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I really need friends that are girls cause I have non.
If you wanna be my friend
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Ahit me up. No drama

Stop The Drama.

y'all are making a big deal about those photos (Justin & Sofia). like guys, we knew that this was coming and this is not something new in this fandom. Justin does this all the time and this is normal…

This has no sense, guys. When Justin talks about his privacy, he means do this kind of stuff without thinking about if there are paparazzi taking photos or not. This is not disgusting. This is normal!

I mean, why anyone said that this was wrong? why this is cute but the photos of Justin and sofia are disgusting?

Why make this? It’s a bikini!!! you can buy it in any store. I saw so many photos of selena wearing the same clothes that other girls… so?

And this is not funny, I'ts rude… all of you make me feel embarrassed.