richie Valdez


LYSSOPHOBIA // A video by Richie Valdez

"Shadows" video update

After wiltedleaves asked about the video, I emailed Richie Valdez, the director, to know more about it and here is what he had to say:

Howdy,The only real answer I have for you is that it will be done eventually. We are going to be adding new elements to what we already have (which will be fun and refreshing)! There is already a full cut done, but since we’ve been in no real rush, or deadline, on this project we have just been lagging super hard. And now that we wanna add new things to it, it should only get better!Mine and Theresa’s schedules (as well as the bands) have always had a hard time lining up. I am a professional skateboard filmer and also do a fair amount of side work on top of my full time job. Balancing things out is sometimes harder than I’d like them to be. I am excited to dive back in and go capture some new (hopefully weird) imagery for this as soon as the time allows for it.  Supposed to be hanging out with Theresa fairly soon though, hopefully we’ll have a chance to discuss this time! Haven’t seen her in almost 2 months so aside from catching up I do hope to talk about this!Sorry I don’t have any more info for you at the time!Richie