Today I met up with the Sunday Run Club at a High School Track to get a few miles in.  Turns out it was much colder and more windy than I was expecting.  Glad I had not yet removed the winter cap from the back of my car. 

There were 4 of us out there today and Toni and I ran together on this one. 

My legs kind felt heavy and my heart wasn’t into this run as much as I hoped it might be - but with Toni’s encouragement we cranked out a few miles.

Then afterwards we all went and got some breakfast.  I had a veggie omelette.  I usually would have gone ham/cheese omelette but I am really keeping an eye on my calories now (logging them with myfitnesspal - richg21 on there if you use it and want to friend me).  So it is keeping me much more focused of what I am eating. 

I have been on a weight loss plateau for a while and I work out 6 days a week, run after 3 of those days etc - so clearly its all about food intake and my struggle to control it.  But I know I have to be much lighter to do that Half in January and therefore I have to start making some other changes to diet in order to get me moving in that direction again. 

Enjoy your Sunday!