his hair, before giving up and turning around to face the house in front of him.

He knew this house. He had been in this house a million times. He probably spent more time in this house growing up than he had in his own. This was nothing new.

Taking a deep breath, Richie allowed himself to move forward, to walk up the driveway to the familiar house. He raised his hand to knock on the door, but before he could, it swung open.

Richie’s heart stopped. This was it, this was the moment he had been waiting for since he was eleven and now here he was and he was probably going to die of cardiac arrest.

“Eddie…” Richie said, his voice barely audible. For the first time in his life, Richie was at a loss for words.

“Hi Richie,” Eddie said shyly, standing on his tiptoes to kiss Richie on the cheek. “Let me just grab my keys and then we can go, okay?”

Richie just nodded dumbly, his brain not being able to generate a response right now.

He watched Eddie disappear back inside his house, then watched him reappear a few seconds later, keys in hand. He stepped outside and pulled the door shut, locking it behind him.

“You ready to go?” Eddie asked, turning to face him.

Richie looked at Eddie, taking in his appearance fully. The shorter boy wore a pale blue sweater with black skinny jeans and light blue converse. Atop his head, perched on perfect brunette waves, was a pastel blue flower crown.

“Richie? Are you okay? You’re just staring at me and not saying anything?” Eddie asked nervously, reaching out to grab Richie’s hand and threading their fingers together.

Richie looked at their entwined hands. Eddie’s fingernails were painted blue.

Richie felt a surge of love for the boy in front of him.

“Of course I’m alright Eddie Spaghetti, I’m here with you aren’t I?” Richie asked, a smirk on his face as he used their joint hands to pull Eddie in close to him. Their chests were pressed together and Eddie was looking up at Richie, their faces just inches apart.

Eddie pulled his hand away from Richie’s, and looped both his arms around Richie’s neck. Richie wrapped his arms around Eddie’s lower back and pulled him in impossibly closer so that they were pressed together completely.

“You’re such a dork,” Eddie said affectionately, his eyes flicking from Richie’s eyes to his lips, and then back.

“Maybe…but I’m your dork,” Richie replied, leaning down to catch Eddie’s lips in a kiss.

Eddie responded eagerly, moving his mouth against Richie’s in a practiced motion. Richie ran his tongue along Eddie’s bottom lip, and Eddie opened his mouth, allowing Richie to deepen the kiss. Eddie only pulled away when he felt one of Richie’s hands move from his back and slide into the back pocket of Eddie’s jeans.

“Mm-Richie,” Eddie mumbled against the other boy’s lips, pulling away from the kiss. Richie chased his lips and pressed another kiss against them. “Richie. We. Should. Go.” Eddie said, in between quick kisses.

“But this is so funnn” Richie whined, pressing his forehead against Eddie’s.

Eddie just rolled his eyes and unwrapped his arms from around Richie’s neck, and grabbed Richie’s hand to pull him towards the car.

“Later” Eddie promised with a wink, and Richie’s heart stopped for the second time that night.

Kissing Eddie, now that was nothing new to Richie. He and Eddie had been doing, well they had been doing whatever it is that they do for a few weeks now, ever since the day that Eddie had pressed his lips against Richie’s as they stood on top of the cliff at the quarry.

He and Eddie had been the last ones left to jump down into the water, Eddie having being hesitant to jump as usual.

“Live a little, Eds,” Richie had told him. Eddie had turned to look at him, then marched forward with determination. He had reached up and threaded his fingers through Richie’s hair, using it to pull his head down and then he had kissed Richie firmly, and without warning.

The kiss had lasted all of 3 seconds before Eddie had pulled away.

“Don’t call me Eds,” He had said, then turned and ran towards the cliff, jumping off without hesitation for the first time.

Richie had stood, shocked for a second, before shouting out in happiness. Then he had ran after Eddie and jumped off of the cliff into the water below.

But now, as Richie sat in his car, Eddie in the passenger seat, Richie wasn’t sure how to act.

Yeah, he was the one who had asked Eddie out on a date. And Eddie had blushed and smiled shyly and said, ‘yes, of course he would go out with Richie, he thought he would never ask.’

When Eddie had opened the door, its like a floodgate had been opened in Richie’s mind. Thoughts of them holding hands in the hallway, thoughts of them celebrating anniversaries, thoughts of them leaving this shithole of a town together. It made Richie nervous.

“Are you okay?” Eddie asked him, disrupting Richie from his thoughts.

“Yeah I’m good” Richie replied, with a smile that Eddie returned. Richie reached over to rest his hand on Eddie’s thigh, winking at him when he raised an eyebrow. Eddie just rolled his eyes.

It didn’t take long for them to reach their destination, Richie pulling over to park while Eddie peered out the window.

“We’re going for ice cream?” Eddie asked, his face lighting up with a smile.

Richie nodded, a fond expression on his face as he watched Eddie get excited. He had chosen this for their date because it’s something that they had done since they were young, but they hadn’t been in a while as just the two of them.

“Come on now, Eddie Spaghetti, the night is young and so are we!” Richie exclaimed, putting on his best southern accent.

“Beep beep Richie,” Eddie said, climbing out of the car and adjusting the flower crown on his head.

Richie did the same, locking the car door and slinging his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. They walked into the ice cream shop like this, parting ways when Eddie went to sit in a booth and Richie walked up to the counter to order.

“Bubblegum, right?” Richie called out to Eddie.

“Yep!” Eddie replied, without turning around.

Richie ordered it, and he ordered a chocolate cone for himself. He paid and went to join Eddie in the booth.

“Here you go babe” Richie said, handing Eddie the ice cream.

Eddie raised his eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t the first time that Richie had called Eddie an affectionate name like babe, or baby, but it was the first time that he had done it without Eddie’s lips on his neck, or without Eddie’s hands under his shirt.

The two boys talked whilst they ate their ice cream. It was no different to any other time that they hung out, but both boys were more aware of every flirty comment, of every lingering touch.

Richie was so much more aware of the way that Eddie’s eyes lit up when he laughed, of the way Eddie’s hair curled around his ears.

And god was he aware of the way that Eddie’s tongue was flicking out to lick his ice cream, and the way Eddie was purposely making eye contact with him while he did it.

“Eddie you have, um,” Richie started “You have ice cream, on your um, lip,” he mumbled, gesturing to the blue smudge on Eddie’s bottom lip.

“Oh, do I?” Eddie brought his hand up to wipe at his lip, completely missing the area that the ice cream was on.

“No, here, let me,” Richie said, and leaned in to kiss Eddie. He swiped his tongue along Eddie’s lip, and then pulled back. “There, got it.”

“Thanks” Eddie whispered, his cheeks dusted with a pink blush.

Richie looked at him, at the blue flower crown on his head, and his lips stained blue.

Richie had a favourite colour, he realised. His favourite colour was blue.

anonymous asked:

Can I get some soft reddie headcanons? Like them being romantic and cute and lots of kisses

- richie stares at eddie a lot when he’s not looking, and even if stan says its creepy he doesn’t care

- also eddie stares at him too

- they hold hands under the table at lunch

- and in the Aladdin when the losers go every friday for movie night eddie leans his head on richie’s shoulder as rich draws patterns onto the back of eddie’s hand

- they do that thing where if one of them is talking to someone the other will come up and kiss them or just wrap themselves around them and they act like nothing’s happening

- eddie pouts to get what he wants, and richie is a sucker for it

- eddie steals richie’s clothes A LOT so he turns up to school sometimes half asleep and in richie’s oversized black hoodie that’s nearly halfway down his thighs and it gives him sweater paws and richie has heart eyes all day because his boy is so cute

- richie tried to wear one of eddie’s shirts and he looked like he’d put it through the wash too many times

- eddie calls richie baby when he’s tired in the morning and richie leaves to pee or cook him breakfast and he’s just softly calling ‘baby’ until richie comes back

- eddie gives richie hickeys, not the other way round

- their first kiss was after richie ran away from home and he ran to eddie’s house in the pouring rain and eddie ran outside to scold him about hypothermia and getting sick but the second he saw richie’s puffy eyes and his bottom lip quivering he hugged him so hard and kissed him like he adored him and richie still dreams about that kiss years later

- for eddie’s birthday richie made him a playlist of all the songs they listened to together and said he had to listen to it on the way to the quarry, where richie was sat with a cake, blankets, pillows, junk food and his guitar and eddie burst into tears

- richie wrote eddie a song but he hasn’t showed him yet because he’s so embarrassed and it’s really raw and true to his heart

- eddie said ‘i love you’ for the first time when he was drunk on new years and richie nearly cried

- eddie said it again in the morning and richie did actually cry