richie rogers

So this show is kind of old but it’s one of my absolute favorites, it ran from 1992-1998 and was an urban fantasy series based off of the 80′s movie of the same name staring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery with the same premise but ignored the movie’s ending and continued on as though Conor (Lambert) had not won the game. Anyone who’s seen the movie knows it’s about an immortal Scotsman who fights other immortals in a quest to win a mystical “game” of beheading. The show was about another Scotsman from the same clan but a few generations younger named Duncan MacLeod (played by Adrian Paul). The opening theme is Queen and while the show feels very 90′s it holds up exceptionally well. Generally each episode deals with Duncan fighting another immortal and is punctuated with flashbacks to Duncan’s past. The show was very popular at the time and had several fun side characters including Richie, a novice immortal, Joe: a mortal who belongs to a secret organization of Watchers who monitor and record the histories of immortals, Amanda: a fantastically witty and stylish immortal thief,  Methos: the oldest immortal alive who primarily offers jaded commentary and sarcastic remarks and others including a penitent priest named Darius, a pompous and lively immortal named Hugh FitzCairn played by Roger Daltrey of the rock band The Who and many others. Often the show dealt with moral issues and social problems but did so without being preachy, the characters were complex and well acted and while at times it is very 90′s feeling I would recommend it to anyone in a  heartbeat.  It was funny and poignant when it needed to be and had a wonderful cast and many fantastic stories. If you’re ever in need of a good show to watch and you like fantasy shows give this one a try!

under the cut is a masterlist of 426 names inspired by some of the most popular musical theatre characters. they are sorted alphabetically into female, male, unisex and surnames, however you can use them interchangeably if you wish. i’ve included the musical(s) they’re from alongside the name. not all characters are included, so my apologies if you don’t see any of your favorites !! this took a while to compile so please like/reblog if you find these useful !!

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Two lost boys,
We can’t save each other
But without you,
I can’t save myself
—  Never a Stray by Abby S (the-ships-to-rule-them-all)

The Rolling Thunder Revue finale at Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, December 8, 1975. 

From left to right, Roger McGuinn, Joni MItchell, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott,  Allen Ginsberg and Ronee Blakely.


On this day in music history: January 28, 1985 - “We Are The World” by USA For Africa is recorded. Singer/actor and activist Harry Belafonte and artist manager Ken Kragen will be the catalysts for the getting the project off the ground. After the release of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, the two will come up with the idea of also doing a similar benefit record featuring American recording artists. They will begin contacting musicians who would be interested in participating. The first people contacted are Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers who are both managed by Kragen. Belafonte will contact Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones (the latter is enlisted to produce the record). Jones in turn will contact Michael Jackson, suggesting that Jackson, Wonder, and Richie write the song. With Stevie recording an album at the time, he is unable to participate in writing the song. Once Michael and Lionel get to work on the song, they will make fast progress, writing and demoing the song in a weeks’ time. On January 22, 1985, six days before the vocal tracking session, the basic track for “We Are The World” is recorded at Kenny Rogers’ studio Lion Share in Los Angeles. Two days later, demo tapes are shipped out to all of the participating artists with strict instructions to not make copies of the contents, and to return the tapes the night of the recording session, which is set for Monday night, January 28, 1985, following the American Music Awards. Forty-five popular recording artists (including Bruce Springsteen, Steve Perry, Daryl Hall, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Cyndi Lauper, Willie Nelson, Dionne Warwick, Billy Joel, and Bob Dylan among them) will gather on the soundstage at A&M Studios in Hollywood, CA to record the vocals the song. All of the sales and publishing royalties generated from the single, album and related merchandising will go to benefit African famine relief. “We Are The World” will be released on Thursday, March 7, 1985, and is an instant smash, selling out of its initial pressing of 800,000 copies in just two days. It will go on to sell over four million copies in the US alone, becoming one of the biggest selling singles of the decade.